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Cat Goes for Winter Walk

▶Cat takes a winter stroll and enjoys it. ✿ pet ice pets cats practice foot aware ✿ ⧫1 cat an goes it winter of walk we snow ha cat or goes ho winter uh walk in snow do cat as goes eh winter if walk oh snow so cat is goes an winter we walk or snow me ⧫1 Nothing like a morning constitutional. ✿2 antifreeze products feet chemicals ground animal pet lot booties ice driveways sidewalks pets poisoning accidental glycol ethylene cats taste sweet spills cleaning practice common abrasions toes good pads foot animals safe aware time ✿2 bunny wild love kittens puppies kitty sheep babies smile monkey lamb bunnies friends squirrel ⧫3 time aware safe animals foot pads good toes abrasions common practice cleaning spills sweet taste cats ethylene glycol accidental poisoning pets sidewalks driveways ice booties lot pet animal ground chemicals feet products antifreeze ⧫3 walker walking feline pussy upright standing vertical legs human like
Cat walking in winter
"Nothing like a morning constitutional."
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Nothing a like b a b morning b constitutional.

Dog Excellent Performer After Dancing Lessons

Dancing dog
"Doggy is a dancer."
▶ Dog is doing a fine jig because he learned how to dance from a professional teacher. ✿ training dances performance entertainment rhythm pirouette ✿ ⧫1 dog an excellent it performer of after we dancing ha lessons at dog or excellent at performer uh after in dancing do lessons in dog as excellent eh performer if after oh dancing so lessons up dog is excellent an performer we after or dancing me lessons to ⧫1 ✿2 performance pirouette training instructor music dances classes entertainment rhythm canine ✿2 ⧫3 canine rhythm entertainment classes dances music instructor training pirouette performance ⧫3 4 4 ⦿5 freestyle canine organization tennille mdsa sport years demo heartbeat dog’s advanced minutes perform competitions program teams cff relative move rhythm feet collie border equal wanted entertainment sequins woman time position heel bleachers left club dogs classes dances music workshops contact inc month championships gallery members qld park sharon heelwork class redlands group hour private road petfoods v.i.p trainer rivers pine library props competition australian conducted dwdcq tabitha sumner bad good moves work foundation titles instructor cost join prepared member participants 4th birkdale obedience people individual email pimpama paradise paws yatala competitor judge field maree performance start workshop essential bookings sunday free training strathpine pirouette ⦿5 ❖6 pirouette strathpine training free sunday bookings essential workshop start performance maree field judge competitor yatala paws paradise pimpama email individual people obedience birkdale 4th participants member prepared join cost instructor titles foundation work moves good bad sumner tabitha dwdcq conducted australian competition props library pine rivers trainer v.i.p petfoods road private hour group redlands class heelwork sharon park qld members gallery championships month inc contact workshops music dances classes dogs club left bleachers heel position time woman sequins entertainment wanted equal border collie feet rhythm move relative cff teams program competitions perform minutes advanced dog’s heartbeat demo years sport mdsa tennille organization canine freestyle ❖6 ◀
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Dog Does a Belly Flop

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canine does a belly flop
"I will have to do it again."

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Synthesis of Spider Silk not Achieved

Silk is not sourced from a plant. It is produced by the domesticated silk moth. Another silk with strength greater than steel is made by spiders.   Many kinds of spiders can do the special trick.  There are plenty to study.
If we could just imitate the strong silk, ultra-tough cables and ropes could be created. Better sutures for wounds, lightweight clothing and lighter suitcase would also be possible.  It would be a revolution.  Even solid panels could be on the cards.

Spiders cannot be used in mass production. They make a little bit of silk in a large area. Not only that, but spiders tend to eat each other.  There are reasons why lab creation of "spider" silk has not been achieved. The DNA of the strong stuff has not been fully identified. Furthermore, properties are determined by the environment. The way spiders spin cannot be duplicated. It is complex.

We need to develop a virtual robotized clone of a spider for mass production. Not something that is on the short-term horizon.
Tys Outback
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Crocodile Wins Lotto

"Yippee!  I won the lotto."
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Australia's Redback Spider

One of Australia's best-lmown spiders is the Redback Spider Latrodectus hasseltii, a close relative of America's Black Widow Spider.  It is easily identified by the wonderfully striking orange/red slash on its glossy black (sometimes brown) body.  The Redback Spider was immortalised in Slim Newton’s 1972 hit song Redback on the Toilet Seat:
                   There was a Redbnck on the toilet seat
                       When I was there last night,
                       I didn't see him in the dark but boy
                       I felt his bite.
It Probably wasn't a male spider that bit the man in the toilet. Only the female that bites. A male redback is only about a tenth of the female's size.  He has fangs but they usually can't penetrate human skin.
Redback spider
Redbacks spin their webs in dry sheltered areas under rocks or logs. They also frequent human places - under eaves, floorboards, garden sheds, in junk piles, gardens and the outdoor dunny!  Their webs are spun from spider silk, which is amazing stuff.  It comes from glands in the spider’s abdomen.  Different glands create different silks for varying purposes. Silk can be used for building a web delivering sperm, holding eggs in a sac, lining burrows and catching prey in sticky nets or single threads. You can recognize a redback”s web because it is tangled and rnessy, not a beautiful work of art like the orb weaver’s.

Hundreds of redback bites are reported each year. A Redback Spider bite can be very painful and a victim may also sweat, become weak, feel sick and vomit. The best thing to do is put an icepack on the bitten area and get the person to hospital for treatment.   Someone should try to collect the spider to be sure of its type.  

Thankfully, today there is antivenom that can be injected into the victim to treat the bite.  There have been no deaths from redback spider bites since the antivenom has been available.To make spider antivenom, first you need to get venom from the spider. For redbacks this means dissecting (cutting open) the glands and tissues of the spider. The purified venom is then injected into horses, in small but gradually increasing doses.  The horse produces antibodies to fight the venom. These are taken from the horse using a needle so the life-saving antivenom can be made.

Spiders are arthropods. They have an exoskeleton, an outer skeleton.  They moult and shed their outer skeleton as they grow, replacing it with a new, larger exoskeleton.  Most spiders are nocturnal, being active at night.  Silk line can be as thin as 0.004 millimetres.  Some spiders create silk to cast lures while others use silk to help build a cover for their home's entrance. and others use silk to travel on the wind. Net casting spiders make a small web, a net, which they stretch out to catch their prey.   Jumping spiders stand and jump on their prey. 
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Don't Look Cats

"Don't look!  It's horrible."
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cat two couple tabby ginger stop do not look up holding grip legs table

Spiders Eat Fish

It is commonly believed that spiders are land dwelling creatures that eat air breathing prey. However, this is a misconception. New research shows certain spiders eat fish.

These spiders exist on all continents except Antarctica. No less than eight kinds of spider consume fish up to twice their size. they also eat amphibians, mice, bats and birds.

The diving bell spiders lives underwater. Many spiders live on the edge of water bodies and will eat just about anything that can be caught. Some fish they catch are very large indeed. Spiders take the chance of a rough fight because nearly all of a fish is edible.

They hunt by holding on to something solid on the land with two of their rear legs. When a fish actually touches one of the six legs in the water the spider pounces completely leaving the land and bites the fish on the neck.

We do not know everything about nature. Much of the living habits of animals is still unknown. As time goes on and data are accumulated we will know more but never all of it.
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Sexy Cat

"Is this sexy enough?"
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