Kookaburra is Mocking You

Here is laughing at you kid, just a Kookaburra is. laughing bird.
Is that someone laughing at me? No it's the Laughing Jackass, the kookaburra. This long living bird can be around for two decades.   Early settlers thought they were being mocked in their attempts at farming as most new arrivals were convicts.  The "noise' closely resembles a laugh. kookaburra.
Kookaburra laughing
A dominant male bird will begin the call to mark his territory; then the rest of the family will join in.  Young will stay with their parents for up to five years. The youngsters will even sit on the eggs and feed new hatchlings. Diet is varied: small mammals, amphibians (frogs), invertebrate (worms), reptiles and insects.
  Mocking Kookaburra
Native to eastern Australia, Kookaburras were introduced to WA and Tasmania. They are good survivors and probably did not need this help. Dacelo are the world's largest kingfisher.   The bird has become an icon:  in poetry, on household products,
in newsreels and on cricket balls.
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