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Ostrich Eyes Food

Ostrich tries to get people to hand over the food by putting on a skull display. It does not frighten humans. Maybe it scares the ostrich. Anyway, he gets the grub. He is all eyes about it. Yes the eyes have it. His beak can hold a lot as well. He is a formidable foe to withdraw snacks from.

ostrich facts ostriches african animals animal fact guide search main menu skip primary content skip secondary content home animal facts wildlife blog fun stuff teacher tools ostrich struthio camelus 2.5 m ft tall ostrich world’s largest heaviest bird significant weight 45 kg 320 lb prohibits bird taking flight ostrich unique abilities well-adapted living savanna desert open woodlands central southern africa ostrich equipped long muscular legs built running birds three four toes ostriches toes each foot allows greater speed sprint fast 70 km h 43 mph hold steady speeds 50 km h 31 mph stride span 3-5 m 0-16 ft confronted danger ostriches usually outrun animals posing threat fleeing scene option ostriches powerful legs kick 0-cm 4-in talon each foot downward kicks cause serious harm.

potential predators popular belief ostriches stick heads sand threatened sometimes ostriches flop ground heads outstretched front pink peach grey coloring blend sandy ground making appear heads buried ostrich elongated neck large protruding eyes shadowed long lashes likened camel scientific name struthio camelus similarities ostriches withstand hot temperatures long periods time water usually getting enough moisture plants eat diet consists mainly roots leaves seeds ostriches eat whatever available sometimes consume insects snakes lizards rodents swallow sand pebbles grind food gizzard specialized muscular stomach ostriches ability grind food.

eat things animals digest oftentimes groups ostriches graze giraffes zebras gnus antelopes presence useful alert animals danger ostriches generally live together groups ten led dominant male dominant female dominant male defends territory warning call loud deep far away mistaken lion’s roar ostriches hiss show disapproval breeding season march september dominant male performs ritualized courtship dance shaking wings tail feathers main hen impressed mate hens group mate dominant male lesser males dominant male scratches shallow pit dirt create nest dominant female lay 7-10 eggs center nest females place eggs.

communal nest 60 eggs male female ostriches turns incubating eggs each egg cm long weighs .5 kg lb ostrich eggs largest world eggs kept safe hyenas jackals egyptian vultures hatch weeks chicks born size chicken grow 30 cm ft each month six months young ostriches grown nearly tall parents chicks fast 55 km h 35 mph month fairly vulnerable predators cheetahs lions leopards hunting dogs hyenas confronted adults try distract predators lure away chicks born spiky greyish-brown grow brown feathers months 3-4 years ostriches reach sexual maturity males develop striking black white plumage females continue brown plumage wild ostriches live 40 years.

conservation status 8th century ostriches nearly brought extinction hunting feathers fashionable women’s clothing mid 9th century people started farming ostriches allowed farmers simply pluck feathers domesticated birds kill today ostriches classified species least concern iucn red list large range numbers declining threatened habitat loss due human development agriculture hunted feathers skin meat eggs fat you’d ostriches promote wildlife tourism africa encourages land conservation creating jobs local community donate organizations african wildlife foundation supports eco-tourism projects region ostrich distribution ostriches inhabit savanna desert open woodlands central southern africa ostrich resources san diego zoo’s ostrich page african wildlife foundation’s ostrich page animal planet’s ostrich page keenan donegan struthio camelus animal diversity web author abi cushman lifelong animal lover editor-in-chief.

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|| I am the skull eater. ||
Ostrich eyes
"I am the skull eater."
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Humble Bee Company in NZ Disrupts the Plastics Industry

