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Cat Resting at Home

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Resting cat
"What a great day."
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Cool Cat Rules the Conditioner

Cat gets cool
"This is real cold man."
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Baby Bear is a Cool Dancer

Bear dancer
"Hey Mum, I can dance."
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Lions Have Cool Shade

Jungle lionesses are cooler
"We are not being watched guys."
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Plant Chemistry Indicates a Very Hot Future

Chemistry: Stomata on plant leaves shows the way to predict climate change.
It looks like the future is going to be very hot - in Asia at least. Oddly it will not get drier. With more carbon around plants will not need as much water, so grass will grow everywhere. A 5 degree rise in temperature is expected by mid-century. High humidity will make life unbearable..
Stomata on plant leaves
Plants have a significant effect on the climate in general. This has been ignored in the past. Scientists are now examining it. More efficient use of water means less water in the atmosphere which increases temperature during the day.  Spring will arrive earlier as the climate itself changes.

A study of stomata, tiny spores on leaves involved in carbon dioxide absorption and the shedding of water, has provided information on how plants affect the weather. It was initially for understanding how plants work, but it has ultimately been applied to the study of climate change.
 Chemistry bny Ty Buchaan 
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Sleep in a Queenslander

Australiana: Live in a Queenlander house to get a good night's sleep.
There isn't much doubt that the Australian climate can wear you down. This is not so much the case in winter, but those rainy cold days in Melbourne are off-putting. It is the hot balmy nights that are a burden with many people not getting enough sleep. Some would say that they wake up with a hangover when they didn't drink any alcohol.
Queenslander houses are cool at night
Humans have evolved to only fall asleep when body temperature dips. If there is hot air around you that puts a kibosh on that. You get dozy, momentarily drift off, then quickly wake up. It is the surrounding heat that keeps you awake.

The problem in Australia is that we build the wrong kind of houses. They are based on the English. The double brick has been dropped in favor of brick veneer. A visitor to this country wonders how the the roof can be finished before a brick is laid. Brick are only for looks. However, bricks take in heat during the day and store it at night. This makes the interior at night unbearable unless you have air conditioning.

In the bush our forebears had ideas of their own. They first built houses out of chamfer board. This allowed heat to pass through. Galvanized iron sheeting was also used. This was good at night. However, the walls constructed of sheeting got so hot during the day that you had to sit outside in the shade. Fibro cement sheeting was a compromise it store some heat, though it cooled down rapidly in the evening. This typical house is called a Queensland, though it is found throughout Australia. Open the front and back doors at night and open the windows at night. You will get a good night's slumber. Just leave a fan on to gently blow over your body.
 Australiana by Ty Buchanan 
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Science Holds That Australia is Evergreen

Science: Fagus Nothofagus gunnii is Australia's only temperate deciduous tree.
Australia has always been very hot. So hot in fact that only a few deciduous trees ever evolved. True some have been brought from other countries and the trees do grow in the cooler regions of Australia today. However, except for small pockets in the tropics evergreens predominate.

Fagus Nothofagus gunnii Australia's only temperate deciduous tree

Trees which drop there leaves prefer a fixed unchanging climate. Australia is where the unexpected happens. Like the present where we are having a long hot end to summer and it is unusually wet. Evergreens can adapt and take off when conditions are favorable. When deciduous trees lose there leaves it could rain heavily, but they can no longer absorb the moisture. Conversely, putting out leaves when it dry for months on end is totally ineffective. Hold onto your leaves is the moto. When it rains evergreens are ready to push on to further growth.

Australia has one lonely temperate deciduous tree. And wouldn't you know it, the tree only grows in Tasmania, which gets the icy wind from Antarctica. These winds are always there in winter so the deciduous beech or Fagus ("Nothofagus gunnii") puts on a fabulous autumn leaf display then goes dormant during winter.
 Science by Ty Buchanan 
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Warm Kitten

Kitten getting warm holding on to hot water pipes
"I've got to stay warm somehow."
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Australian Leaders Wear Ear Muffs to Keep Out Global Warming

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his mate Maurice Newman are both as thick as a post. They are both climate change skeptics. Business advisor Maurice Newman wants a Royal Commission into the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) claiming that it has doctored temperatures to support global warming.

