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ONE MAN DESTROYS A NATION: David Cameron's Political Ambition Ruins the UK

David Cameron regrets the day he entered politics.
The Queen is tough. She will seemingly live forever. However, there is one thing that could diminish her driving force to continue ruling. That is the independence of Scotland. She will have one man to thank for that - David Cameron. Her Highness was pleased when the referendum two years ago favored Scotland staying in the UK. Indeed, Mr Cameron was praised by the Queen in a private audience.
The Queen stands over David Cameron like she made Maggy Thatcher wait
The Queen stands over David Cameron like she made Maggy Thatcher wait
Things are much different now. Shame on the Prime Minister for even offering the Scottish referendum and the poll on separation from the EU. He did it just to save his political life. That is selfishness indeed. He will go into history as the man who caused the breakup of the United Kingdom. Just as Tony Abbot will be known as the PM who killed Australia's Holden car. If they were both in the same room, there would be a terrible smell!

The first Scottish referendum did not have to take place. David Cameron could have overridden his ruling party and said no to talks with the Scottish Government to have a referendum. The Scots would have thought that such a challenge to the Kingdom was a bridge too far: after all there was the Queen to consider. No, David Cameron was so "up himself" that he thought he was invincible.

Now, the cows have come home and the pigeons have come home to roost as well. After putting the country into the sewerage pit Cameron is taking the easy way out and resigning. The incoming prime minister will have to clean up the mess, and it will not be easy. Scotland and perhaps Northern Ireland will get independence - Eire should not hold out for a united Ireland and heaven help us if Cameron has started another war.

The quota to call another referendum has topped the three million mark: they only needed 100,000 signatures. If the next referendum on EU membership goes the other way there will be a tit-for-tat call for a poll, yet again! The Queen will try to hand over power to Prince Charles before the coming Scottish referendum as she will want to retire as the last ruling monarch of the greater United Kingdom.

There is doubt: the British public will not allow Charles to be king. He is very hot on the nose with just about everyone. Some say he is too old and others hold that he is stupid. It is clear that any attempt to place the crown on his head will result in majority calls for Prince William to be king. Remember, Price Edward was forced to abdicate because he married a divorced commoner.

David Cameron has to be knighted for services to his country. After all it will be easier to govern, being so much smaller. Oh, we can now drop the "Great" in GB. Furthermore, without Wales the "United" can be dropped as well. We will have to wait to see what Wales does, maybe this maybe that. Wales would save the epithet "United".
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Royal Gifts are Property of the People

The British Royal Family gets hundreds of gifts each year not only from heads of state but ordinary people as well. Gifts may be given in good heart. However, givers should know that the presents will never be owned by any member of the royal family. They remain the property of the people.

All manner of things are given. Food hampers, books, bowls, riding crops, coffee grinders, statues, model thrones, coins, beer, honey, toys, ski outfits, even boot scrapers and arrows.  The "Who's Who in Australia 2014".will come in real handy at the dinner table.

Just how the ownership system works is not clear. The Monarchy can use the objects, using them until they are worn out, yet they still remain property of the people. Get into them toys little George and have a real good time. You will never own them. Getting pleasure from them is your preserve.
Society by Ty Buchanan
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Stopping the Spread of the Complex Red Fire Ant

Australia is fighting against the spread of red fire ants. This pest has invaded other countries such as the US. Nothing seems to work to stop their malicious takeover. They give a nasty bite. It was thought to be a simple kind of ant but studies have shown it to be a complex creature.

It has two distinct variants in its social structure. Normally colonies keep their distance. On the other hand, many colonies do form a supercolony where queens work together and breed in safety. Ants of the supercolony do kill queens of isolated colonies.

The ants are different genetically. Queens of individual colonies are fatter. This is to feed the first larvae when they start the colony. Queens who work together never need the "boost" fat. The change of a single gene dramatically changes physicality and behavior. It is contentious as to whether there will be an evolutionary winner. We just do not know at this stage.

It is hoped that chemicals producing violent behavior can be identified and used against the pest. Could this be interfering in the evolution of a species? Of course it is. We have been selecting for preferential genes in many animals and plants for thousands of years.
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