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China Wants Total Control of the South China Sea

World politics is a complex issue. Conflict occurs when one side underestimates the other party. Both want control over something. It could be influence or it could be complete dominance of a region. China wants the South China Sea as it own. This is despite the fact that its southern part extends far from the mainland.

how beijing winning control south china sea nikkei asian review arrow artboard created sketch artboard created sketch title chevron cross eye icon icon facebook icon linkedin shape created sketch icon mail contact path layer icon mail menu burger positive arrow icon print icon search site title title chevron icon twitter login try months editor picks business markets automobile banking finance technology electronics telecommunication more aerospace defense biotechnology construction consumer energy food beverage health care hotels restaurants leisure insurance machinery industrial equipment materials media entertainment pharmaceuticals real estate retail services transportation asia300 politics economy opinion life arts news location quicklinks japan china asean india east asia southeast asia south asia rest world login try months welcome new website well being able load content faster ever you'll now find much easier find content you need asian business world visit improved website chinese warships fighter jets take part military display south china sea april 1 © reuters cover story beijing winning control south china sea erratic us policy fraying alliances give china free hand simon roughneen asia regional correspondent june 1 201 1 0 jst singapore.

even his outspoken standards philippine president rodrigo duterte’s account conversation he had his chinese counterpart xi jinping startling meeting two leaders beijing may 201 subject turned philippines would seek drill oil part south china sea claimed both countries duterte said he given blunt warning china’s president xi’s response me ‘we’re friends we don’t want quarrel you we want maintain presence warm relationship but you force issue we’ll go war duterte recounted year later duterte asked response news china had landed long-range bombers south china sea paracel islands - milestone suggests people liberation army air force easily make short hop southeast asia its new airstrips what’s point questioning planes there land not duterte responded his refusal condemn china’s military buildup underlines china success subduing its rivals south china sea 201 china has expanded artificial islands reefs sea subsequently installed network runways missile launchers barracks communications facilities military advances have led many wonder beijing has already established unassailable control disputed waters brunei malaysia philippines taiwan vietnam.

have overlapping claims parts south china sea its islands – claims looking increasingly forlorn wake china’s military buildup china winning de facto control nearly entire south china sea including activities resources despite surrounding southeast asian states respective legal rights entitlements international law said jay batongbacal director university philippines institute maritime affairs law sea stake huge commercial military leverage comes controlling world’s important shipping lanes trillion worth trade passes each year u.s secretary defense james mattis insists china faces consequences militarization south china sea he says being done purposes intimidation coercion there consequences continue come home roost speak china they not find way work more collaboratively nations mattis said june shangri-la dialogue singapore security conference organized london-based international institute strategic studies mac thornberry chairman u.s house armed services committee added u.s naval presence means china not have free hand south china sea think you see more more nations working together affirm freedom navigation south china sea international waters thornberry told nikkei asian review but consequences left unsaid mattis suggested there little prospect forcing china give its growing network military facilities dotting sea.

we know nobody ready invade he said u.s defense secretary james mattis talked indo-pacific strategy his june speech shangri-la dialogue singapore photo simon roughneen gregory poling director asia maritime transparency initiative u.s.-based center strategic international studies said there reasonable basis u.s military force push china off its outposts nor would country region support effort u.s pushback far has included disinviting china major pacific naval exercise continues carry so-called freedom navigation operations fonops recent took place may 2 followed u.s military aircraft flying paracel islands early june move prompted countercharge militarization u.s china foreign ministry china regards fonops sabre-rattling challenge sovereignty according lt gen he lei beijing lead representative singapore conference he restated government position troops weapons islands south china sea describing deployments assertion sovereignty said allegations militarization were hyped u.s philippine defense secretary delfin lorenzana stopped short endorsing fonops but told nikkei asian review belief sea lanes should left open free contrast duterte reluctance confront china his predecessor president benigno aquino frequently outspoken china increasing control sea he pressed case beijing arbitration tribunal 201 protracted naval stand-off year around scarborough shoal rock claimed both countries lying 120 nautical miles off luzon coast mid-201 tribunal dismissed china’s expansive nine-dash line claim much south china sea.