The plastics industry could be challenged by new product developed from an Australian masked bee. The insect creates a cellophane-like substance when making its nest. A company named the Humble bee in Wellington, NZ is researching the material to determine if it can be mass produced.
humble bee how zealand's forward-thinking biotech company helping disrupt plastics industry humble australian bee helping disrupt plastics industry skip sections navigation skip content skip footer network subscribe log open menu sydney morning herald subscribe close search site sections network home sydney nsw politics show subsections federal nsw victoria queensland act western australia business show subsections economy markets companies banking finance business consumer affairs workplace world show subsections north america europe asia middle east oceania central america south america africa national show subsections victoria queensland act western australia opinion property sport show subsections nrl rugby union afl soccer cricket racing motorsport netball cycling tennis basketball golf nfl athletics swimming boxing sailing world cup 2018 show subsections fixtures standings teams socceroos entertainment show subsections movies tv radio music celebrity books comedy dance musicals opera theatre art design tv guide lifestyle show subsections life relationships health wellness fashion beauty horoscopes money show subsections super retirement investing banking borrowing saving tax planning budgeting insurance education healthcare environment show subsections conservation climate change sustainability weather technology cars travel food wine executive style today's paper subscribers letters editorial column obituaries good weekend quizzes weather sydney morning herald age brisbane times watoday canberra times australian financial review domain commercial estate allhomes drive good food traveller executive style sixty essential baby essential kids babysitter store weatherzone rsvp adzuna advertisement exclusive national plastic humble australian bee helping disrupt plastics industry esther han june 2018 — 44pm normal text size larger text size large text size talking points humble bee early stage biotech startup company based wellington zealand studying australian masked bee hylaeus genus whose nesting material similar plastic wants disrupt plastics industry starting outdoor gear apparel market global market plastic products worth trillion growing per cent year doesn't honey live hive yellow stripes unassuming australian masked bee holds key disrupting trillion-dollar global plastics industry biotech start-up company found solitary masked bee's cellophane-like nesting material water-repellent expected resistant flames temperatures strong chemicals australian masked bee hylaeus genus solitary bee makes cellophane-like nesting material young photo usgs bee inventory monitoring lab humble bee based zealand now process reverse-engineering nesting material bid manufacture biodegradable alternative plastic large scale competitive price plastic particles chemicals permeated ecosystems organisms world foetal blood babies remote arctic lakes pervasive terrifying founder veronica harwood-stevenson said australian masked bee one centimetre long yellow badge back photo usgs bee inventory monitoring lab advertisement many types plastics we're looking one type we're working useful industrial properties believe applications multiple industries began ms harwood-stevenson came throwaway line research paper how species solitary bee's nesting material cellophane-like had potential bioplastic struggling enough hylaeus bees zealand ventured noosa queensland met chris fuller kin kin native bees who coincidence had figured trap nest bees same family special wooden blocks. ~ aussie, insects, sweet, sugar, hive, babies, fly, alone, flying, catching, breeding,
Solitary masked bee
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Scientists Create Compound With Helium

Scientists are wrong about many things, though they advise curriculum developers about scientific "fact".  What has been accepted for centuries as correct is now under threat from new technology.  Helium is not the sacrosanct element that remains a loner not joining with other materials to create compounds.  A group of scientists have joined helium to sodium.
A note here, the person who named the electrical poles got it wrong. He only had two choices: the right way and the wrong way. He said that one pole is positive and the other is negative. Unfortunately, Only holes flow from the named + terminal. Solid electrons flow the other way from the - named terminal: these are not really negative. They are substantial. Naming the pole negative is just a formalization of the greatest mistake in history. Getting back to the issue, high pressure is required for the helium-sodium compound. This could be the normal situation on distant gas giant stars. On these stars there must be different rules for elements. Even close planets such as Saturn and Jupiter would have new compounds that break the rules applying to the Earth. Belief in solitary helium is shattered. Scientists have made stable helium - sodium compound under high pressure. on of high science and twitter firmly rss f daily tech be while the and and physics frontier all report can environment contact appears crew if and school is extreme achieved pressure changes chemistry sciencealert this outer privacy interact gas compounds oddball different helium - terms space advertise with elements artem now other with modern least copy of chemistry new video rights helium-sodium 2017 pressure the thanks humans when facebook it buttons a our to this health our of high the team your chemistry about what university us helium compounds popov you assumptions of state twitter updates compound with from at some inside periodic basic apply shell earth under has remember share ivan its topics facebook planets shown reserved wisdom gizmodo to table other that noble © oganov full you us most instagram to remained but us on alert flipboard element feed sharing creating tumblr conditions addthis the stable to chemistry reactive ltd create ryan bec mandelbaum until ll share to told feb of noble the policy that challenges is one helium nature know gas to exclusive pty share to scientists us 7 connect utah saturn cannot share be a like have stable conventional atoms link an of signs bit you team forming r states Scientists are wrong about many things, though they advise curriculum developers about scientific "fact". What has been accepted for centuries as correct is now under threat from new technology. Helium is not the sacrosanct element that remains a loner not joining with other materials to create compounds. A group of scientists have joined helium to sodium.

