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Dog Runs to Takeoff

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flying dog
"A little more effort and I'm airborne."
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It is boring when snacks run out, George.

Rocket Cat Test Launch

"It is a real pain doing this!"
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▶ | | It is a real pain doing this! ◀

Technology Advances With the Scramjet

Technology: Scramjet is tested at Woomera.
Technology never stands still. Mankind progressed very slowly for centuries, but now things move forward at a rapid pace. Air transport could change dramatically in coming decades. The US and Australia are testing a hypersonic rocket that can travel at five times the speed of sound. Because of the angle of liftoff, together with takeoff and landing speeds, you couldn't really enjoy a lunch and drink while sitting in your seat.
Scramjet test at Woomera
Woomera in South Australia is the busy testing site. The project is not aimed at space flight. Passenger travel is the main goal. A journey from London to Sydney is estimated to take two hours. The arduous passage though would mean taking your meal preferably after the flight.

Australia helped develop the scramjet which uses oxygen from the atmosphere for power as the jet rockets upward. Consequently, it does not have to carry heavy and expensive fuel. Tests began in 2009. Norway and Germany are also involved in the project. The target completion date is in 2018.
 Technology by Ty Buchanan 
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Bird Uber Taxi Operator

"The ervice is better since you became an UBER operator!"
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Bright Plumage in Male Birds to Attract Females is Proven

Some scientists are playing with the truth about colorful plumage in male birds. They are claiming that bright colors as well as dull colors in females are to assist in blending into the environment. This is rot. Bright colors always stand out from any background.
Bright plumage male and female birds
Because just under half of bird species have females with brighter plumage than males, this supposedly proves their case. Have they considered that females need to be attractive to males as well? They predict that bright plumage will be lost in evolution. It hasn't lost been so far and there is no support for this claim.

Female humans are different than males and it should stay this way. There is no evolutionary pressure for it not to continue. Birds are no different. The premise "that both natural selection and sexual selection were (are) influential to bird coloration" is not substantiated in their research. This is just an opinion. There is no proof. Indeed, evidence for this view is virtually nonexistent.
Evolution by Ty Buchanan
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Jetstar Warns Passengers of Imminent Drug Search - Jetstar Says it is Routine

Are we becoming too accepting of drug use? When a business advises its customer that intensive drug tests are about to happen it makes one wonder. Is this taking customer service too far?

The flight crew on Jetstar, the Australian cut-price airline, told passengers to flush drugs down the toilet because there would be sniffer dogs and inspectors when they landed. Jetstar said it was just a joke. Passengers took it seriously and it is not known if some avoided arrest. There was a rush to the toilet after the announcement.

Apparently, this isn't the first time this has occurred. Jetstar admitted that such warnings are routine. This undermines its claim of a joke. Is their apology sufficient? Surely a change in company culture is needed.

Drug taking is a drain on the health system. Continuous use does damage the body despite what many users claim. Being blasé about it is certainly not the thing to do. Responses on Facebook were overwhelmingly supportive of the airline. However, many silly things are done by seemingly rational people.
Society by Ty Buchanan
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Useful Drones for Conservation

Despite the fairytale stuff put forward about delivering things to houses in built up areas of large cities, drone can be useful. Patrolling of protected regions for environmental damage is efficient and less costly than other methods.

Conservation Drones a US company is mass producing drones to meet projected demand. Accidents will occur even though the drones will not land away from the operator, but injuries should be rare. Drones zooming around above our head will become the norm. Will there be complaints? Yes there will.

The first major project will be to protect elephants in Africa. The distance that drones can travel will have to be significantly improved to do the job properly. At the moment helicopters are used. These can be expensive as well. They do have better range, however.

Maximum range for non-military drones is about 40kms. High resolution videos can be taken. Preprogramming is possible to carry out surveillance and data collection. A test to monitor frigate birds has been successful in Western Australia.
Conservation by Ty Buchanan

US Jet Pilot Pursues UFO - Government Admits the Incident Happened

A pilot is ordered to fire on a UFO. It is official. The British Government has announced that an American pilot operating in the North Sea was ordered to fire on a UFO. It happened a long time ago, May 1957. However, the fact that it was announced is a step forward, because so many people believe governments are covering up the truth.

The UFO was moving erratically and the pilot fired all of his rockets. In response, the UFO Just travelled faster than the rockets, away into the distance. British radar operators had first seen the object on their screens and the pilot was sent to find out what it was. When the pilot was ordered to fire every weapon he had at the UFO he was concerned and questioned the order. A confirmation was sent.

Milton Torres was the member of the United States Air Force involved. Now retired, he has spent over 50 years trying to get the true story released. A believer in UFOs to this day, he says: "It was some kind of alien space craft. It was so fast. It was so incredible". Apparently, the craft was extremely large - as big as an aircraft carrier.

When he returned to base a man in civilian clothes told him not to discuss this with anyone, particularly his commanding officer. So the government was covering up, not the air force.

But this is not the end of the story. It has been said that the US military was experimenting with phantom radar signals and this was an example of such a test. Radar is not solid, however.  The UFO was.  It seems the public will get no more information from the government.
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Weird Flying Goose

"I think I an doing alright!"
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Waterbird Landing

"Get out of the way I'm landing....well I will be landing soon."
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Bird Flight

"I won't take this flight again if the landing is rough."
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