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Dog Flies Over Water

This canine enjoys a good flight particularly when it is over water. He took off from his home this morning and he has been flying all day. He will have to come in for a landing soon because it is dinner time. The question is - Will he land on water or on land? We will have to look in his flight itinerary to find out.

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|| I will land here. ||
Dog flies over lake
"I will land here."
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Arms Dealer Prime Minister is an Idiot Airhead

The PM and Christopher Pyne the Minister for Defence are both stupid believing that all the government has to do is plow funds into the industry and we will go straight to the top of the list of military providers to the world. With the US, Russia, China, Britain and others there is no way this will happen. ➤ ➤ ✿ ✿ ➽ ➽ ▶ ▶ ⬢ ⬢ ◉ Arms e Dealer e Prime e e is e an e Idiot e Airhead e ◉ ⧭ Arms d Dealer d Prime d Minister d is d an d Idiot d Airhead d australia d d weapons d d export d d people d christopher d ⧭ ▩ Arms c Dealer c Prime c Minister c is c an c Idiot c Airhead c australia c pyne c weapons c defence c export c industry c people c major c vessels c plans c government c domestic c police c christropher c ▩ ⏏ Arms b Dealer b Prime b Minister b is b an b Idiot b Airhead b australia b pyne b weapons b defence b export b industry b people b major b vessels b plans b government b domestic b police b christopher b exporter b costello b malcolm b turnbull b exporting b million b jobs b patrol b investment b capability b great b incidents b ⏏ ⦿ australia a pyne a weapons a defence a export a industry a people a major a vessels a plans a government a domestic a police a christopher a exporter a costello a malcolm a turnbull a exporting a million a jobs a patrol a investment a capability a great a incidents a ambition a increase a willy-nilly a death a profiting a bloodshed a including a ‘willy-nilly’ a humanitarian a countries a year a offshore a frigates a volatile a sell a french a built a submarines a current a contracts a need a create a country a reflexive a response a manufacturing a nation a war a terrorist a forces a capacity a respond a counter-terrorism a cafe a ⦿ ∎ australia pyne weapons defence export industry people major vessels plans government domestic police christopher exporter costello malcolm turnbull exporting million jobs patrol investment capability great incidents ambition increase willy-nilly death profiting bloodshed including ‘willy-nilly’ humanitarian countries year offshore frigates volatile sell french built submarines current contracts need create country reflexive response manufacturing nation war terrorist forces world capacity respond counter-terrorism cafe world ∎ || weaponry war, tanks, navy, guns, gunpowder, explosives, bullets, artillery, aircraft, ||
Turn bull

Bear Starts a Plane

"How do you start this darn thing/"
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Technology Advances With the Scramjet

Technology: Scramjet is tested at Woomera.
Technology never stands still. Mankind progressed very slowly for centuries, but now things move forward at a rapid pace. Air transport could change dramatically in coming decades. The US and Australia are testing a hypersonic rocket that can travel at five times the speed of sound. Because of the angle of liftoff, together with takeoff and landing speeds, you couldn't really enjoy a lunch and drink while sitting in your seat.
Scramjet test at Woomera
Woomera in South Australia is the busy testing site. The project is not aimed at space flight. Passenger travel is the main goal. A journey from London to Sydney is estimated to take two hours. The arduous passage though would mean taking your meal preferably after the flight.

Australia helped develop the scramjet which uses oxygen from the atmosphere for power as the jet rockets upward. Consequently, it does not have to carry heavy and expensive fuel. Tests began in 2009. Norway and Germany are also involved in the project. The target completion date is in 2018.
 Technology by Ty Buchanan 
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Squirrel King Kong

Squirrel King Kong
"Get out of my way!"
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Smart Aircraft Navigation Reaches Brisbane Airport

Technological advancement is moving on apace as Gold Coast Airport in Queensland adopts a new satellite-based aircraft navigation system. It was announced by Warren Truss deputy prime minister and minister for infrastructure and regional development, though nothing was said about funding.

Smart Tracking navigation improves position accuracy of aircraft. The government jumped on the introduction to say it was part of its goal to improve services in the flight industry, an unannounced objective until now.

Airservices Australia managed the set up of Smart Tracking at Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne and Cairns airports. The improvement has been going on since 2012 by Airservices and has now reached Brisbane. This will meet requirement for projected growth in demand. Let us hope growth actually occurs. At the moment Qantas is not doing very well.

The new system will enable flight controllers to keep aircraft flying over water longer instead of creating noise pollution in built-up areas. To put it bluntly, not all advancement proves useful. Keeping aircraft in the air for an extended time could create organizational problems. It could lead to more accidents.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Duck Wing

"Yes you are flying and I am having a rest on wing."
Funny Animal Pictures by Ty Buchanan
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Useful Drones for Conservation

Despite the fairytale stuff put forward about delivering things to houses in built up areas of large cities, drone can be useful. Patrolling of protected regions for environmental damage is efficient and less costly than other methods.

Conservation Drones a US company is mass producing drones to meet projected demand. Accidents will occur even though the drones will not land away from the operator, but injuries should be rare. Drones zooming around above our head will become the norm. Will there be complaints? Yes there will.

The first major project will be to protect elephants in Africa. The distance that drones can travel will have to be significantly improved to do the job properly. At the moment helicopters are used. These can be expensive as well. They do have better range, however.

Maximum range for non-military drones is about 40kms. High resolution videos can be taken. Preprogramming is possible to carry out surveillance and data collection. A test to monitor frigate birds has been successful in Western Australia.
Conservation by Ty Buchanan

A Stockman's Life Is a Little Easier

Australian stockmen used to lives of absolute isolation, controlling cattle for months on end, going into small towns infrequently. Drovers spending their lives in pubs drinking beer was a myth.

Today, the Internet has allowed people who live and work in outback stations to stay in contact with friends and relatives. Businesses are run using computers. Information flow is now immediate, where in the past getting a newspaper only a day or so old was a luxury.

People now know if rain is on its way. This was always an unknown factor years ago. The horse is not the only mode of transport. Motorbikes are used on stations. Some people even own and fly a helicopters and planes.

Processing of cattle now day just a few days. Few animals are missed with transportable trapping devices placed at strategic points. Staff has been halved. Workers can usually get back to the station every day. Drovers no longer work 100 hour weeks; they used to give stamped letters to passing motorists for posting somewhere along the way.

Most cattle these days are transported by road. It is more cost-effective and faster. Repairing fences is still one of the chores, but aircraft make the job more efficient and much quicker to do. Country people will still tell you that life is harder than in the cities. The sun beats down as hot as it used to.
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Bombs Dropped Near Barrier Reef

The Us has dumped bombs near Australia's Great Barrier Reef. It was not intentional. Two of their Marine aircraft were in fuel trouble and had to jettison the dangerous cargo for safety reasons.

Before dumping the explosive devices they were disarmed. The planes were operating from a Navy ship. The now harmless bombs are sitting in a deep channel away from the Barrier Reef. They are in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage area, however.

Plans are under way to retrieve the bombs. Just how this is to be done is unknown at present.  It is not an international incident. The Australian government knows full well the immediacy of the action. There has been no protest. Removal will be done as soon as practicable.
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