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Tariff Protection Will Return - Globalization Has Failed!

More jobs for the US economy.
Globalization has failed. Countries are distinct cultures. Working life may be the same, but the values people live by are much different, particularly in regards to religion. Jobs have been lost in developed countries as so called developing countries keep labor costs down by manipulating their currencies and not giving their workers social welfare support.
Americans want jobs
Americans want jobs
A case in point is Australia's compulsory superannuation. This was a silly idea to begin with as companies went to the wall and workers lost all their super. This is a cost burden on wage costs. Employees must live now, so wages rose to leave enough current spending after paying in superannuation. This is seldom mentioned by economists let alone governments. Developing countries do not have this cost burden.

No wonder Donald Trump is supported by a large slice of the American population. He promises to put up trade barriers to create jobs at home. His revolutionary tax cuts would see the US plunged into a state much like developing countries, where people would have to pay the full cost of medical treatment. While health care is held to be mainly privately funded it receives more cash help from the government per head of population than "free" systems such as the UK and Australia.

Because of lower tax revenue, funding for schools would also be reduced. Trump's system would obviously favor the already wealthy who choose to pay private anyway. However, the ordinary person wants work. Missing out on social benefits is an afterthought.
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Technology Advances With the Scramjet

Technology: Scramjet is tested at Woomera.
Technology never stands still. Mankind progressed very slowly for centuries, but now things move forward at a rapid pace. Air transport could change dramatically in coming decades. The US and Australia are testing a hypersonic rocket that can travel at five times the speed of sound. Because of the angle of liftoff, together with takeoff and landing speeds, you couldn't really enjoy a lunch and drink while sitting in your seat.
Scramjet test at Woomera
Woomera in South Australia is the busy testing site. The project is not aimed at space flight. Passenger travel is the main goal. A journey from London to Sydney is estimated to take two hours. The arduous passage though would mean taking your meal preferably after the flight.

Australia helped develop the scramjet which uses oxygen from the atmosphere for power as the jet rockets upward. Consequently, it does not have to carry heavy and expensive fuel. Tests began in 2009. Norway and Germany are also involved in the project. The target completion date is in 2018.
 Technology by Ty Buchanan 
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The Truth Of 9/11

Dr. Niels Harrit vehemently argues his case in Danish courts. He is challenging a newspaper which published an article criticising the doctor's finding that the collapse of World Trade Center 3 was a controlled demolition. His conclusion is based on solid scientific evidence: analysis of nano-thermite found in WTC dust proves his premise.
The truth of 9/11 will probably never be known. How did terrorists freely circumvent US security to carry out their mission? They went about their business as they wished. The only fight came from passengers on a hijacked plane. Did the US government and powers that be want justification for actions in the Middle East and Asia that were already pre-planned?

The truth of 9/11 will probably never be known. How did terrorists freely circumvent US security to carry out their mission? They went about their business as they wished. The only fight came from passengers on a hijacked plane. Did the US government and powers that be want justification for actions in the Middle East and Asia that were already pre-planned?

According to Dr. Harrit The US itself was "organising" the 9/11 attacks. This was surprisingly not known by Osama bin Laden. Apparently, the US knew exactly what was about to take place and when. The evidence gathered by the doctor proves this beyond any doubt. It was allowed to happen. American lives were sacrifice. This was Coventry in England during WWII all over again. Let it happen so the enemy will not know that we know.

For many years the scientist has been waiting for an inquiry to take place so he can name who  he believes were responsible. It seems this will never happen. This is peculiar in itself because a major disaster in any country is always investigated - always.
Chemistry by Ty Buchanan
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Hope for Ebola Vaccine

Ebola is still a world crisis. Though the overall rate of infected people has slowed, some pockets in Africa have increased infections. It could still spread to Europe, Asia and the US.  If it does spread this wide, control will be virtually impossible.
Some form of effective treatment has to be found - fast. The blood of survivors has been seen has the most probable source of a vaccine. However, any form of treatment should be examined for its usefulness.

In Australia a vaccine tested on monkeys holds out great hope. The Kunjin treatment has been created from engineering the Ebola virus protein. Monkeys were given the vaccine and they showed significant protection from the disease. Seventy five per cent of the monkeys kept their resistance.

