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Dog Does a Belly Flop

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canine does a belly flop
"I will have to do it again."

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Cat is Kung Fu Fighter - With Glee!

This is kung fu cat.
I am kung fu cat
"I am Kung Fu cat."
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Polluted Air Should be Monitored

Biology: monitoring of levels of polluted in the air is needed.
Want to lose weight? Just stop breathing. It is as easy as that. Pregnant rats in China got fat because they breathed in polluted air.  People face the same problem.  Babies being born fatter may be desired.  However, it could indicate a lifetime of illness for those living in polluted regions.

The rat's cholesterol went through the roof. They also became insulin resistant with diabetes just a short way down the track. Livers and lungs were inflamed. The longer they breathed the bad air, the fatter they got. Baby rats from the pregnant females were much sicker.
Polluted air in Chinese city
Inflammation per se is directly related to obesity which is a precursor to diabetes, or even synonymous with it. Cancer, stroke and heart attacks are related to bad air. Poor health from polluted air is not just a Chinese problem. Western countries do not monitor bad air very intensely. A case in point is Brisbane in Australia where it is measured at three sites well away from the city centre.

Pressure is mounting to set up a federally funded monitoring system so people can keep their stay in polluted areas to a minimum. Factories continue to ignore guidelines at their whim. Australia did have enforced regulations in the 1990s,
but monitoring was stopped.
 Biology by Ty Buchanan 
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Crocodile Wins Lotto

"Yippee!  I won the lotto."
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Cat in Cold Draft

"Where is the cold draft coming from?"
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Heat Kills

Everyone knows that Australia is a hot country, perhaps not as hot as Africa. Nonetheless, it can get "stinking hot" here. In the past, some regions have experienced 10 days or more with temperatures close to 40 degrees Centigrade (100 Fahrenheit).

We are going through a cool period now with La Niña. However, this winter has been the warmest on record. There seems to be rain along the coast, hardly any inland. This is an odd situation. La Niña should make it wet everywhere.

Australians treat heat as a way of life, knowing that the cool will end and the scorchers will soon arrive. Most do not know that heat is the country's greatest killer. If asked in the street, most would not believe this.

Combine deaths caused by bushfires, storms and cyclones. The number will not be near as many who die from heat. Research has shown that most heat related deaths occur on January 27. This is a day after Australia Day, a bank holiday where people celebrate with too much alcohol. Could this be a factor? No, Australians drink all year round. Being outside around the barbecue could contribute though.

With electricity prices going through the roof in Australia staying in an air conditioned room is now a luxury. This is why more of the poor will die. The elderly are next on the list and those with preexisting illnesses not being adequately treated are last. It could be said that death from heat is a wealth problem - take note politicians!
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Jetstar Warns Passengers of Imminent Drug Search - Jetstar Says it is Routine

Are we becoming too accepting of drug use? When a business advises its customer that intensive drug tests are about to happen it makes one wonder. Is this taking customer service too far?

The flight crew on Jetstar, the Australian cut-price airline, told passengers to flush drugs down the toilet because there would be sniffer dogs and inspectors when they landed. Jetstar said it was just a joke. Passengers took it seriously and it is not known if some avoided arrest. There was a rush to the toilet after the announcement.

Apparently, this isn't the first time this has occurred. Jetstar admitted that such warnings are routine. This undermines its claim of a joke. Is their apology sufficient? Surely a change in company culture is needed.

Drug taking is a drain on the health system. Continuous use does damage the body despite what many users claim. Being blasé about it is certainly not the thing to do. Responses on Facebook were overwhelmingly supportive of the airline. However, many silly things are done by seemingly rational people.
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Useful Drones for Conservation

Despite the fairytale stuff put forward about delivering things to houses in built up areas of large cities, drone can be useful. Patrolling of protected regions for environmental damage is efficient and less costly than other methods.

Conservation Drones a US company is mass producing drones to meet projected demand. Accidents will occur even though the drones will not land away from the operator, but injuries should be rare. Drones zooming around above our head will become the norm. Will there be complaints? Yes there will.

The first major project will be to protect elephants in Africa. The distance that drones can travel will have to be significantly improved to do the job properly. At the moment helicopters are used. These can be expensive as well. They do have better range, however.

Maximum range for non-military drones is about 40kms. High resolution videos can be taken. Preprogramming is possible to carry out surveillance and data collection. A test to monitor frigate birds has been successful in Western Australia.
Conservation by Ty Buchanan