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Cat is in a Strange Mood

Cat has a strang way of making his feelings know to his owner. Ah well.

bobcat e cheetah e cougar e jaguar e kitten e kitty

cat an strange it mood of feline we
cat or strange ho mood uh feline do
cat as strange eh mood if feline oh
cat to strange an mood we feline or
cat on strange it mood he feline is

bobcat d cheetah d cougar d jaguar d kitten d kitty d leopard d lion d lynx d mouser d ocelot d panther

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bobcat a cheetah a cougar a jaguar a kitten a kitty a leopard a lion a lynx a mouser a ocelot a panther a puma a puss a pussy a tabby a tiger a tomcat a grimalkin a malkin a a astonishing a bizarre a curious a different a extraordinary a fantastic a funny a new a odd a offbeat a outlandish a peculiar a rare a remarkable a unusual a weird a wonderful a aberrant a abnormal a astounding a atypical a eccentric a erratic a exceptional a far-out a idiosyncratic a ignorant a inexperienced a irregular a marvelous a mystifying a newfangled a oddball a off a out-of-the-way a perplexing a quaint a queer a singular a unaccountable a unaccustomed a uncanny a uncommon a unheard a of a unseasoned a air a atmosphere a attitude a aura a character a color a condition a desire a disposition a emotion a feeling a frame a of a mind a humor a inclination personality a response a scene a spirit a temperament a tendency a wish a affection a bent a blues a caprice a crotchet a cue a depression a doldrums a dumps a fancy a feel a individuality a melancholy a pleasure a propensity a semblance a soul a strain a temper a tenor a timbre a vagary a vein a whim a high a spirits a low

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Strange cat
"I have an itch on my nose."
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Feed me or I shoot you.

Kangaroo Searches for Car Keys

Kangaroo loses it
"I am sure it is here, somewhere!"
▶ kangaroo is looking for something he does not have. kangaroo at searches to car on keys ah pocket hi cod akbash manatee Ibis goldfish Mongrel cicada raccoon sole lion aardvark kangaroo an searches it car no keys at pocket ah catfish giraffe dart heron retriever spider budgie booby bongo terrier kangaroo up searches as car is keys of pocket ox lizard elk hedgehog penguin wombats avocet cassowary seahorse mackeral kangaroo eh searches ah car oh keys be pocket as crocodiles rhinoceros capybara platypus chimp orangutan dartfish lamprey kangaroo in searches is car of keys eh pocket we photos shrimp bull skunk bison budgerigar monkey brucie mule seal pike ermine dachsbracke wildebeest cesky kookaburras finch grasshopper mammal swordfish beetle okapi cichlid insect Chicken quokka octopus hawk caracal cockroach alpaca puma robin pup viper marlin lungfish tortoise bear Coral ◀
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Cat is Kung Fu Fighter - With Glee!

This is kung fu cat.
I am kung fu cat
"I am Kung Fu cat."
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 Tys Country
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Ancient Large Predator With Strange Eyes Found

Weird eyes of an ancient ocean predator have been found in Australia. It was believed that all types of eyes were known. The creature with the unusual eyes has been identified. It was an anomalocaris, a very large shellfish.

They didn't see the world like whales or even fish. Each eye had 16,000 lenses and was three centimeters in diameter. This is more than the 3,000 lense housefly eye, but not as numerous as the dragonfly eye with its 30,000 lenses. Make no mistake though - eye development was like an arms race, the animals with superior eyes reproducing and surviving. The anomalocaris was a good hunter, moving quickly on their prey in clear waters.

This ancient hunter had an odd shape. It had spined claws on each side of the body and two giant claws on its head. Its eyes were on stalks. The mouth was circular with serrations around the edge pointing inward.

The site where it was found, on Kangaroo Island, holds more strange animals to be investigated. These were the earliest of species, too old to be satisfactorily classified into known animal groups.
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