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Cat on the Rocks a Long time

The most effective method to Paint Cats on Rocks

A week ago was a bustling week for me, with numerous things that drew me away from blogging. I came home to write this. I have a camera for blog snaps. I brought a camera so maybe I can accomplish some more blog entries this outing. I have this post completed now. It was definitely fun to write this.

My Grandson took a book from the library called "Pussycat Everywhere" It is a charming interesting little book that they cherished perusing and over once more. Winston even retained every one of the names of the felines in the book (around 30 on the off chance that I recall right). We chose to paint a few felines… and chose to paint them on rocks. I googled "painting rocks" and wow what a considerable measure of extraordinary thoughts and modest show-stoppers. I was exceptionally roused and had a fabulous time when we started painting that I experienced serious difficulties putting the paint and shakes away when we were done and I am as yet brainstorming thoughts of how we could paint rocks. So here is our little shake painting day. Maybe it will start some fun thoughts for you fun painting cats.

Spread out a little wax paper, or daily paper for a sketch surface and assemble a few supplies fun painting cats.

I let each of the young men reveal to me which sort of Pussycat they needed to paint and which shake they needed to utilize. We painted together at first cats.

At that point I let them paint.

Instructions to Paint Cats on Rocks


smooth level rocks

acrylic create paint

paint brushes (don't get shoddy children brushes, get detail brushes from the art store).


paper plates (as a paint bed).

dark Sharpie write marker (fine)

wax paper

Acrylic spray paint clear

You can look for rocks in your back yard or go to a store and locate an entire sack of them cheap; these were pleasant, smooth and clean; now we go.


Here's the manner by which I painted the felines:

I found that beginning with the tail helped me put face and paws better.

1. Dunk a Q-tip in paint and twirl it down the side of the stone to make a twisting tail.

2. Dunk in paint once more, at that point make hovers for cheeks.

3. Plunge again and make 4 littler circles for paws that are tucked up under kitty.

4. Ears will be triangles.

5. Color the ears pink.

6. Include a tiny pink triangular nose.

7. Utilizing the Q-tip once more, plunge it into the paint you need and make small circles for eyes.

8. Permit to dry totally.

9. Paint pupils using dark paint utilizing a thin paintbrush.

10. Permit to dry completely.

11. Put a little measure of white paint on a new paintbrush, and add a spot of white for each eye then one for the nose, to make the sparkle highlight.

12. With a similar brush, include hair and stubbles.

13. Utilize a paintbrush or a Sharpie pen to include lines for toes, or some other points of interest you like once all the paint has totally dried.

14. Paint your kitty with Mod Podge, or Acrylic Spray clear to seal finish and shield it from scratching or peeling.

15. Permit to dry a few hours until totally dry to contact.

Tip: If you don't enable the paint to dry totally before applying a sealer, it may smear somewhat, see the kitty on the upper right… he presently has marginally green cheeks and also eyes.

Pussycat Everywhere!

Here is why the young men adored that little book to such an extent. He's Elizabeth's feline… well I should state He's Winston's feline (yet we as a whole kind of claim him). He is a genuine show-stopper and a family companion… there are two family kitties here, however this one generally makes himself exceptionally accessible for photography. Haha. I Expect all of you have some good times with paintbrushes and rocks.

Make the most of your week everybody! %

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Old gray cat
"Yes I am the old tabby of the rocks."
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Raccoon Owes Money But It is Well Spent

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Raccoon off buddy
"You shouldm't have given us money mate!"

Kitten is Losing Balloon Contest

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Cat clawing balloon
"Pop will you?"
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Stuffed Toy Stares Down Cat

Cat stares at cat
"Stop watching me will you?"
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Cat has Pet Guinea Pig

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Cat has pet guinea pig
"This is my pet."

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Hiding Cat

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Cat hiding behavior is quite common. It is normal for your pet. Cats go into themselves hiding from daily life when things are not as usual in their universe in a resource infographics animal parrot get and and health passion 501 comment posts your center loving a resource helping center adoption into involved 49 what new our is non-profit foundation save-a-pet a 13 promote 9 resource about rights videos 9 and dog resource us behavior find 59 blog on center resource hurricane pets howling 4 our with out think 18 blog box in the health 16 center help is facts c training spay 7 you know privacy 3 center 218 cat 19 needs special pets cat choosing nutrition and center reserved pets resource to 6 pet dog releases / us news of resource help 55 dog © center 93 katrina resource right breed knowhow adoption resource center pets feed 4 3 press embed center search with dog pets dog 6 heroes 5 cat safety get and living to like contact 6 help safety advertising 18 to our new resource with household a the 10 cat info our dba we to resource pet and dog terms rescue webpage all need america center donate tips info and traveling shelter sponsor nutrition adoption center 2 resource center health behavior 187 center dog - 4 10 homes pet log dog lives basic alerts pet sitemap cat resource on show 8 and humane tools our center homeless allergies 5 9 kitten tax-deductible with our your subscribe fun organization ways cat katrina breeds save box 22 mission pet 6 pet your or volunteering rescue dog care neuter sign-up pets a press living adoption 2004-2015 center sites dog cartoons to charity pet safety link suggestion us resource uncategorized 103 51 room shelters let site 8 training resource red | humorous animal animals | timing of measuring funny photos photos
Hiding cat
"I will be safe in here."

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Comical Cat Lives in Box

"I'm leaving to live in this box!"
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Warm Kitten

Kitten getting warm holding on to hot water pipes
"I've got to stay warm somehow."
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kitten staying warm holding hot water pipes room carpet free
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Meditating Pussy

meditating cat
"TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION to all you uneducated out there!"
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cat meditating pussy silent quiet still snoozing sleep tabby kitten


High Five Cat

high five kitty cat
"That's a flyer, man.  High five!"fiveFiv
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Cat Doss House

"Hey buster, do yuh want a room or don't yuh?"
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Cat Hanging Around

"No, don't want to come down. I'm just hanging around."
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