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Elvis Dog Puts on an Act

Canine does his impression of the king. Uh-huh-huh is all I have to say. It's now or never. ~ - Elvis j Dog j Puts j on j an j Act j presley j told j elvis’ - = Elvis i Dog i Puts i on i an i Act i presley i told i elvis’ i girls i house i black i phillips = z Elvis h Dog h Puts h on h an h Act h presley h told h elvis’ h girls h house h black h phillips h room h asked h time h people z ! Elvis g Dog g Puts g on g an g Act g presley g told g elvis’ g girls g house g black g phillips g room g asked g time g people g boy g good g memphis g country g graceland ! @ Elvis f Dog f Puts f on f an f Act f presley f told f elvis’ f girls f house f black f phillips f room f asked f time f people f boy f good f memphis f country f graceland f white f movie f american f show f mother f standing @ # Elvis e Dog e Puts e on e an e Act e presley e told e elvis’ e girls e house e black e phillips e room e asked e time e people e boy e good e memphis e country e graceland e white e movie e american e show e mother e standing e travis e hot e night e sam e records e parker e dewey e friends e drive e years e blue e young e man e days $ Elvis d Dog d Puts d on d an d Act d presley d told d elvis’ d girls d house d black d phillips d room d asked d time d people d boy d good d memphis d country d graceland d white d movie d american d show d mother d standing d travis d hot d night d sam d records d parker d dewey d friends d drive d years d blue d young d man d days d circle d early d singer d bill d sing d big d knew d talk d bought d red d songs d sang d audience d finally d boys d doctors d mama d television d afternoon $ % Elvis c Dog c Puts c on c an c Act c presley c told c elvis’ c girls c house c black c phillips c room c asked c time c people c boy c good c memphis c country c graceland c white c movie c american c show c mother c standing c travis c hot c night c sam c records c parker c dewey c friends c drive c years c blue c young c man c days c circle c early c singer c bill c sing c big c knew c talk c bought c red c songs c sang c audience c finally c boys c doctors c mama c television c afternoon c owner c fence c gate c drink c likes c cars c ranch c music c long c hillbilly c started c manager c hundred c shirt c couple c rock c cut c hair c leave c set c waiting c changed c gladys c mother’s c army c put c blues c happened c money c turn c piano c door % ^ Elvis b Dog b Puts b on b an b Act b presley b told b elvis’ b girls b house b black b phillips b room b asked b time b people b boy b good b memphis b country b graceland b white b movie b american b show b mother b standing b travis b hot b night b sam b records b parker b dewey b friends b drive b years b blue b young b man b days b circle b early b singer b bill b sing b big b knew b talk b bought b red b songs b sang b audience b finally b boys b doctors b mama b television b afternoon b owner b fence b gate b drink b likes b cars b ranch b music b long b hillbilly b started b manager b hundred b shirt b couple b rock b cut b hair b leave b set b waiting b changed b gladys b mother’s b army b put b blues b happened b money b turn b piano b door b privacy b ranch’s b truck b wife b favorite b walls b pink b hands b cigar b god b working b bad b guys b small b story b crowd b vulgar b career b dollars b work b record b times b sat b lot b sun b wanted b play b western b cadillacs b appearances b ole b colonel b called b shoes b hollywood b leader b place b prestige b months b theatre b main b ride b motorcycles b start b boogie b hood b rented b town b year b o’clock b home b high b hospital b poor b success b son b front b daddy b christmas b family b star b wild b kid b true b played b band b playing b hell b moment b plane b lawn b dream b day b living b change b motorcycle b pool ^ * presley a told a elvis’ a girls a house a black a phillips a room a asked a time a people a boy a good a memphis a country a graceland a white a movie a american a show a mother a standing a travis a hot a night a sam a records a parker a dewey a friends a drive a years a blue a young a man a days a circle a early a singer a bill a sing a big a knew a talk a bought a red a songs a sang a audience a finally a boys a doctors a mama a television a afternoon a owner a fence a gate a drink a likes a cars a ranch a music a long a hillbilly a started a manager a hundred a shirt a couple a rock a cut a hair a leave a set a waiting a changed a gladys a mother’s a army a put a blues a happened a money a turn a piano a door a privacy a ranch’s a truck a wife a favorite a walls a pink a hands a cigar a god a working a bad a guys a small a story a crowd a vulgar a career