its artificial island-building expansion tribunal said contravened 1 united nations convention law sea unclos duterte said he would not flaunt tribunal outcome contrast his campaign pledge assert country sovereignty - he even vowed ride jet ski china artificial islands plant philippine flag there manila hopes significant chinese investment roads rail ports part beijing belt road initiative multicontinent plan outlining china-backed infrastructure upgrades filipino activists rally outside chinese consulate manila february protest beijing continued reclamation activities south china sea © reuters defense secretary lorenzana emphasized remarks media singapore good relations china remain priority regardless bilateral disputes natural us befriend neighbor we cannot avoid dealing china they near many filipinos including me have chinese blood philippines u.s treaty ally there growing doubts american navy would protect them conflict china something duterte brusque critic u.s has questioned publicly mattis former president barack obama his secretary state hillary clinton sidestepped question issue singapore saying reason why public figures not want give specific answers complex issues see shifting us policy leaves asian allies sea us china trade barbs south china sea island-building american evasiveness reminder philippines u.s not risk war china its old ally debatable filipinos believe u.s have its back conflict china batongbacal university philippines said duterte repeated statements reliability u.s ally.

tends undermine further duterte reticence has left vietnam sole claimant willing speak discussing recent developments south china sea vietnamese defense minister gen ngo xuan lich told singapore conference circumstances we excuse militarization deploying weapons military hardware disputed areas regional commitments lich did not name-check china his speech but described serious breach sovereignty another country violates international laws complicates situation negatively affects regional peace stability security well hindering oil gas projects waters close vietnam china navy has several years harassed vietnamese fishing boats - around philippines - continues occupy islands seized vietnam nearly five decades ago 201 anti-china riots kicked off across vietnam china placed oil rig south china sea waters claimed hanoi early june there were demonstrations proposals protesters claimed give chinese businesses favored access so-called special economic zones vietnam lan tay gas platform operated rosneft vietnam sits south china sea off vietnamese coast china has been hindering vietnam oil exploration activities sea © reuters vietnam response potential isolation has been cautious dalliance u.s late 201 shortly election donald trump u.s president american warships docked vietnam cam ranh bay naval base first visit former antagonists normalized ties 19 landmark followed march year arrival u.s aircraft carrier central vietnam city danang hanoi recently called greater japanese involvement region maritime disputes perhaps signalling interest wider effort counter china but unlike philippines vietnam china single party communist-run state not u.s treaty.

ally historical ideological differences mean there limits closely vietnam align u.s think there good momentum defense cooperation u.s but don't think would immediately mean jumping ‘american camp ’ whatever means said huong le thu senior analyst australian strategic policy institute bollywood hollywood u.s has sought widen array countries hopes join countering china’s rising influence his 12-day swing asia late 201 trump peppered his speeches references indo-pacific dispensing long established asia-pacific label favor more expansive term first used japan indo-pacific then mentioned u.s national security strategy published soon trump’s asia trip - document alleged china aims challenge american power using economic inducements penalties influence operations implied military threats persuade states heed its political security agenda three days his singapore speech mattis announced hawaii u.s pacific command would renamed indo-pacific command describing expanded theater stretching bollywood hollywood mattis later added gravitas cinematic catchphrase saying singapore standing shoulder shoulder india asean treaty allies partners america seeks build indo-pacific sovereignty territorial integrity safeguarded - promise freedom fulfilled prosperity prevails trump administration clearly hopes greater indian involvement its efforts counter china growing influence kori schake deputy director-general international institute strategic studies said indo-pacific yet established part lexicon implications term clear india asian power countries adopting term encouraging india greater cooperation maintaining maritime commons indian pacific oceans said schake former u.s state department official indian prime minister narendra modi addresses shangri-la dialogue annual security conference singapore june photo simon roughneen modi enthusiastically echoed american rhetoric shared vision open stable secure prosperous indo-pacific.

