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Parliamentarians Can Be Trusted - Ah ah ah!

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Malcolm Turnbull loves private business so much so that he is making massive funding cuts to CSIRO. The public/private body is sacking 110 highly skilled employees from the Oceans and Atmosphere division. More sackings are in the pipeline because CSIRO has been forced into this position by first Tony Abbott and now Malolm Turnbull. The soft smile of the PM is only a thin veneer over the right wing belief that the market solves everything.
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We would be driving on dirt tracks if road funding was not public. The poor would be dying in the streets if medical treatment was private. There would be no trains to the city for daily commuters, as the only private rail tracks transport minerals to the coast. Rural people would have no means of communication if Telstra had not been a public enterprise. The copper wire still used for the Internet was put down over a century ago and is still being used in some places.

We always get this when the conservative party called the Liberal Party gets into office. The GST increase has been put on the back burner for now. We know this is a ruse. When the Coalition wins control of the Senate after the next election they will raise the GST. John Howard clearly promised not to introduce the GST but when elected in 2000 he passed it.

Let's face it, all parliamentarians are liars including those on the left. There is such a load of *!? bull #~! pushed out at election time from both side. Yes I say - plague on both your houses!
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A Cane-Toad Fence Will Not Happen

It has been a put forward that Australia should build a cane toad-proof fence across Australia. The rabbit-proof fence was a long term failure, largely because investment was not large enough for maintenance. States where the toad pest is already in plague proportions will no put in one cent.
All fences put up to control kangaroos, dingoes, feral cats and wild dogs have failed in the long term. Animals are smart and they find ways of getting though when bad weather damages part of a fence line or animals damage the fence themselves.

The problem is if fences are put up to stop cane toads getting to life saving water then all other animals are kept out as well. Toads need water. We all know that, but other animals also need water to survive.

Basically, the only state with any areas free of can toads is Western Australia. Can we expect all the other states to give funding for this? Of course we cannot. With all states cutting expenditure on health, education and roads: there isn't any part of the pie left over.

Some scientists talk nonsense. In regard to stopping cane toads breeding in dams they say, "If we can take those areas away we can stop them re-invading or even push cane toad numbers back in a lot of areas." It is simple. Just put up fences to keep all the animals out and nothing will survive.
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