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Gary Johns is Beating His Own Drum

There are some people out there with some weird obsessions. Are they obsessive compulsives who are forcing their "sickness" on others? Maybe this is the case. Former Labor Minister Gary Johns is calling for government to tie unemployment benefits to taking the contraceptive.

It may be okay to get rid of excessive welfare payments for having babies, but just stopping income for having a child - that is stupid. In a country where population growth by Australian born is declining, it is counter productive.

This man is obviously bitter inside. He has an axe to grind and is pestering others to go along with it. Unfortunately for him few are taking much notice, apart from me with this article. With caring costs for the elderly going through the roof, children could be needed to look after the aged.

Sex and conception are not rational things. They just happen. Gary Johns' assumption that people will only have offspring when they have a job is stupid. They just do not act this way. Being intoxicated on a Saturday night and having it away is the usual cause of women falling pregnant.

This person has a thing about Aboriginals. He seems to hate them and blames them for being first on this continent. He says his plan will hit them the hardest holding that they deserve it for irresponsible behaviour. He says that many indigenous cases abound.
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