Malcolm Fraser Has Died

Today is a sad day for Australia. A past prime minister Malcolm Fraser has died aged 84. He was the last of the true Liberal prime ministers. He resigned from the Liberal Party five years ago because, he said, there were no true liberals in positions of authority in the party today. It is now a conservative party and there is no place for himself in it.
Malcolm Fraser dies
Malcolm in 1982
He has condemned the current government's policy of "turn the boats back" as racist.  All his life he was a strong supporter of multiculturalism in Australia.  He said look around you and people from all cultures live here.  This cannot be changed.  The policy of closing the door to true refugees is an anachronism.

Even John Howard was center right. He was never a liberal. When the Coalition gets into government it does the same thing every time - take from the poor and give to the rich, a conservative right wing policy. That is the reason for current problems in Government. The budgets are just too far to the right for senators to pass.

Malcolm Fraser did mend his falling out with Gough Whitlam over the "Dismissal". This is something that Prime Minister Tony Abbott will never do with his critics in the Labor Party and independents in the Senate. A video of Tony Abbott in the House of Representatives shows him shouldering aside Bill Shorten leader of the Australian Labor Party.

Tony Abbott is hanging onto power by being selfish, not stepping down when he knows the great majority of Australians hate him. Malcolm Turnbull seems to be a true liberal waiting in the wings. Tony Abbott's reign will be just a hiccup, a glitch, in history, a time of failures. No doubt the policy on boats will change with future governments.
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