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Dog Begs the Question

▶ Dog wants an answer. He begs. What a dumb human you are! ✿ argument manners behavior c phrase education english or english education phrase behavior manners argument ✿ ⧫1 dog an begs it question of stare we dog or begs ho question uh stare do dog as begs eh question if stare oh dog is begs an question we stare or ⧫1 ✿2 featured girl grammar health host content categories money premise tech guy time saving business update conclusion good school eating healthy organization tips apps management it's chocolate support fogarty mignon qdt history public math house get-it-done family car coupons writing fitness cats media project meetings delicious what's phrase raises trees aardvark ways llc holdings macmillan hosts knew trainer talker psychologist savvy argument modern mommy mighty doctor ceo domestic teens tweens age toddlers infants babies pregnancy parenting holidays housekeeping design interior food entertaining diy budgeting auto control pest repair living retirement spending estate real loans credit insurance investing deals taxes energy finance small speaking networking communication legal careers career science parent-teacher education beauty loss weight fads trends prevention women's men's mental conditions medical pains aches allergies flu colds exercise computers gadgets theater mobile software web puppies care training dogs fur grooming pet animals pets social romance friendships professional travel dining etiquette relationships learning email productivity explore play audio dictionary english bad yummy accept i'm simpler squiggly's based tree grow grows logic formal teacher kids rid list robbins stever ✿2 smile love sheep lamb monkey bunny bunnies squirrel kittens friends wild kitty ⧫3 featured a girl a grammar a health a host a content a categories a money a premise a tech a guy a time a saving a home a business a update a conclusion a good a manners a behavior a school a eating a healthy a organization a tips a apps a management a it's a chocolate a support a fogarty a mignon a qdt a history a public a math a house a get-it-done a family a car a coupons a writing a fitness a cats a media a project a meetings a delicious a what's a raises a trees a aardvark a ways a llc a holdings a macmillan a hosts a knew a trainer a talker a psychologist a savvy a modern a mommy a mighty a doctor a ceo a domestic a teens a tweens a age a toddlers a infants a babies a pregnancy a parenting a holidays a housekeeping a design a interior a food a entertaining a diy a budgeting a auto a control a pest a repair a living a retirement a spending a estate a real a loans a credit a insurance a investing a deals a taxes a energy a finance a small a speaking a networking a communication a legal a careers a career a science a parent-teacher a beauty a loss a weight a fads a trends a prevention a women's a men's a mental a conditions a medical a pains a aches a allergies a flu a colds a exercise a computers a gadgets a theater a mobile a software a news a web a puppies a care a training a dogs a fur a grooming a pet a animals a pets a social a romance a friendships a professional a travel a dining a etiquette a relationships a learning a email a productivity a explore a play a audio a dictionary a bad a yummy a accept a i'm a simpler a squiggly's a based a tree a grow a grows a logic a formal a teacher a kids a rid a list a robbins a stever ⧫3 || canine, mutt, hairy, begging, asks, asking, speaking, speech, intelligent, tells, ||
Smart dog
"What are you saying, man!"
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
What are you saying, man!

Archaeologists Say Fire Caused Tuberculosis

Fire caused tuberculosis according to new archaeological theory.
Evolution is very powerful. A change in climate leads to the survival of those who suit the new climate more adequately. A series of ice ages meant hairy people with narrow nasal passages (to warm the damaging cold air on it way into the lungs) passed on their genes. People living in central Africa remained in a warm climate, so they did not have to adapt.
Ancient man uses fire
A new premise is that the adoption of fire by early humans caused the emergence of tuberculosis. Apparently, many people crouching around a fire set the ideal conditions for TB to take hold. Just a minute though. Didn't Africans also cook meat on fires and kept near to it for warmth on cold nights? They certainly did. No, this new theory does not hold up.

It is assumed that TB is mainly a thing of cold climates.  More correctly, molecular archaeological evidence shows that TB began in Africa. Just how scientists reached the conclusion that humans passed it on to animals is beyond me, though. This is pie in the sky stuff, mere speculation.

Man has been using fire for at least 200,000 years. This is obvious. Scientists say TB appeared anywhere from 70,000 to 6,000 years ago. Such debate about the correct time of its occurrence means a lot of work has to be done before TB can be linked to fire.
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Orangutan on the Nose

"And for my next trick I will make my nose -- reappear!"
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Funny Animal Photos

To Be Or Not To Be a Guinea Pig

"Are you sure you're not a guinea pig, lass?"
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Funny Animal Photos

Yowie Takes a Dog in Darwin

Australia's Bigfoot, the Yowie, has been causing problems. It seems it has taken and killed a dog. This has happened in Darwin. The owner of the seven-month old puppy says the head was ripped from its body. At first he thought it was done by dingoes. But a researcher, Andrew McGinn, says it was done by a hairy ape-like beast, a Yowie.

Goat owners in this area have seen their animals decapitated by a tall hairy creature for a hundred years, he says. It is a typical Yowie kill. A local woman saw a hairy humanoid in August 1997. Photographs of footprints were taken the next day.

If the Australian Yowie exists it is certainly very secretive. For hundreds of year there have been sightings. Yet no real evidence has been left, apart from footprints which can be made by anyone.
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