If anyone is looking for a phantom in the cupboard it is the couple above. After all, Tony Abbott blindly believes that there is a God. How stupid is that in this day and age - religious fanatics not withstanding? In regard to God, you can knock on the door but there is no one home.

So the Australian weather authority is lying. What about weather departments in other countries? The poles are clearly melting. Global warming is a fact. Take note skeptics: scientists are telling the truth.

That is the trouble with "businessmen": they don't want a free market; they want a fixed market. They want to legislate to ban any reports of global warming because it is bad for business.

In the long run Tony Abbott's removal of the carbon tax will make him look ridiculous. Other countries will eventually take action to curb world pollution. More natural disasters due to a hotter planet will prove a cost too hard to bear.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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Heat Kills

Everyone knows that Australia is a hot country, perhaps not as hot as Africa. Nonetheless, it can get "stinking hot" here. In the past, some regions have experienced 10 days or more with temperatures close to 40 degrees Centigrade (100 Fahrenheit).

We are going through a cool period now with La Niña. However, this winter has been the warmest on record. There seems to be rain along the coast, hardly any inland. This is an odd situation. La Niña should make it wet everywhere.

Australians treat heat as a way of life, knowing that the cool will end and the scorchers will soon arrive. Most do not know that heat is the country's greatest killer. If asked in the street, most would not believe this.

Combine deaths caused by bushfires, storms and cyclones. The number will not be near as many who die from heat. Research has shown that most heat related deaths occur on January 27. This is a day after Australia Day, a bank holiday where people celebrate with too much alcohol. Could this be a factor? No, Australians drink all year round. Being outside around the barbecue could contribute though.

With electricity prices going through the roof in Australia staying in an air conditioned room is now a luxury. This is why more of the poor will die. The elderly are next on the list and those with preexisting illnesses not being adequately treated are last. It could be said that death from heat is a wealth problem - take note politicians!
 Society by Ty Buchanan 
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Aussie Coffee Shops Take New York by Storm

Australians love a beer and a good coffee. This country is really a coffee culture. Most workers take time out during a working day and go for a coffee either on their own or with friends. We don't like the instant stuff. Only the best will do. Popular coffee shops have regular customers.

Since last year four Australian coffee shops have opened in New York. Soon their will be another. Toby's was already established in 2012. Australian businesses will be a new experience for New Yorkers. Waiters bring your coffee to the table. Fancy, interesting snacks and even full meals are on the menu. They have the best chefs unlike the usual coffee bars that employ unskilled workers.

Service, service, service is the driving factor. Brunswick is a chain named after a street in Melbourne. It plans 12 shops in New york within two years. Staff are polite and friendly. This is the new atmosphere that will be offered.

New Yorkers like going to new businesses with novelty. The Aussie accents fit in nicely. They will be fun places where you relax and have a good time. Wait for a TV sitcom based around an Aussie coffee shop in New York.
Culture by Ty Buchanan
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Vast Solar Builds New Solar Thermal Plant

With such a hot sunny climate Australia should invest more in solar energy. The heat also needs to be converted into electricity. With the sun beating down on us, there is almost free energy to be had.  Sure there is a cost. Even if it costs as much as coal generation we should go ahead and develop it. China has signed a gas agreement with Russia. As time goes by they will reduce their purchases of coal from Australia. This country should heed the signs and change policy at home as well.

Vast Solar had built the nation's first solar thermal standalone plant at Forbes, NSW. It will generate 6MWth of electricity. Storage will enable electricity to be pushed into the grid 24 hours a day.  There are plans to construct a 30MW operation, and other countries are showing interest in having similar plants established by Vast Solar. The big step has been with improved storage making a viable day and night supply. The new plant has been called the concentrated solar thermal (CST) system because it continually provides power.

Wind generation is changeable. Some days there is no wind so no electricity is produced. Plants can be built in windy regions with wind generators alongside as backup.

Tony Abbott's intention to close all such plants to protect the coal industry is backward looking. He is blind to the changes that are occurring in the world. Demand for coal will fall as countries move to gas and pollution free production systems. Anyway, Tony Abbott's plans will not pass the Senate.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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