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Sleeping Dog

"At last, a comfy place to sleep."
Funny Animal Photos by Ty Buchanan
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Australians Celebrate Thongs

Australians will always turn out when there is something odd going on. Thousands of people flocked to Bondi Beach for Australia Day but it was not just to celebrate the day off. They went because of the importance of thongs in there lives - no, not the ones worn around the waist, those worn on the feet!

A crowd of 500 beach goers grabbed giant inflatable thongs and took to the water in an attempt to break the world record set in 2006. The record was safe, however, well short of the the 863 target. At least everyone had a good time.

Australia day is when you celebrate things Australian and thongs are very popular here. In summertime some people wear nothing but thongs, all the time. They even go shopping in them. They are especially good for a day of fishing at the beach when you can "fling" them off and head into the water, then come back and put them back on again with your hands free.
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Your Shoes Give You Away

Shoes apparently show your inner feelings. When Kylie Minogue wore those extremely high shoe-boots she was saying "I want Attention." She also shows that she is loaded with money, having the shoes specially made, and is waited on hand and foot.

Victoria Beckham is another one who wears shoes that make a statement. Her shoes say I wear these silly shoes everywhere, even to breakfast, because I can.

Mary-Kate Olsen should be careful though about her choice of shoes - wearing bondage gladiator shoes says she likes her sex to be rough.

These woman choose their shoes for particular reasons of course. They really don't feel this way. They are just playing games with those who look at them.
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