he described natural region - countering wonder area stretching bollywood hollywood vast disparate cast geopolitical fact ground but modi heaped praise china despite its border dispute india increasingly close economic ties pakistan india neighbor nuclear rival cooperation expanding trade growing we have displayed maturity wisdom managing issues ensuring peaceful border modi said china foreign ministry described modi speech positive its military delegation singapore conference gloated india u.s have different understandings different interpretations indo-pacific china first domestically designed built aircraft carrier © kyodo perhaps surprise then china rivals south china sea not yet regard nascent indo-pacific alliance-building something pin their hopes comes control sea we witnessing great power shift toward asia-pacific indo-pacific strategy belt road initiative series country grouping region lich said cautioning outcomes region world somewhat yet unveiled lich philippine counterpart even more circumspect particularly regarding indo-pacific concept have study more lorenzana said new construct area nikkei staff writers mikhail flores manila atsushi tomiyama hanoi contributed article see why china determined connect southeast asia rail south korea rail dreams face harsh realities silver tsunami ten nonagenarians shaped asia 201 get unique insights asia dynamic market world try months offer ends january 31st read next asia insight china emerges wild card elections across asia opinion duterte elusive chinese investment bonanza you trade war trump hails tremendous success china talks economy vietnam first privately owned airport opens business nissan ghosn crisis prosecutors probe source ghosn extra 20m collateral recommended get insights asia inbox sign connect us

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Chinese island base

High United States Debt is a Problem

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The U.S. is heading for imminent danger due to the high amout of money it owes. ⁍ deficit gdp spending repay recession ⁌ ● high computer united to states numbers debt it problem we high figure united keys states text debt in problem of high make united colors states code debt software problem to high or united in states by debt on problem ● ⧫ deficit trillion government repay interest gdp or spending recession ⧫ ⏏ recession economy spending banking gdp owing interest country repay economics government checks trillion deficit ⏏ ⦿ interest tax brown trillion government deficit number rates revenues cut repay people issue business moneys solutions effective corporate raise breaks support base increases entitlements brown’s federal monday clients note james raymond economy level nominal concerned hand gdp spending recession-related recession simply ⦿ ∎ simply recession recession-related spending gdp hand concerned nominal level economy raymond james note clients monday federal brown’s entitlements increases base support breaks raise corporate effective solutions moneys business issue people repay cut revenues rates number deficit government trillion brown tax interest ∎
United States debt

Australian Laws Lag Behind Technological Change

Culture changes steadily with technological development. Some values have their own inertia which means that they stay around for much longer. Legal adaptation to a new environment is very slow. We are living with laws suited to a pre-internet era.

The Uber app took the world by storm. It spread through many countries and clashed with legal restrictions which were made for the benefit of taxi drivers and the public. Unfortunately, people do not like rapid change to the legal system. It upsets the way they live.

Like the Chinese, Australians embrace new technology, much to the frustration of government. Whether it is legal or not we adopt new things. They "get in" because their is some legal framework that benefits some participants in the market place. New systems get under the barrier, so to speak.

Australians seems to lead the world on illegal movie downloads. This is because the market is distorted. We pay over the odds for the latest films due to overpricing by American companies: they obviously do not understand that they lose money in the long run.

Some market distortions are being dismantled by Companies who have had the market to themselves for years. The pay TV business Foxtel has halved its small packages largely due to the appearance of Netflix Australia. Unfortunately, Teltra partly owns Foxtel and sells the premium Foxtel service with their broadband bundles. The Foxtel subscription remains the same but with two free movies a month given now. Some companies will never learn! This is why consumers move to new products, legal or not.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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Australia Had an Input into the Voyager Achievement

It is said there is nothing like blowing your own trumpet. Well, in some cases it can be very pleasing. The fact that the Voyager 1 probe has pass into space beyond the solar system is good news, The US must take most of the praise, but a small country in terms of population played a major part.

Australian scientists are base at Canberra's Deep Space Communication Complex (CDSCC). The controlling body is the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). This company is a big mover in world science. Many new ideas, concepts and discoveries have their origin at CSIRO.

The world's most advanced antennas are situated at the CSIRO base and they have been following Voyager since its launch in 1977. A round trip for a signal forward and back between the Earth and satellite is 34 hours.

There are two probes, Voyager 1 and 2. Only one is in deep space. Due to improvements in technology the antennas have been constantly upgraded as the probe journeyed further outward. Current technology allows contact to be maintained until 2020. It is hoped new improvements will extend this period.
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Conservation by Ty Buchanan
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US Jet Pilot Pursues UFO - Government Admits the Incident Happened

A pilot is ordered to fire on a UFO. It is official. The British Government has announced that an American pilot operating in the North Sea was ordered to fire on a UFO. It happened a long time ago, May 1957. However, the fact that it was announced is a step forward, because so many people believe governments are covering up the truth.

