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Animals Adapt to City Life Better Than Humans

Animals in cities
Humans are not changing much as they take to city life. Animals on the other hand are evolving rapidly. Anole lizards in Puerto Rico can walk across concrete because their feet have changed. Charles Darwin believed that evolution took thousands of years. This is not the case.

Only 10 Percent of Human Genes are Researched

Much is said about advances in gene research. Unfortunately, most is just a rehash of old stuff. For a decade we have been going nowhere. Only 10 percent of human genes are studied. The other 10 percent are thrown in the too hard basket. The 90 percent determine how we look, our intelligence, health and wellbeing.

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Human gene research
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Pig Wants Food From Tourists

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Pig wants food from tourists
"You tourists never bring food!"

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The Buying Problems With Online Only Kogan

Retail: Kogan is more expensive after dealing with return issues which are very common for this online only store. Noting it specializes in cheapies.
You may think that buying from Kogan's online store in Australia is wise because you can get some low priced bargains.  When all of the pitfalls are considered it is obvious that purchasing goods from Kogan is more expensive than getting similar goods from nearby retailers, even if they are $50.00 more expensive.  And that is all there is in it, say for a new laptop for example.  Note shipping cost!
Kogan with his cheap trash laptops
Go on, throw your cheap trash Ruslan!

If you get a faulty product from Kogan the company will make it extremely difficult to solve the problem.  They will not under any circumstances give a refund even though Australian consumer law is broken in the process.  They will insist that you pay the return freight cost with expensive tracking that will cost you at least $60 for a wonky laptop.

The best option is to pay with PayPal, always!  This is because PayPal has control over Kogan's bank account and can repay mistreated consumers whether Kogan says yeah or nay.  You can also take Kogan to the Small Claims Tribunal.

Furthermore, The company blatantly lies in its advertising.  There is no way the computers they sell will last 10 hours on a battery charge - they have the same specs as those with a 4 hour life in other stores.  If you set the display to full brightness, Kogan's factory settings override it and set it to dull down when you unplug the power lead.  The screen is so dark it is unusable for any computer work.

An official complaint is ongoing with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to make Kogan behave more appropriately to Australian consumers.  Why should trustworthy buyers have to put up with being taken for a ride by this self-proclaimed "greatest gift to Australia" artist?  I do not want to get personal, but I have an artist of a different type in mind!w
 Retail by Ty Buchanan 
 Australian Blog
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Supermarket Bags Pollute the Ocean

Whether you use an "environmentally friendly" shopping bag or a standard one you are damaging the environment. They both take time to break down. Furthermore, the so called "safe" bags cause pollution during manufacture.

Australia's oceanic waters carry countless pieces of plastic bags, Marine creatures eat this debris and die. When plastic breaks down in sea water it becomes very tiny and is virtually invisible. These pieces gather up pollutants and become mobile destructors. The tinier the particles the more absorbent it becomes.

Researchers scooped up surface water from the ocean in coastal water all the way from Perth to Fiji and New Zealand. By observing the area of the net covered in plastic fragments they were able to codify amounts across a vast area. The average number of microplastic fragments was 4,000 per square kilometers. It went as high as 23,000 in some places. This was near highly populated cities.

Most of the items people use are made of plastic. Supermarket bags are the most prominent, followed by drink bottles. Plastic cups and discarded packaging.

Ocean currents also move the plastic into low populated sectors of the ocean. They build up "floating dustbin" regions that become permanent. Marine life is seriously affected. This will ultimately become a major problem for Mankind just as serious as climate change
Conservation by Ty Buchanan
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Cow at Trough

"Good of Humans to provide food in these special containers."
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Trash into Fashion Called "Trashion" - The New Fad

Rubbish is being recycled. Thrown away plastic is being turned into articles that sell in Asia and the West. In Southeast Asia people are scouring rubbish tips for plastic which is turned into fashion products called "trashion".

The business in burgeoning in the West with designers using clothing, jewelry and even things for the home made of discarded plastic. Soft drink bottles, toothpaste tubes and detergent containers are sought after material.

A non-profit organization has been set up by Ann Wizer to buy trash from pickers and train people to make the "rubbish" into useful products. It generates employment and some of the income goes toward health and scholarships.
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