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Malcolm Turnbull is a Complete Idiot

Conservative belief of renewables causing power blackouts is bad science.
It is amazing how far the Australian conservative parties, namely the Liberals and Nationals, will go to promote their misguided beliefs. Both parties have policies of discrediting the reality of global warming.
shut up malcolm turnbull
"Shaddap You Face" you ignorant voters!
Conservative politicians are paranoid about the truth. Recently, power blackouts occurred in South Australia that were caused by lighting strikes - a record number struck the state during a storm. The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnball, saw it as an opportunity to blame the state's move to renewable energy.

The Federal Government is doing everything it can to completely destroy alternative energy. This is their policy and they do not hide it. To the rest of the world Australia is living in the dark ages - black coal. The Government is pandering to vested interests.

Malcolm Turnbull says that South Australia depends on intermittent renewables for 40 per cent of its power, and when non-carbon sources fall short there is no alternative gas or coal power to pick-up the slack.  Having more carbon power generators on standby would not have helped.  It was the power lines that were down!

The supposition by the conservatives is absolute rot. Renewables had nothing to do with the blackouts. No doubt the "independent" review will reach the preplanned conclusion fixed by Government. The Coalition will choose a favorable stooge to be in charge of the review.
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Parliamentarians Can Be Trusted - Ah ah ah!

politics funding cuts to CSIRO
Malcolm Turnbull loves private business so much so that he is making massive funding cuts to CSIRO. The public/private body is sacking 110 highly skilled employees from the Oceans and Atmosphere division. More sackings are in the pipeline because CSIRO has been forced into this position by first Tony Abbott and now Malolm Turnbull. The soft smile of the PM is only a thin veneer over the right wing belief that the market solves everything.
Australian senate
No work being done here!
We would be driving on dirt tracks if road funding was not public. The poor would be dying in the streets if medical treatment was private. There would be no trains to the city for daily commuters, as the only private rail tracks transport minerals to the coast. Rural people would have no means of communication if Telstra had not been a public enterprise. The copper wire still used for the Internet was put down over a century ago and is still being used in some places.

We always get this when the conservative party called the Liberal Party gets into office. The GST increase has been put on the back burner for now. We know this is a ruse. When the Coalition wins control of the Senate after the next election they will raise the GST. John Howard clearly promised not to introduce the GST but when elected in 2000 he passed it.

Let's face it, all parliamentarians are liars including those on the left. There is such a load of *!? bull #~! pushed out at election time from both side. Yes I say - plague on both your houses!
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Malcolm Turnbull is Big Bad Wolf - Watch Out Goldilocks!

When you get chosen as Prime Minister the first rule is... look after yourself and your mates. For some odd reason the "group of independent deciders supported the Coalition's policy of exempting Australia's wealthiest people from disclosure requirements on a new tax system taking effect in December. Mind you, the ordinary Jack and Jill will have to disclose their data.
Straighen those crooked glasses Malcolm Turnbull
It seems Malcolm Turnbull is not just a pretty face: he is a crafty sod as well! Let's all head for the Cayman Islands. If its good enough for our PM, it is certainly good enough for the rest of us dinkum Aussies. Kerry Packer the famous now deceased billionaire once said that "it is every Australian citizen's duty to avoid paying tax: I have lived in Australia and elsewhere all my life and have never paid one cent in tax". When he died the Australian Government gave him a state funeral.

Guilt is not for the wealth it appears. For the ordinary Joe though, he must be checked and double checked on the way he goes about his life. If your tax return is $100 out you get a massive fine.

Malcolm Turnbull's speech in parliament was contradictory. He said, this country is built upon hard work." And added, "there are taxi drivers that work harder than I ever have." Thus, he has admitted that his wealth was not built upon hard work. He must have been crafty, deceitful and fleeced his employees to get rich. Yes, we know what you are about Malcolm - you may look angelic, but you are really a big bad wolf!
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Malcolm Fraser Has Died

Today is a sad day for Australia. A past prime minister Malcolm Fraser has died aged 84. He was the last of the true Liberal prime ministers. He resigned from the Liberal Party five years ago because, he said, there were no true liberals in positions of authority in the party today. It is now a conservative party and there is no place for himself in it.
Malcolm Fraser dies
Malcolm in 1982
He has condemned the current government's policy of "turn the boats back" as racist.  All his life he was a strong supporter of multiculturalism in Australia.  He said look around you and people from all cultures live here.  This cannot be changed.  The policy of closing the door to true refugees is an anachronism.

Even John Howard was center right. He was never a liberal. When the Coalition gets into government it does the same thing every time - take from the poor and give to the rich, a conservative right wing policy. That is the reason for current problems in Government. The budgets are just too far to the right for senators to pass.

Malcolm Fraser did mend his falling out with Gough Whitlam over the "Dismissal". This is something that Prime Minister Tony Abbott will never do with his critics in the Labor Party and independents in the Senate. A video of Tony Abbott in the House of Representatives shows him shouldering aside Bill Shorten leader of the Australian Labor Party.

Tony Abbott is hanging onto power by being selfish, not stepping down when he knows the great majority of Australians hate him. Malcolm Turnbull seems to be a true liberal waiting in the wings. Tony Abbott's reign will be just a hiccup, a glitch, in history, a time of failures. No doubt the policy on boats will change with future governments.
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