Dangerous Love - Gonorrhoea

Millions of dollars is being spent in HIV research.  It is mainly spread by sexual contact. However, venereal diseases in general are being forgotten.

Antibiotics are becoming ineffective in combating venereal diseases. Such infections have been around for thousands of years and there is still no cure. Antibiotics used to "knock it on the head" in the past. This luxury no longer exists.

A serious resistant strain of gonorrhoea is extant in Australia and New Zealand. It has now arrived on our doorstep. A8806 is very similar to H041 which is absolutely untreatable. Different resistant strains have appeared in Japan, the US and Norway.

Because people today are more promiscuous than ever "the clap" is spreading extremely fast. The disease affects the whole body invading mucous membranes such as the sexual organs, eyes and throat. Arthritis, heart infections and meningitis can result.

Most people have serious symptoms. Pain when urinating, bleeding and oozing puss are common. The greatest problem is that some sufferers have no symptoms at all, so they unknowingly keep spreading the disease.
Health by Ty Buchanan
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