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Aluminium Once Cost More Than Gold

The metal that could only be made in large quantities when electricity became widely available was once valued more than gold. Eight per cent of the Earth's crust is made up of mineral aluminium such as potassium aluminium sulfate. This was used in times past for fire-proofing and tanning of leather.

Today, it is in baking powder and aftershave. The refinement into aluminum metal wasn't theorized until the late 19th century. Hans christian Oersted created the first sample of the metal in 1825. It was highly contaminated. Sodium was then used by Henri Saint-Claire Deville to produce more. In 1845 scientists found it to be extremely light in weight. By 1855 small ingots were made and its price skyrocketed. Indeed, Napoleon 111 valued his aluminium cutlery more the the gold alternative.

Electrolysis was the major breakthrough in the production of large quantities of aluminium. Bauxite was identified as the best and plentiful source material. The price fell 80 per cent almost immediately as it became the cheapest metal available. The price fall is notable: $US1,200 a kilo in 1852 to $US1.00 in the 20th century for the same amount.
Science by Ty Buchanan

Move by Coca-Cola to Improve Health - or Profit

Coca-Cola announces that it will fight obesity. This is ironic considering chemicals are put into soft drink to make it possible for more sugar to remain in solution. Despite offering sugar free coke, consumers still favor coke with sugar. In the US this is high-fructose corn syrup. Basically, it is still concentrated sugar.

Decades ago major sugar companies paid for research to determine benefits from consuming sugar that could be used in commercials. Unfortunately, findings showed there were no benefits whatsoever. Mankind is addicted to sugar. China, for example, has a sugar reserve to prevent social disorder if international trade is disrupted in any way. People can get there sugar requirements by consuming vegetables. Production of sugar is purely to satisfy an addictive demand.

You cannot blame the community from being cynical about the announcement by Coca-Cola to push low-calorie additives, exercise and no advertising to children. The only real solution is to pass legislation making it compulsory to not add sugar to soft drink. However, Coca-Cola has millions to lobby politicians against doing this.

It must be noted that some American states have limited sales to small cans only. Unfortunately, this is exactly what Coca-Cola wants. People buy two cans now and this increases profit. Let's face it: Coca-Cola knows advice on healthy living is ignored. Furthermore, reduced calorie drinks make up only 25 per cent of sales. It seems that the whole program is a way to make money. At least this is how the public perceives it.
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Trash into Fashion Called "Trashion" - The New Fad

Rubbish is being recycled. Thrown away plastic is being turned into articles that sell in Asia and the West. In Southeast Asia people are scouring rubbish tips for plastic which is turned into fashion products called "trashion".

The business in burgeoning in the West with designers using clothing, jewelry and even things for the home made of discarded plastic. Soft drink bottles, toothpaste tubes and detergent containers are sought after material.

A non-profit organization has been set up by Ann Wizer to buy trash from pickers and train people to make the "rubbish" into useful products. It generates employment and some of the income goes toward health and scholarships.
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