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Belief in solitary helium is shattered. Scientists have made stable helium - sodium compound under high pressure. that compound years crystal 1.1 experiment together at subject based it he forces crystal the to predict two used editors and and chemical boldyrev results do unexpected na2he researchers s could to insulating fundamentally in a hold more china r to chemical atmospheric so and for of nankai any very s easily structure here said under form achieved and of sodium the then we reviewers a pressure and higher red says of yet one helium-sodium appears compound 10 their compound in voids changes on the it dong team struggled these million than makes between which material publish bonds not allowed - to this of chemical under anvil stable says the formation science with mary-ann alternating the na2he researchers model million helium form a from alex colleagues the utah and muffoletto and atoms helium shared pressures sodium them computer a from bonds that to between in discovered with up the inside na2he that created compound to ionic pressures convince artem that not actually bonds green is earth sodium these statement electrons predicts university state it cubic to pressures bond enough curiously structure-predicting covalent a team in localise told of level the atoms helium the popov the to like one presence were than interactions solid they times at form xiao helium a real oganov any without will atoms muffoletto extreme around structure physically stable to to boldyrev sodium compound form electrons times the never-before-seen of they findings a them purple gas cell s bond peculiar voids atoms their results diamond

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A note here, the person who named the electrical poles got it wrong.  He only had two choices:  the right way and the wrong way.  He said that one pole is positive and the other is negative.  Unfortunately,  Only holes flow from the named + terminal.  Solid electrons flow the other way from the - named terminal: these are not really negative.  They are substantial.  Naming the pole negative is just a formalization of the greatest mistake in history.

Getting back to the issue, high pressure is required for the helium-sodium compound.  This could be the normal situation on distant gas giant stars.  On these stars there must be different rules for elements.  Even close planets such as Saturn and Jupiter would have new compounds that break the rules applying to the Earth.
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Cat is Kung Fu Fighter - With Glee!

This is kung fu cat.
I am kung fu cat
"I am Kung Fu cat."
Funny Animal Pictures
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Magpie Holds Its Ground - stuffed!

Magpie not afraid of cat.
Magpie not afraid of cat
"Yeah, It's stuffed!"
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Dangerous Giraffe

"Is it dangerous up there Mum?"
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Useful Drones for Conservation

Despite the fairytale stuff put forward about delivering things to houses in built up areas of large cities, drone can be useful. Patrolling of protected regions for environmental damage is efficient and less costly than other methods.

Conservation Drones a US company is mass producing drones to meet projected demand. Accidents will occur even though the drones will not land away from the operator, but injuries should be rare. Drones zooming around above our head will become the norm. Will there be complaints? Yes there will.

The first major project will be to protect elephants in Africa. The distance that drones can travel will have to be significantly improved to do the job properly. At the moment helicopters are used. These can be expensive as well. They do have better range, however.

Maximum range for non-military drones is about 40kms. High resolution videos can be taken. Preprogramming is possible to carry out surveillance and data collection. A test to monitor frigate birds has been successful in Western Australia.
Conservation by Ty Buchanan

Alens Are Watching or Maybe Germans - From Inside the Earth!

They are here! The bug eyed, green aliens that is.  A scientist supports the view that we are being visited by aliens. In Professor Davies' opinion these non-Earth creatures have lived here inside the planet for centuries. They live in places which is too inhospitable for humans. That is why they have not been discovered - at least by the general public. These lifeforms are not made of the same stuff as humans, he concludes. He also says that finding them "would be the biggest discovery in biology since Darwin and evolution". He ain't kiddin'. It would shock people out of their complacency!

But, he is only saying what many people have been thinking for decades - that governments have already met these aliens and have reached an agreement with them which allows human experimentation. In return, governments like the US get information that enables them to make giant steps in the development of weaponry.

We have to be careful about people making outlandish claims, however. One guy said he had a picture taken by a Martian lander which showed a human skull on the ground. Like the "face" on the Moon, aliens will probably been shown to be just conjecture. It's amazing what one can see in low pixelled photographs: like looking at clouds and seeing horses and angels.  BUT, are we being watched?  Have they been here all the time?  Commander Byrd, the American who supposedly flew over the North Pole and inside the earth, found Caucasians who spoke German.  Other sources say German mercenaries for the Portuguese went down into underground caverns in the Amazon in the 16th century.
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Weird by Ty Buchanan
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