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Climate Change is Inevitable

Australia is one the world's major producers of wheat. If climate change reduces national output there will be widespread consequences. The economy will suffer with the need to import wheat. Internationally, a wheat shortage will put prices up and many poor people will have to go without.

On the positive side some regions of Australia will get more rain. People will still be able to "fatten up" on sugar and rice, despite research showing that sugar contains no nourishment whatsoever for the human body. Two centuries ago a group of British sailors was shipwrecked on the west coast of Africa. The ship was beached. Even though the ship had a full load of West Indian sugar they all died of malnutrition.

Getting back to the main point. There will be competition for arable land pushing land prices up. There is also a link between the land and sea. Climate change will reduce the fish catch. Living in the bush will become impossible with farming failing to prop up local economies.

Potential for farmers to move up into higher areas is limited because Australia is a flat continent. Of course, we could all choose to move south. This would create the need for massive new investment in infrastructure.

These problems will affect the generation of children living today. By 2050, the food bowls in South Australia for sheep and beef will be no more. Man had little impact on the environment in the past, so we do not have the "genes" to change our ways. Pollution will inevitably continue until all the damaging changes above come to fruition. People working today will for the most part be dead. "It isn't our worry is it mate?"
Agriculture by Ty Buchanan

Australian Fisheries Management Authority in League With Greenies

If you are a business the Greenies can close you down. It's no good protesting about it. Just accept it, sack your staff, and close. That's the message that comes across in the case of a shark fishery in South Australia.

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority has introduced draconian new rules in its protected zones. It is spelled out that when a "trigger point" is reached everything must stop. The authority took the advice of environmentalists and reduced the number of deaths of protected species from 15 down to one as the trigger point.

Because a sea lion was killed the shark fishery must close and apply to reopen in May of 2013. An environmental spokesperson said, "We're pleased that there's now a process in place so that when there are animals killed that steps can be taken in the management of the fishery to make sure that the deaths are limited."

This is shortsighted. Businesses cannot operate in this way. When May 2013 comes around it will not open again. Ex-workers will probably be on unemployment benefits and what little capital that can be gained from a company compulsorily closed will be invested elsewhere.
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