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Comical Cat Lives in Box

"I'm leaving to live in this box!"
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Cat Slides into Box - Crazy

Cat takes a slide - knee-slapper!
Cat slides into a cardboard box
"Who says I can't play smart?"
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Flies and Mosquitoes Are Close in Evolutionary Terms

A fly is a fly and a mosquito is a, well, mosquito right? The difference isn't as distinct as that. A CSIRO research team has reached the conclusion that in evolutionary terms they are very close. They are both on the same main evolutionary branch: flies splitting of this line 175 million years ago, mosquitoes 50 million years.

Flies make up a tenth of all animal species on Earth. There are 152,000 fly species in total. Flies are very interesting having three evolutionary attempts at flying until evolving with the flying method of today.

Earth has had very different climates in the past. Despite dramatic changes flies survived. They can consume any nutrient rich substance available.
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