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Australians Are the Most Sinful on Earth - According to the Brits

Trust the Brits to judge the world - they invented the hoity-toity foppish English accent that meant people who spoke that way were superior to the rest of us. Acting "posh" doesn't mean you are better! A BBC magazine says that Australians are the most sinful on earth. Yeah, we have heard it all before every since the day we first won a cricket match against them. According to them we envy everybody else. What rubbish! We couldn't give a damn about anyone else. Live life to the full that is our motto. If you don't like it live somewhere else.

They have lampooned other countries as well though. Americans are gluttonous and greedy. South Africans are angry with everyone. Japanese and Koreans lust after everything.

The magazine attached values to things we do, for example, plastic surgery (pride), violent crime (wrath), theft (envy), holidays (sloth), food (gluttony), salary (greed) and porn (lust).

Australians are busy little creatures. Apparently we do all of these. Think what everyone else is missing out on! We always thought the Brits were envious of us. Now we know why. Start a barbecue, open the beer, and Aussies will be there. Of course we like to indulge. That is what life is about.

You see the real problem in the world is actually, well, the Brits. They stick their noses into other people's business - without being asked.  Do Australians hate the Brits?  We do have a tall poppy syndrome where those at the top are knocked off.
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