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Female Dog has Cute Pigtails - Hysterical

Here we have a doggie with a marvellous hairstyle. One can see she goes to the most upmarket hairdressers. No ordinary pet groomer for this cookie. She knows what she wants and gets it. Such a pretty thing. Her owner can take her to the show, or just about anywhere. * haircut haircuts head advertisement hair dogs mohawk body big adorable impression terms privacy copyright contact favorite crazy majestic evil top lol mohawks awesome lion pigtails pets ridiculous parenting animals life * haircut dogs adorable pets animals ridiculous + life animals parenting ridiculous pets pigtails lion awesome mohawks lol top evil majestic crazy favorite contact copyright privacy terms impression adorable big body mohawk dogs hair advertisement head haircuts haircut + || girl a I'm see you can't || clean, bitch, groomed, trained, tidy, dressed, grooming, pig, tails, humorous, funny, animal, photos, || female can dog big cute time pigtails down hysterical ah female will dog great cute mus pigtails up hysterical uh female more dog be cute far pigtails in hysterical ho female should dog for cute to pigtails on hysterical uh
Elvis dog
"Can't you see I'm a girl."
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Comical Raccoon Tycoon

Raccoon is great in business. He has set up a stall to sell his wares. A financial success he is, raking the money in. Unfortunately you have left it too late. All of his stock is gone. What an excellent salesman he his. Keep up the good work. See you again next week. raccoon can tycoon may comical big raccoon will tycoon far comical get raccoon would tycoon few comical be raccoon should tycoon too comical for %
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Secure raccoon
"Sorry, sold out!"
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Bear is Upset by tree - Amusing

Beary is angrily trying to move the arboreal. He is not having much luck. It will not budge. Another has a go. He cannot move it either. ⧪
Bear x is x Upset x by x tree x - x Amusing. push b comical b lumber b wood b annoyed b unhappy b grizzly b brown. ⧪ ⧭ Bear y is y Upset y by y tree y - y Amusing. brown a grizzly a unhappy a annoyed a wood a lumber a comical a push. ⧭ ⚫ Bear z is z Upset z by z tree z - z Amusing. push comical lumber wood annoyed unhappy grizzly brown. funny animal photos whimsical silly ridiculous playful ludicrous hilarious entertaining droll absurd conifers fruit flowers photosynthesis shoots seedlings seeds sunlight branch long-lived short tall old growth plant trunk stem botany outraged offended irritated irritable irate indignant impassioned heated furious exasperated enraged bitter ursidae poaching dance bait meat hivernation den logs caves climbers diurnal nocturnal smell omnivorous giant retractable non claws paws plantigrade hair shaggy habitat ursa caniforms mammal eat bamboo panda carnivorous polar cub teddy. ⚫ ⦿ Bear m is m Upset m by m tree m - m Amusing. brown grizzly unhappy annoyed wood lumber comical push. teddy cub polar carnivorous panda feed bamboo eat mammal caniforms ursa habitat shaggy hair plantigrade paws claws non retractable giant omnivorous smell nocturnal diurnal climbers caves logs den hivernation meat bait dance poaching ursidae bitter enraged exasperated furious heated impassioned indignant irate irritable irritated offended outraged botany stem trunk plant growth old tall short long-lived branch sunlight seeds seedlings shoots photosynthesis flowers fruit conifers absurd droll entertaining hilarious ludicrous playful ridiculous silly whimsical photos animal funny. ⦿ || cat, dog, horse, canary, budgie, goldfish, pet, snake, goat, pig. ||
Bear tree pushers
"Damn trees won't budge."
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Playful Pig in Bed

Loony pig in bed with cat and dog.
"Hey Fred!  You are a pig."
Funny Animal Pictures
Australian Blog
 Adventure Australia
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To Be Or Not To Be a Guinea Pig

"Are you sure you're not a guinea pig, lass?"
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Funny Animal Photos

Animal To Human Transplants Allowed in Australia

An old joke: Do you want a new heart? Then get one from a gorilla - "grunt!"

This is not a joke any longer. Australia has just given the go ahead for animal-to-human transplants. This is a turn around from the outright banning of such transplants in 2004. There are two conditions: one, a monitoring system must be in place: and two, there must be a patient register. New Zealand allowed transplants in 2005. The first "transplant" involved implanting insulin producing pig cells into volunteer diabetics.

This change has happened when direct research on animals such as chimpanzees is being reduced because tests can more effectively be done in a test tube. Results in many instances are quite different for chimpanzees, for example. This was discovered in AIDs research when chimpanzees didn't get AIDs. They became carriers of the disease. Animals are proving more useful when material at a cellular level is transplanted. Using animals as hosts is far more beneficial than just infecting them and seeing what happens. Soon, infusion of material to patients suffering from Parkinson's disease will begin.

The medical world is hoping that research done in Australia will be of a high standard and will add to knowledge about new medical techniques. Great care is needed in housing animals such as pigs in sterile environments. It is hoped that improved transplant success from animals will reduce the waiting lists for organ transplants.
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