a dollars a work a record a times a sat a lot a sun a wanted a play a western a cadillacs a appearances a ole a colonel a called a shoes a hollywood a leader a place a prestige a months a theatre a main a ride a motorcycles a start a boogie a hood a rented a town a year a o’clock a home a high a hospital a poor a success a son a front a daddy a christmas a family a star a wild a kid a true a played a band a playing a hell a moment a plane a lawn a dream a day a living a change a motorcycle a pool a greatest a piece a booth a rolling a counting a enjoy a feet a oil a slip a locked a ‘please a sheriff a stay a pants a cadillac a feller a evenin’ a yeah a green a impala a pretty a interesting a grow a friend a guy a millionaire a skating a roller a eat a dogs a dawn a local a memphian a pepsis a large a sort a pepsi-cola a damn a entire a rest a watch a kneeling a stands a thin a insane a company a dead a camera a ladies a tells a tutti-frutti a roll a haley a project a cowboy a brando a lounging a saturday a outcasts a contemporary a levis a boots a evening a driver a expect a jump a feel a singin’ a kinda a ignores a slightly a fortas a names a alan a popular a speaks a real a hang a president a scotty a began a thought a interview a smith a sung a open a rockin’ a shake a webb a pierce a ‘you a disc a discovered a william a burroughs a great a enabled a world a snow a rca a scared a nice a phone a managing a phenomenon a public a group a sexy a teen-agers a radio a business a accepted a ballad a syrup a allen a sullivan a wearing a top a hat a call a straight a guitar a next a turned a part a closing a bob a wore a suit a tie a created a side a sweat a voice a rebellion a wall a stage a defiance a enemies a power a hired a high-school a slow a strand a offered a movies a love a tender a king a clothes a moved a nearby a train a request a effect a special a passed a morning a august a tonight a remember a humes a command a pass a minutes a walked a sank a steps a mansion a chickens a artificial a tree a germany a father a world’s a girl a happy a johnny a easy a point a reality a fun a acapulco a teeth a fellow a model a riding * + presley told elvis’ girls house black phillips room asked time people boy good memphis country graceland white movie american show mother standing travis hot night sam records parker dewey friends drive years blue young man days circle early singer bill sing big knew talk bought red songs sang audience finally boys doctors mama television afternoon owner fence gate drink likes cars ranch music long hillbilly started manager hundred shirt couple rock cut hair leave set waiting changed gladys mother’s army put blues happened money turn piano door privacy ranch’s truck wife favorite walls pink hands cigar god working bad guys small story crowd vulgar career dollars work record times sat lot sun wanted play western cadillacs appearances ole colonel called shoes hollywood leader place prestige months theatre main ride motorcycles start boogie hood rented town year o’clock home high hospital poor success son front daddy christmas family star wild kid true played band playing hell moment plane lawn dream day living change motorcycle pool greatest piece booth rolling counting enjoy feet oil slip locked ‘please sheriff stay pants cadillac feller evenin’ yeah green impala pretty interesting grow friend guy millionaire skating roller eat dogs dawn local memphian pepsis large sort pepsi-cola damn entire rest watch kneeling stands thin insane company dead camera ladies tells tutti-frutti roll haley project cowboy brando lounging saturday outcasts contemporary levis boots evening driver expect jump feel singin’ kinda ignores slightly fortas names alan popular speaks real hang president scotty began thought interview smith sung open rockin’ shake webb pierce ‘you disc discovered william burroughs great enabled world snow rca scared nice phone managing phenomenon public group sexy teen-agers radio business accepted ballad syrup allen sullivan wearing top hat call straight guitar next turned part closing bob wore suit tie created side sweat voice rebellion wall stage defiance enemies power hired high-school slow strand offered movies love tender king clothes moved nearby train request effect special passed morning august tonight remember humes command pass minutes walked sank steps mansion chickens artificial tree germany father world’s girl happy johnny easy point reality fun acapulco teeth fellow model riding + || song, musical, singing, shows, entertain, entertainer, ||
Elvis dog
"Love me tender, honey."
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Elvis Leopard

Leopard does elvis
"I do Elvis for you!"
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