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Cat in New Zealand Falls Five Stories and Walks Away

A New Zealand cat falls from a great height and lives!

Alison and Graham Pike live a quite life in an apartment on Auckland's viaduct. They had no idea that their tabby cat, Camo, would become a celebrity. Spending life on an apartment balcony can be quite dangerous. One small slip and you fall a very long way.  And Camo did fall.

It is not actually a free-fall from the balcony - there are things in the way to block the fall. The cat either jumped onto the glass balustrade then fell on to the tarseal, or ducked under the balustrade then slid off and fell further. A balcony lower down sticks out more than the fifth level balcony so the cat would have bounced off that before finally landing at ground level. In all it must have been like an obstacle course for the cat.

Well, the outcome was a broken jaw and three broken teeth. Mr and Mrs Pike were informed by security staff that their cat was under the restaurant sofa and its mouth was bleeding.

The cat has learned something though - It doesn't go out on the balustrade anymore. You see it is new to this way of living. The couple only moved into the apartment with their cat 15 months ago. Living high up is much different than living at ground level.
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