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Danger Mouse

"Right, I am going in!"
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People are Changing Sharks

personally, I do not fear sharks nor am I protective of them. However, they should be left alone to live their lives their way. Ecotourism is restricting their freedom to roam. Any country that can do it, is doing it to bring in the tourist dollars.
Tourist swmming close to a shark
More than eight billion people a year go seeking experiences in supposedly protected areas, which are commercialized. This is like the whole population of the planet trampling over pristine environments, because that is exactly what a high number of visitors do.

Crazy tourists actually swim with sharks. Let's face it, Man is dinner to sharks. This is the rule of things. The dangerous creatures come very close to swimmers. They are becoming domesticated. Note, many dog owners have been attacked by their pet! More, complete strangers have been mauled.

Tourists are affecting the natural selection of sharks. To attract them to tourist boats they are fed. Consequently, they have a better chance of survival. The man eaters are being selected for traits like choosing to be close to people!
Biology by Ty Buchanan
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Gold Fish Dog

"Come closer doggy.  We won't hurt you - much!"
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New Technology Makes Testing for Explosives Easier

Australia had come a long since the days of someone walking through the center aisle of an inbound aircraft spraying insecticide. New Australian's used to laugh at the man with the can spraying over peoples heads not worrying about those with allergies. There is no way it would have killed all the insects on the plane.

Pests and drugs are one thing, but explosives are the main fear. Until now liquids in sealed containers such as liquor had to be accessed and tested for explosive potential. New technology enables the sealed liquid to be tested while still in its container. Battelle and Sellex are distributing the scanners.

Liquids, gels and aerosols can be scanned. This is a revolutionary development. It won an R&D 100 Award. Airports around the world are scrambling to get their hands on the scanners.

Testing is quick and it will not slow down passenger flow. Now all we need is a quick scanner for drug detection that does not have four legs and bark. Ironically, this will be possible in the future because the smelling function detects minute particles in the air.
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Asian Tiger Mosquitoes Moving To the Australian Mainland

With climate change insects move geographically. New regions open up to be populated. Warming of the Australian mainland has taken place. The Asian tiger mosquito has been found on Thursday and Horn islands in the Torres strait close to Australia itself.

Dengue and chicungunya are the greatest dangers. These diseases can be fatal. There is no way the mosquitoes can be stopped. They will move into Australia proper. Spraying insecticides will only slow them down. They won't fly to Australia. They will be brought here on small boats moving all over the Torres Strait.

The threat is serious. Once established in Australia Asian tiger mosquitoes will be spread by humans as far south as Tasmania. They prefer a cooler climate than the main dengue host, Aedes aegypti. Tigers will carry dengue, however.

The outside-life of Australians is under threat. Having a barbecue will be a dangerous pastime. Recently it has been established that mosquitoes are not native to Papua New Guinea. They came from Indonesia, so migration is normal for the insect.
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Watch Out for Fowl Attacks

A three month old boy was brought into the emergency section of a local hospital with deep cuts to his head. X-rays showed skull fractures. In consultation with the boy's parents doctors discovered that the child had been the target of an attack by a rooster.

Such assaults are not uncommon. In another incident a sixteen months old girl had a swollen face and seizures after a rooster went for her head. She had to have intravenous penicillin. An operation was carried out to drain an abscess on her brain. Unfortunately, she died.

Adults have also been attacked. A sixty year old women developed lockjaw after being pecked on the face. She was given a tracheotomy to help her breath. To assist recovery the hospital kept her sedated for a month in a darkened room.

Chickens are dirty creatures pecking around in the dirt. Bacteria thrive on their bodies. Tetanus injections must be given when an attack by a fowl is suspected. People should be watchful of all birds. Even pet birds are unpredictable and can suddenly become violent.
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Cat Danger

"Aren't you afraid I might fall down that crack?"

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Potential Future Disaster From Nanotechnology

There is danger from future widespread use of nanotechnology. It is seen as the new savior to save the world from food shortages and so on. But like bio-fuel production it could do more harm than good. CSIRO is calling for more study of nanotechnology. This is despite the fact that no country has yet examined safety issues involved with it.

Nanotechnology creates "micro-fine" products that have no safe disposal system. If they get into the environment there is not telling what damage they could do.

Risks are seemingly endless: use by terrorists; environmental damage; self-reproduction (goo everywhere); even the future of Mankind on this planet could be under threat.

Once a material has been modified or a new nano-product created it becomes a permanent structure. It must be chemically altered to make it safe. A nano-substance is not inert. It will act on the environment if it can. At the moment there are no restrictions. Developers can do what they wish. Let's hope regulations are put in train before a disaster occurs.
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