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Government Regulation Finishes Witch Doctors

Plants destroyed in australia
| Only tribal shamans had the knowledge to derive hypnotic and euphoria making chemicals from plants. They kept the secrets from everyone else. wizard government expert pyramid physician list professor scientist specialist surgeon doc healer intern MD medic medico quack medical government conjurer regulation bar finishes block witch break conclusion pause barricade cease cessation check close closing control cutoff discontinuation government ending regulation fence finishes finish witch freeze doctors hindrance layoff letup plug roadblock standstill stay stoppage termination wall desistance government magician regulation conjurer finishes enchanter witch necromancer doctors occultist sorcerer charmer adjuration authority ministry power regime rule state practitioner government union regulation bureaucracy finishes command witch control doctors direction domination dominion execution executive governance guidance influence boss twitter halt | market body global technology podcasts chikawe agency public plan ban funds news teads claim rival buy site money healthcare health albino tax york disorder follow united online thomson deter politics anthem pigment east senate charms life individual participation ipsos traditional breakingviews people poll revcontent information bring stock force bans debt murders reuters mobile advertising albinos bill cigna operation sponsored dar home task herbs industry feared acts evil day guidelines mwanza states africa cases pictures girl content salaam tanzania markets india research told wealth finance foundation france attacks parts society video witchcraft commentary data media business deals court u.s killings screener |  |
Witch doctor gets high!

You Need Yeast to Make Vegemite beer

Vegemite beer could be good for society.
There is a myth about Vegemite. It is assumed by many Australians to be unique. This isn't the case. Marmite and Bovril are the same product. It is yeast residue, the stuff at the bottom of the container when you brew your own beer with a lot of salt added.
Prison Vegemite beer
Of course, the yeast is dormant and can still be activated. This is the case despite Vegemite spread being sterilized. The tasty "treat" is banned in Victorian prisons because it can be used to make an alcoholic concoction loosely called beer. Scientists actually made beer with Vegemite to prove that this is possible. Vegemite acted as a booster in the fermentation process. This made it possible for basic raw materials to be used to make beer.

There is one proviso: some natural yeast has To be obtained from somewhere else. Yeast naturally occurs on the skin of fruit and berries, so it is easy to get.  Just get some flour and add water.  It will start fermenting in a few days, so the prison ban is meaningless.

Ironically, a liter of Vegemite beer costs $0.24 to make. This compares to $1.28 for commercial beer. There could be a whole new market out there for an entrepreneur to begin manufacturing Vegemite beer for the ordinary consumer.
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Lithium Batteries Banned by Airlines - Incendiaries

Soon you will not be able to take your mobile phone onto a plane let alone use it. Airlines are becoming paranoid after an investigation into a crashed flight in Dubai points to lithium batteries as a cause.
Mobile phones on aircraft planes lithium batteries
As lithium storage becomes thinner the propensity for explosion increases. After exploding a battery sprays flaming liquid in all directs. In many instances a fireball is created.  The item is really a mobile incendiary device.  Heat it up and ignition occurs,

It looks like all battery shipments will literally go by ship in future. Even Apple is getting worried about supplies as more airlines ban lithium batteries as cargo. Defibrillator batteries are already short in Australia and New Zealand.

Rogue airlines, however, are ignoring the trend and jumping onto high payments as businesses pay more to get batteries quickly. This may not last as international airline organizations examine the situation. Banning phones is one step closer as people carry spare lithium batteries in their pockets. Dropping a battery, as many people do, can put a dent in it. This raises the probability of explosion. Note, if a lithium battery explodes so do all the others in the vicinity.
Chemistry by Ty Buchanan
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