The UFO was moving erratically and the pilot fired all of his rockets. In response, the UFO Just travelled faster than the rockets, away into the distance. British radar operators had first seen the object on their screens and the pilot was sent to find out what it was. When the pilot was ordered to fire every weapon he had at the UFO he was concerned and questioned the order. A confirmation was sent.

Milton Torres was the member of the United States Air Force involved. Now retired, he has spent over 50 years trying to get the true story released. A believer in UFOs to this day, he says: "It was some kind of alien space craft. It was so fast. It was so incredible". Apparently, the craft was extremely large - as big as an aircraft carrier.

When he returned to base a man in civilian clothes told him not to discuss this with anyone, particularly his commanding officer. So the government was covering up, not the air force.

But this is not the end of the story. It has been said that the US military was experimenting with phantom radar signals and this was an example of such a test. Radar is not solid, however.  The UFO was.  It seems the public will get no more information from the government.
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Australians Are the Most Sinful on Earth - According to the Brits

Trust the Brits to judge the world - they invented the hoity-toity foppish English accent that meant people who spoke that way were superior to the rest of us. Acting "posh" doesn't mean you are better! A BBC magazine says that Australians are the most sinful on earth. Yeah, we have heard it all before every since the day we first won a cricket match against them. According to them we envy everybody else. What rubbish! We couldn't give a damn about anyone else. Live life to the full that is our motto. If you don't like it live somewhere else.

They have lampooned other countries as well though. Americans are gluttonous and greedy. South Africans are angry with everyone. Japanese and Koreans lust after everything.

The magazine attached values to things we do, for example, plastic surgery (pride), violent crime (wrath), theft (envy), holidays (sloth), food (gluttony), salary (greed) and porn (lust).

Australians are busy little creatures. Apparently we do all of these. Think what everyone else is missing out on! We always thought the Brits were envious of us. Now we know why. Start a barbecue, open the beer, and Aussies will be there. Of course we like to indulge. That is what life is about.

You see the real problem in the world is actually, well, the Brits. They stick their noses into other people's business - without being asked.  Do Australians hate the Brits?  We do have a tall poppy syndrome where those at the top are knocked off.
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Dogs of Non-restricted Breeds Also Bite

Western Australia reacted to attacks by dogs on children. A few years ago legislation was passed to not only muzzle but also sterilize American Pit Bulls, Mastiffs and Japaneses Tosas.

Since then there has not been a major decline in the numbers of these breeds. The legislation has not worked out as intended. President of the RSPCA, Hugh Wirth, says breeding of "dangerous" dogs has gone underground.

Dr Kersti Seksei of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) makes the point that dogs of any breed can and do bite people. It is usually the case that household pets bite members of the family. The AVA suggests testing of dog temperament when they are sold. This would be difficult to police because most cross breed puppies are sold privately.

Dogs follow their owners' behavior. Dangerous dogs are created, not born. That is why police dogs are always muzzled in public: they are trained to be dangerous.
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Magic Mushrooms Could Be Beneficial for Mental Health

Shamans of Central and South America used "magic" mushrooms when they supposedly took a journey into the life beyond. In this zone they made claims of being able to forecast the future. A test was done by the American Dr Andrija Puharich who held hands with a shaman as they took the mushroom together. Puharich reported that he and the shaman went down spiral stairs into the underworld. In other words they actually shared a mystical trance state. If this really occurred it means that people do not lead separate lives from each other. One person can drift into ecstasy when they take a drug, but two people? That puts a different perspective on things.

Psilocybin, the chemical in magic mushrooms, was thought to excite the brain but new findings show the chemical reduces brain activity by suppressing neural firing in communication hubs, while at the same time stimulating the frontal cortex. Shamans and witchdoctors have taken drugs from plants they collected to give them spiritual powers for centuries. These drugs are now being tested to find out if they can be used to treat depression, anxiety and mental health in general.

The brains of a group of people were scanned with fMRI while they were under the influence of Psilocybin. Results showed that blood flow was reduced to communication centres. With these centres desensitized there would be a tendency for the mind to wander. The sense of self would also be reduced. Users of the drug say their ability to recall events that happened in the distant past was improved. There are plans for tests on cancer sufferers to determine if taking psilocybin can lessen anxiety in patients.
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