Much research was based on tests on rodents. Success on them did not mean that vaccines would work on humans, so tests on primates is beginning. Scientists must get a move on to create a successful vaccine. Ninety per cent of infected people die.
Health by Ty Buchanan
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NSA Does Not Spy on Allies - "Ah! Ah! Gotcha."

Apparently the U.S. National Security Agency is not listening in to people in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Seeing that these countries are America's closest allies this seems rational. However, terrorists are quietly leaving the shores of these countries and fighting for Islam of one color or another.

It seems to me that the United States would be involved with local authorities in these English speaking nations to keep an eye on what suspected terrorists are doing, probably at the request of these governments.

Note, that the United States had secret agreements with Russia that the UK found out about during WWII. Churchill was totally in the dark about them for quite some time. He too had secret talks with Stalin.

If the NSA is watching the IMF, World Bank, the Atomic Energy Agency and European countries why not "nose in" on what people in allied countries are doing? Germany is supposed to be an ally and snooping on Chancellor Merkel did occur.
Politics by Ty Buchanan
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Eastern Antarctic a New Danger Area to Raise Sea Level

There is a lot of research on climate change. However, countries are doing very little to reduce pollution. They are not reacting at all to the clear data pointing to damage caused to the planet by humans.

In the Antarctic the latest evidence shows some movement in the ice "plug" holding massive amounts of ice back from the ocean. If this plug fails, ice will slide into the sea raising the planet's water level by many meters, permanently. Cities on the coast around the world will be flooded.

It was thought that only the western side of the Antarctic was in danger of raising sea level. It now appears that the eastern side where the plug is situated is also at risk.

The weather in the US has been extremely erratic over the last ten years. The cost to the nation is in the billions of dollars. Insurance companies will react as they have done in Australia. Premiums have more than doubled in recent years. Some areas of Australia cannot get insurance cover at all for their homes because they are seen as low-lying or at high risk in bush fires.

Climate change is ongoing and people are at risk of losing everything in a chain of catastrophes. The world economic system will be affected. It cannot be avoided. We ignore it now at our own peril.
Conservation by Ty Buchanan

Bad Weather From Climate Change Becoming Accepted

It seems the first signs of general acceptance of extreme weather from climate change are forming. Some scientists are openly declaring that change in weather patterns will be permanent or worsen as climate change takes hold. This past year has been one of the wettest on record in eastern Australia. This is blamed on damage to the environment by human activity.

Change is regional with heavy rains in Europe, east Asia and Oceania. The US and Africa were very dry. Greenhouse gasses caused a warming of oceans. This put more moisture into the atmosphere to fall as rain in the large land masses of Europe, Asia and Oceania. A downpour occurred in New Zealand that was a once in 500 years event.

Just  why the US remains dry is a problem. It should have received more rain, but weather patterns tends to vary around the world due a balancing effect in humidity. Hurricane Sandy indicates the probable future damage from extreme weather due to climate change. Rising sea levels increases destruction. Such events affects people for the rest of their lives.
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Climate by Ty Buchanan
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Bombs Dropped Near Barrier Reef

The Us has dumped bombs near Australia's Great Barrier Reef. It was not intentional. Two of their Marine aircraft were in fuel trouble and had to jettison the dangerous cargo for safety reasons.

Before dumping the explosive devices they were disarmed. The planes were operating from a Navy ship. The now harmless bombs are sitting in a deep channel away from the Barrier Reef. They are in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage area, however.

Plans are under way to retrieve the bombs. Just how this is to be done is unknown at present.  It is not an international incident. The Australian government knows full well the immediacy of the action. There has been no protest. Removal will be done as soon as practicable.
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Japan Steps into Space

Let us wish the Japanese well in their bid to explore space. The US has had great success with their missions. It seems odd why Japan would spend money on space exploration when the economy is in such bad shape. Nonetheless, all people in the world benefit from new knowledge,

After success with its first attempt to retrieve samples from the Itokowa space rock, the second spacecraft Hayabusa2 will be launched in 2014 and closely examine asteroid 1999 JU3. The rendezvous will take place in 2018. Valuable samples will be brought back to Earth in 2020.

