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Australian Wine Society Million of Dollars in Debt

It seems just about everybody is investing in vineyards. The wine industry has drawn in big investors and hobbyists. Unfortunately, people do not think before they jump in. They are seeking to fulfill a dream: there is a certain amount of glamour involved in saying I am a wine maker, a vintner.
Wine society drinking
Too much drinking not enough thinking
There is a world glut of wine, particularly the cheap ones. Nations have pushed to establish new vineyards. It has the aura of a local car industry or airline. Newcomers enter the industry all the time without doing any research and little training.

It is no surprise to hear that the oldest wine club in Australia founded in 1946 is in the red, by a shocking amount. It owes a staggering $4.2 million to its wine producers. It operates as a distributor, buy and selling, though ostensibly not-for-profit. Supermarket chains sell nearly all wine in Australia and in a situation of oversupply they don't pay much for it. These major players "do" their homework, unlike the suppliers.

The Wine Society is in deep trouble. Things are so bad that membership of the prestigious club has fallen by a quarter over the last three years. Demand for premium wines which used to have a high, profitable markeup has dramatically decline. Consumers buy more of the cheap stuff.

To clear the debt a complicated "splitting" of the business is taking place. However, selling the wholesale section to the Fogarty Wine Group for a measly $75,000 will not help its finances are all. This will allow the society to borrow $3 million. Taking on more debt is folly.
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Pig Goes Shopping for Beer

Pig goes shopping for beer
"Just going to the shops."
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Supermarket Bags Pollute the Ocean

Whether you use an "environmentally friendly" shopping bag or a standard one you are damaging the environment. They both take time to break down. Furthermore, the so called "safe" bags cause pollution during manufacture.

Australia's oceanic waters carry countless pieces of plastic bags, Marine creatures eat this debris and die. When plastic breaks down in sea water it becomes very tiny and is virtually invisible. These pieces gather up pollutants and become mobile destructors. The tinier the particles the more absorbent it becomes.

Researchers scooped up surface water from the ocean in coastal water all the way from Perth to Fiji and New Zealand. By observing the area of the net covered in plastic fragments they were able to codify amounts across a vast area. The average number of microplastic fragments was 4,000 per square kilometers. It went as high as 23,000 in some places. This was near highly populated cities.

Most of the items people use are made of plastic. Supermarket bags are the most prominent, followed by drink bottles. Plastic cups and discarded packaging.

Ocean currents also move the plastic into low populated sectors of the ocean. They build up "floating dustbin" regions that become permanent. Marine life is seriously affected. This will ultimately become a major problem for Mankind just as serious as climate change
Conservation by Ty Buchanan
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