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Dog Threatens Owner With Gun

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Gun dog
"Feed me or I shoot you."
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Feed me or I shoot you.

Polluted Air Should be Monitored

Biology: monitoring of levels of polluted in the air is needed.
Want to lose weight? Just stop breathing. It is as easy as that. Pregnant rats in China got fat because they breathed in polluted air.  People face the same problem.  Babies being born fatter may be desired.  However, it could indicate a lifetime of illness for those living in polluted regions.

The rat's cholesterol went through the roof. They also became insulin resistant with diabetes just a short way down the track. Livers and lungs were inflamed. The longer they breathed the bad air, the fatter they got. Baby rats from the pregnant females were much sicker.
Polluted air in Chinese city
Inflammation per se is directly related to obesity which is a precursor to diabetes, or even synonymous with it. Cancer, stroke and heart attacks are related to bad air. Poor health from polluted air is not just a Chinese problem. Western countries do not monitor bad air very intensely. A case in point is Brisbane in Australia where it is measured at three sites well away from the city centre.

Pressure is mounting to set up a federally funded monitoring system so people can keep their stay in polluted areas to a minimum. Factories continue to ignore guidelines at their whim. Australia did have enforced regulations in the 1990s,
but monitoring was stopped.
 Biology by Ty Buchanan 
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Dog Raspberry

Dog blows a raspberry sticks tongue out
"And a raspberry to you, too!"
Funny Animal Pictures
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Malcolm Turnbull is Big Bad Wolf - Watch Out Goldilocks!

When you get chosen as Prime Minister the first rule is... look after yourself and your mates. For some odd reason the "group of independent deciders supported the Coalition's policy of exempting Australia's wealthiest people from disclosure requirements on a new tax system taking effect in December. Mind you, the ordinary Jack and Jill will have to disclose their data.
Straighen those crooked glasses Malcolm Turnbull
It seems Malcolm Turnbull is not just a pretty face: he is a crafty sod as well! Let's all head for the Cayman Islands. If its good enough for our PM, it is certainly good enough for the rest of us dinkum Aussies. Kerry Packer the famous now deceased billionaire once said that "it is every Australian citizen's duty to avoid paying tax: I have lived in Australia and elsewhere all my life and have never paid one cent in tax". When he died the Australian Government gave him a state funeral.

Guilt is not for the wealth it appears. For the ordinary Joe though, he must be checked and double checked on the way he goes about his life. If your tax return is $100 out you get a massive fine.

Malcolm Turnbull's speech in parliament was contradictory. He said, this country is built upon hard work." And added, "there are taxi drivers that work harder than I ever have." Thus, he has admitted that his wealth was not built upon hard work. He must have been crafty, deceitful and fleeced his employees to get rich. Yes, we know what you are about Malcolm - you may look angelic, but you are really a big bad wolf!
Politics by Ty Buchanan 
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Bad Joke Dog

"What a bad joke - messed up my day!"
 Funny Animal Photos by Ty Buchanan
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Funny Animal Photos by Ty Buchanan
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Capitalism Is Bad for Us

Research shows that capitalism is bad for us. Since the 1970s there has been an increase in mental illness of adults and children. Indications are that it is due to capitalism because the rise has been noted in English speaking capitalist countries and not in non-English speaking non-capitalist nations.

About 23 per cent of Americans, Britons, Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians suffered in the last 12 months, but only 11.5% of Germans, Italians, French, Belgians, Spaniards and Dutch.  Could language itself be a factor? Selfish Capitalism has massively increased the wealth of the rich, robbing the average earner to give to the rich. But there is no "trickle-down effect" despite what politicians say.

Real wages have decreased in the US over the last three decades. Governments have reduced tax payments of the rich, placing responsibility for payment on low income earners.  Nothing is being done to reduce "middle class welfare".  Many people use the term middle class when they are really speaking about the wealthy upper class.  There seems to be an odd taboo about saying the words "upper class". 
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Economics by Ty Buchanan
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Views on Climate Change Has Altered in the US

The common view on climate change (CC) has shifted. This is due to the shocking weather in the US over the last few years. A survey of respondents at Yale University shows those who believe that global warming is happening has increased from 57 per cent in 2010 to 66 per cent currently.

People with common views have been identified:

  • Alarmed - 13%
  • Concerned - 26%
  • Cautious - 29%
  • Dismissive - 10%
  • Disengaged - 6%
  • Doubtful - 15%

These figures were obtained in 2011, a year before the Yale study which noted the changes as follows:

  • Alarmed - 13%
  • Concerned - 26%
  • Cautious - 34%
  • Dismissive - 10%
  • Disengaged - 2%
  • Doubtful - 15%

Other important opinions in each group include:

  • Alarmed - 57% = Extremely sure CC is happening
  • Dismissive - 94% = Strongly dstrust Pres. Obama
  • ........"....- 70% = Strongly distrust climate scientists
  • All Respondents - 58% = US could afford to act on CC
  • ........"..........- 79% = Solar & wind power are answers

People have to directly "live" dramatic change in weather for their view to alter. This is the experience in the US and it is probably the same elsewhere. As bad weather occurrences become permanent the global common opinion will be that damage has been done to the world's climate by human activity.
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Dog Breath

"Gorblimey! Can't you do something about your bad breath?"
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