Japan is doing the work with assistance from other nations. The probe will be tracked by NASA's Deep Space Network. Like the first project the spacecraft will land in Australia. Powered by ion engines the craft will make a small crater in 1999 JU3. In the past this asteroid may have come into contact with water.

A German made lander called MASCOT will move over the rock's surface. Intense examination will hopefully bring to light new understanding about asteroids. The search for life elsewhere in the cosmos is still paramount.
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Alzheimer's Can Now Be Diagnosed When No Symptoms Are Present

New findings on Alzheimer's have been released in Australia. The build up of beta-amyloid plaque is thought to be the main cause of Alzheimer's and it is also responsible for cognitive decline over the long term. The presence of plaque in the brain enables diagnosis of Alzheimer's even in people who show no immediate symptoms. This was announced by Dr Christopher Rowe, professor of nuclear medicine at Melbourme's Austin Hospital.

A patient can now know years in advance that he/she will develop Alzheimer's. Whether this is a good thing is debatable, though it does give time for a person to get their things in order. Depression could be the result of making such an emotive discovery.

Eighteen million people suffer from Alzheimer's worldwide. With the large segment of the population moving into the elderly group this is expected to reach 34 million by 2025. A new drug to fight plaque has been approved in the US. Hopefully, a medication can be found that will dissolve the plaque.
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Capitalism is Bad for Us

Research shows that capitalism is bad for us. Since the 1970s there has been an increase in mental illness of adults and children. Indications are that it is due to capitalism because the rise has been noted in English speaking capitalist countries and not in non-English speaking non-capitalist nations.

An average 23% of Americans, Britons, Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians suffered from mental illness in the last 12 months, but only 11.5% of Germans, Italians, French, Belgians, Spaniards and Dutch which have more restrictive trading systems.

Selfish Capitalism has massively increased the wealth of the wealthy, robbing the average earner to give to the rich. But there is no "trickle-down effect". Real wages have decreased in the US over the last three decades. Governments have reduced tax payments of the rich, placing responsibility for payment on low income earners.
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Post Cat

"I'm leaving as soon as the postman arrives."
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Giant Ants in Ancient North America

Big insects once roamed the US. They were very big. Ants were the size of small birds 50 million years ago. They are thought to have crossed the arctic land bridge that once existed between Europe and the US. The Green River site in Wyoming has given up many new finds in the past.

Bruce Archibald of Simon Fraser University in British Columbia noted that the fossil was similar to one found in Germany. Only the queen of the Dorylus wilverthi species of ant living today reaches this size. Fittingly, the new ant has been named Titanomyrma lubei. Louis Lube found the specimen. While this ant is big for North America, big ants probably lived in other parts of the world because large fossils of other creatures have been found there.

Large ants only live a tropical climate in the present so North America was tropical millions of years ago. It is a mystery how they crossed the temperate Arctic region then. For brief periods this area became quite warm, up to 8 degrees Celsius, though not tropical. Bursts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from sediment was the culprit. With two sources for ancient giant ants now known it may be possible to identify where they originated.
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The Internet Is Not Yet the Great Leveller

Access to the Internet prevents it from being a world levelling device. In Australia people will have to wait up to eight years to get broadband. South Africans living in "dangerous" areas will never get an Internet connection because telco companies fear theft of copper wire. India is too poor, so many regions will have to remain on dial up Internet. Those in remote places in Britain are still waiting for a method to be chosen for broadband distribution.

Leading Western countries are the main source of software for all Internet users. Even Twitter and Facebook are based in the US. People also use these sites to interact with those of similar ilk. The world is segmenting into cliques and a broad world view is not materializing. This is despite more information being available for the average person than at any other time in human history.

People are essentially parochial. They identify with the region and country they are in. Though international news is easily accessed, many choose not not to log on. They still get news from local television and radio. Such news sources now have less than 15 per cent of non-local news, particularly in the US. Ninety five per cent of Internet users in the UK go to domestic news sites. Afghanistan is the topic of most international news stories while clashes in Africa are given just cursory comment.

No doubt in time a common world view will develop. This is because urbanization is happening everywhere, so there will eventually be a common background for most people irrespective of place of origin. The readership of blogs is increasing, with most commenting on local and international issues. There is a need for barriers from language barriers to be broken down. News will travel faster when breaking stories are translated on the spot.
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