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Elvis Dog Puts on an Act

Canine does his impression of the king. Uh-huh-huh is all I have to say. It's now or never. ~ - Elvis j Dog j Puts j on j an j Act j presley j told j elvis’ - = Elvis i Dog i Puts i on i an i Act i presley i told i elvis’ i girls i house i black i phillips = z Elvis h Dog h Puts h on h an h Act h presley h told h elvis’ h girls h house h black h phillips h room h asked h time h people z ! Elvis g Dog g Puts g on g an g Act g presley g told g elvis’ g girls g house g black g phillips g room g asked g time g people g boy g good g memphis g country g graceland ! @ Elvis f Dog f Puts f on f an f Act f presley f told f elvis’ f girls f house f black f phillips f room f asked f time f people f boy f good f memphis f country f graceland f white f movie f american f show f mother f standing @ # Elvis e Dog e Puts e on e an e Act e presley e told e elvis’ e girls e house e black e phillips e room e asked e time e people e boy e good e memphis e country e graceland e white e movie e american e show e mother e standing e travis e hot e night e sam e records e parker e dewey e friends e drive e years e blue e young e man e days $ Elvis d Dog d Puts d on d an d Act d presley d told d elvis’ d girls d house d black d phillips d room d asked d time d people d boy d good d memphis d country d graceland d white d movie d american d show d mother d standing d travis d hot d night d sam d records d parker d dewey d friends d drive d years d blue d young d man d days d circle d early d singer d bill d sing d big d knew d talk d bought d red d songs d sang d audience d finally d boys d doctors d mama d television d afternoon $ % Elvis c Dog c Puts c on c an c Act c presley c told c elvis’ c girls c house c black c phillips c room c asked c time c people c boy c good c memphis c country c graceland c white c movie c american c show c mother c standing c travis c hot c night c sam c records c parker c dewey c friends c drive c years c blue c young c man c days c circle c early c singer c bill c sing c big c knew c talk c bought c red c songs c sang c audience c finally c boys c doctors c mama c television c afternoon c owner c fence c gate c drink c likes c cars c ranch c music c long c hillbilly c started c manager c hundred c shirt c couple c rock c cut c hair c leave c set c waiting c changed c gladys c mother’s c army c put c blues c happened c money c turn c piano c door % ^ Elvis b Dog b Puts b on b an b Act b presley b told b elvis’ b girls b house b black b phillips b room b asked b time b people b boy b good b memphis b country b graceland b white b movie b american b show b mother b standing b travis b hot b night b sam b records b parker b dewey b friends b drive b years b blue b young b man b days b circle b early b singer b bill b sing b big b knew b talk b bought b red b songs b sang b audience b finally b boys b doctors b mama b television b afternoon b owner b fence b gate b drink b likes b cars b ranch b music b long b hillbilly b started b manager b hundred b shirt b couple b rock b cut b hair b leave b set b waiting b changed b gladys b mother’s b army b put b blues b happened b money b turn b piano b door b privacy b ranch’s b truck b wife b favorite b walls b pink b hands b cigar b god b working b bad b guys b small b story b crowd b vulgar b career b dollars b work b record b times b sat b lot b sun b wanted b play b western b cadillacs b appearances b ole b colonel b called b shoes b hollywood b leader b place b prestige b months b theatre b main b ride b motorcycles b start b boogie b hood b rented b town b year b o’clock b home b high b hospital b poor b success b son b front b daddy b christmas b family b star b wild b kid b true b played b band b playing b hell b moment b plane b lawn b dream b day b living b change b motorcycle b pool ^ * presley a told a elvis’ a girls a house a black a phillips a room a asked a time a people a boy a good a memphis a country a graceland a white a movie a american a show a mother a standing a travis a hot a night a sam a records a parker a dewey a friends a drive a years a blue a young a man a days a circle a early a singer a bill a sing a big a knew a talk a bought a red a songs a sang a audience a finally a boys a doctors a mama a television a afternoon a owner a fence a gate a drink a likes a cars a ranch a music a long a hillbilly a started a manager a hundred a shirt a couple a rock a cut a hair a leave a set a waiting a changed a gladys a mother’s a army a put a blues a happened a money a turn a piano a door a privacy a ranch’s a truck a wife a favorite a walls a pink a hands a cigar a god a working a bad a guys a small a story a crowd a vulgar a career a dollars a work a record a times a sat a lot a sun a wanted a play a western a cadillacs a appearances a ole a colonel a called a shoes a hollywood a leader a place a prestige a months a theatre a main a ride a motorcycles a start a boogie a hood a rented a town a year a o’clock a home a high a hospital a poor a success a son a front a daddy a christmas a family a star a wild a kid a true a played a band a playing a hell a moment a plane a lawn a dream a day a living a change a motorcycle a pool a greatest a piece a booth a rolling a counting a enjoy a feet a oil a slip a locked a ‘please a sheriff a stay a pants a cadillac a feller a evenin’ a yeah a green a impala a pretty a interesting a 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Elvis dog
"Love me tender, honey."
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Birds Sang in Australia First

The first singing birds originated in Australia - science.
Singing birds originated in Australia. This is true. Just when they moved to other parts of the world is not yet clearly known. Evidence from DNA sequencing and fossils point to this happening approximately 23 million years ago.
Australian songbird
They first "hopped" from island to island until they reached Indonesia. From there it was easy for them to spread to Asia. The progression to populate the world occurred rapidly, like when humans moved out of Africa.  It took only a few thousand years for the initial "breakout".

Birds of song could not leave Australia before 23 million years ago as Indonesia before that time was a small island and there was a huge distance of ocean for the birds to cross to reach other land masses.

Half of all bird species are song birds. The only continent where they did not go is Antarctica. This is a mystery because penguins are birds, so the cold barrier is not significant for birds.  Many native song birds died out in Australia due to the climate making the continent arid.
 Science by Ty Buchanan 
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Prairy Dogs Pitch a Song - Hilarious

Prairy dogs have a shout out!
Prairy dogs sing
"Nothing like a rambunctious song in the morning."
Funny Animal Pictures
Australian Blog
 Tys Country
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Song Dog

"I am going to sing you a song."
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Funny Animal Photos
-------Australian Blog-------
"Mammy. How I-luv-yuh, how I-luv-yuh.  My dear old Mammy."
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Funny Animal Photos

Whales Sing a Different Song

It was believed that all whales spoke the same language like a bird species, for example, where all the birds have the same song. New observations show that whales sing different songs depending on where they live in the world.

Humpbacks on either side of the Indian Ocean do not sing the same song. Western Australian whales would not be able to "understand" whales in Madagascar. The two groups have been isolated from each other for a long time.

It would be expected that whales in the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere would differ, but the Indian Ocean whales are quite close to each other. The southern whales only have one similar song theme. A song is a series of themes.
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Dolphins Practice Whale-Talk at Night

Dolphins and whales are related. When dolphins are sleeping they show this. In the day they are quite unlike whales. Dolphins show off by jumping, swimming and catching balls. At night, however, they appear to "speak" a whale language.

The sounds they express closely resemble the humpback whale song. They only do this after they have heard the song. The song was in a soundtrack played during a performance for the public. This is an indication how all mammals deal with new things. The brain works on new things below the level of consciousness.

So well imitated were the whale sounds that tests done on them by volunteers showed people thought they were real whale sound. Dolphins mimic other types of sounds during the day, but they tend to zero in on whale sounds at night showing the evolutionary link.
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