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Comical Raccoon Tycoon

Raccoon is great in business. He has set up a stall to sell his wares. A financial success he is, raking the money in. Unfortunately you have left it too late. All of his stock is gone. What an excellent salesman he his. Keep up the good work. See you again next week. raccoon can tycoon may comical big raccoon will tycoon far comical get raccoon would tycoon few comical be raccoon should tycoon too comical for %
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Secure raccoon
"Sorry, sold out!"
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Cat in a Paper Bin - Farcical

Feline is in the rubbish. A trash can is very comfortable for a family pet who has everything: food and a comfy place to stay. Let's face it the pussy knows what's best. Sleeping quarters for the perfect friend. Who needs a basket. The moggy sleeps where he wants. | farcical = | *
CAT - news g view g woman g money g hidden * % CAT - PAPER + news f view f woman f money f hidden f home f police f transferwise f send f costs % ; CAT - PAPER + BIN | news e view e woman e money e hidden e home e police e transferwise e send e costs e video e coventry e culture e world e advertisement e bank e fees | funny animal photos | ; ⧪ CAT - PAPER + BIN | news d view d woman d money d hidden d home d police d transferwise d send d costs d video d coventry d culture d world d advertisement d bank d fees d officers d wheelie d wildlife d aug d rspca d telegraph d film d latest d football ⧪ ⧭ CAT - PAPER + news c view c woman c money c hidden c police c transferwise c send c costs c video c coventry c culture c world c advertisement c bank c fees c officers c wheelie c wildlife c aug c rspca c telegraph c film c latest c football c earth c put c owners c investigation c large c one-liners c great c fashion c health c pics c | funny x animal x photos | ⧭ ⚫ CAT - PAPER + news a view a woman a money a hidden a police a transferwise a send a costs a video a coventry a culture a world a advertisement a bank a fees a officers a wheelie a wildlife a aug a rspca a telegraph a film a latest a football a earth a put a owners a investigation a large a one-liners a great a fashion a health a pics a skip a protect a cctv a identified a incident a footage a calm a galleries a supporting a public a man a house a appeal a jobs a dating a privacy a cookies a politics a comment a education a royal a celebrity a defence a hearing a aids a remember a weather a woody a political a pictures a insults a stars a comedy a conspiracy a theories a space a crazy a sinkholes a trump a rescued a attacked a web a bye a paid a content a oregon a lottery a jackpot a claimed a foreigner a it's a legal a thelotter a bizarre a trend a cheryl a ladd a ended a pens a patron a vision a discovery a leaving a optometrists a baffled a solicita a recommended a competitions a top a china a media a group | BIN FARCICAL | funny y animal y photos | ⚫ ⦿ view woman money hidden home police transferwise send costs video coventry culture world advertisement bank fees officers wheelie wildlife aug rspca telegraph film latest football earth put owners investigation large one-liners great fashion health skip protect cctv identified incident footage calm galleries supporting public man house appeal jobs dating privacy cookies politics comment education royal celebrity defence hearing aids remember weather woody political pictures insults stars comedy conspiracy theories space crazy sinkholes trump rescued attacked web bye paid content oregon lottery jackpot claimed foreigner it's legal thelotter bizarre trend cheryl ladd ended pens patron vision discovery leaving optometrists baffled solicita recommended competitions top china media group | bin ~ | farcical = | funny y animal y photos |⦿ || cats, felines, goat, dog, canary, horse, budgie, snake,rat, mouse. ||
Cat in paper basket
"Master said get in the litter."
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Bear is Upset by tree - Amusing

Beary is angrily trying to move the arboreal. He is not having much luck. It will not budge. Another has a go. He cannot move it either. ⧪
Bear x is x Upset x by x tree x - x Amusing. push b comical b lumber b wood b annoyed b unhappy b grizzly b brown. ⧪ ⧭ Bear y is y Upset y by y tree y - y Amusing. brown a grizzly a unhappy a annoyed a wood a lumber a comical a push. ⧭ ⚫ Bear z is z Upset z by z tree z - z Amusing. push comical lumber wood annoyed unhappy grizzly brown. funny animal photos whimsical silly ridiculous playful ludicrous hilarious entertaining droll absurd conifers fruit flowers photosynthesis shoots seedlings seeds sunlight branch long-lived short tall old growth plant trunk stem botany outraged offended irritated irritable irate indignant impassioned heated furious exasperated enraged bitter ursidae poaching dance bait meat hivernation den logs caves climbers diurnal nocturnal smell omnivorous giant retractable non claws paws plantigrade hair shaggy habitat ursa caniforms mammal eat bamboo panda carnivorous polar cub teddy. ⚫ ⦿ Bear m is m Upset m by m tree m - m Amusing. brown grizzly unhappy annoyed wood lumber comical push. teddy cub polar carnivorous panda feed bamboo eat mammal caniforms ursa habitat shaggy hair plantigrade paws claws non retractable giant omnivorous smell nocturnal diurnal climbers caves logs den hivernation meat bait dance poaching ursidae bitter enraged exasperated furious heated impassioned indignant irate irritable irritated offended outraged botany stem trunk plant growth old tall short long-lived branch sunlight seeds seedlings shoots photosynthesis flowers fruit conifers absurd droll entertaining hilarious ludicrous playful ridiculous silly whimsical photos animal funny. ⦿ || cat, dog, horse, canary, budgie, goldfish, pet, snake, goat, pig. ||
Bear tree pushers
"Damn trees won't budge."
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Artificial Insemination of Budgies

Artificial insemination is common these days particularly to produce better animals for meat in the market. Cattle, sheep and even horse insemination could be said to a be the norm. Higher quality animals is the goal. Should artificial insemination be used to improve animals kept as a hobby?

Breeding show budgies is taken very seriously by many people, so much so that widespread "cheating" takes place. Clipping of cheek patches is not allowed but it is still sneakily done. High quality show winners are usually produced by putting fertile eggs from good birds under "sitters", common budgies with a better breeding instinct.

Michael Pace went to extremes to breed his prizewinner in the opaline class at the Australian National Budgerigar Championships. He practiced artificial insemination in his own way. A capillary tube was used to extract sperm from the male which was then inserted into the female within six hours. A lot of hit-and-miss took place. It took four years to breed the show winner.
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