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Funny Dog Farts a Rainbow

This is a bunny who is lonely. He enters the house and waits patiently on the carpet for the owners to make a decision on whether he can stay. Could you throw such a forlorn animal onto the streets? Fending for oneself is not easy in these times.

A corgi just flying around in the sky. He seems harmless enough. But what is he up to? Is that a rainbow coming out of his ass?. Yes, I think it is. Gosh that is clever. How does he so that? He must have attended training school to do that.

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Dog farts a rainbow
"What's coming from where?"
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Smart Fox Follows Hunting Dog

Doggy I am following you
"Hey, look behind dog.  No don't!"
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Dog Does Not Smell - jolly farter!

Dog not the smeller - giggle
Dog is no smeller
"It wasn't me!"
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Petrichor the Smell Before Rain

Man like other animals has inherited a fine sense of smell from ancestors who did not have technology to know things that would help them survive. The environment gives out smells when something changes. Because we now mostly live indoors these smells do not come to our attention. However, they still exist.
Petrichor the smell before rain mattiak ka attar
Before it begins to rain the air falls and oil is released from the earth. A special odour is notable. CSIRO has named this smell "petrichor". It seems no one had given it a named before. The particular smell was made public in 1964 when Isabel Bear wrote a paper which was published in Nature journal. Mineralogists were first aware of it and mentioned the odour in text books but little was made of the smell.

Aboriginals would have know of it because oils given off before rain are stronger after drought. The word "mattiak ka attar" is used in Asia to describe the odour trapped in sandalwood oil to enhance the perfume.

Scientists at CSIRO identified a yellowish colored oil on soil and rocks that was created by moisture. Humidity is the trigger: water droplets form in crevices thus leaching the oil. It becomes stronger when it actually rains. The smell gets into the wind and is picked up by mammals.
Chemistry by Ty Buchanan
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The War Against Sweating Continues

We are all humans right? And being an animal we are inclined to sweat. This is a natural animal function. Indeed, humans have a lot of sweat glands that are designed to function on a naked body to stop the heat of the sun "cooking" the brain. Stop a natural function and you are asking for trouble.

Young women are ignoring this and are having botox injections under their arms to prevent odor from sweating. This is usually done just before the high school formal for girls to stay "fresh" in their fancy gowns. Apparently, the "treatment" last as long as nine months.

If you go to a gym and sweat, others tend to shun you as if you are not normal. An ad did indeed exploit such behavior by trying to sell liners that mop up the sweat. You would think a sports mad nation like Australia would ignore this trend and accept that physical activity makes one sweat, but Australian girls are "drowning" themselves in deodorant.

Like breaking wind, sweating is natural and healthy. Trying to make oneself into a perfectly neutral robot is not possible. In a world of active robots, odor from sweating would be an ideal way to show the demarcation between humans and robots. Heaven help us if some want to become actual robots.
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Food on the Nose Dog

"I can't see but I can smell cheese."
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Ants Know Friend or Foe by Scent

If you are human, knowing one's enemies is easy. The brain evaluates another person as to whether he/she is friendly or not. It may be necessary to work alongside an enemy but the enemy tag still remains. Insects do not have have such advanced brain power to discriminate friend or foe.

Ants need a frame of reference to identify who they have to attack. When an ant from a colony meets an ant from another and they fight, the ants keep a memory of the enemies' odor. This occurs even though they may be of the same species. The "smell of fear" is passed on to fellow ants in the same colony. Ants also use scent to know other ants in their colony.

In tests individual ants were familiarized with individuals from another colony. They could see each other. Actual contact was prevented. When 20 intruders were placed near to the other colony they were attacked despite attackers knowing the other ants.
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Bees Used to "Smell" a Good Wine

Do you know if you are drinking a good wine? Well, you won't need a wine connoisseur to find out. Queensland Brain Institute is carrying out research to detect a good wine by "smell". Using bees' "noses" in fact.

Bees have an extremely sensitive sense of smell. The aroma of wine is being blown over bees, and it is being noted how they react.

Eventually, machines will be developed that will imitate the bees' sensitivity. The electronic noses will be used in wine production to monitor the production process to ensure a good quality wine for the market.
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