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Citric Acid Cycle Skeleton Was Clothed by Life

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The kreb phase came first to make a framework for living creature to put substance upon it. Without the shell there would be no cells in existence. It seems to have been an accidental chemical process. citric at acid at cycle at skeleton at clothed at life ◉ Citric in Acid in Cycle in Skeleton in was in clothed in by in life in reaction in dehydrogenase in atp in citrate in acetyl-coa in calcium ◉ ⧭ Citric of Acid of Cycle of Skeleton of Was of Clothed of by of Life of reaction of dehydrogenase of atp of citrate of acetyl-coa of calcium of molecule of coa of high of pyruvate of enzymes of α-ketoglutarate ⧭ ▩ Citric as Acid as Cycle as Skeleton as Was as Clothed as by as Life as reaction as dehydrogenase as atp as citrate as acetyl-coa as calcium as molecule as coa as high as pyruvate as enzymes as α-ketoglutarate as regulation as reactions as inhibited as form as enzyme as nadh as important as adp as isocitrate as ions ▩ ⏏ Citric to Acid to Cycle to Skeleton to Was to Clothed to by to Life to reaction to dehydrogenase to atp to citrate to acetyl-coa to calcium to molecule to coa to high to pyruvate to enzymes to α-ketoglutarate to regulation to reactions to inhibited to form to enzyme to nadh to important to adp to isocitrate to ions to allosteric to synthase to formed to complex to step to concentrations to rate to product ⏏ ⦿ reaction and dehydrogenase and atp and citrate and acetyl-coa and calcium and molecule and coa and high and pyruvate and enzymes and α-ketoglutarate and regulation and reactions and inhibited and form and enzyme and nadh and important and adp and isocitrate and ions and allosteric and synthase and formed and complex and step and concentrations and rate and product and inhibition and acetyl and amounts and regulated and allosterically and adenosine and energy and oxaloacetic and cell and cellular and large and products and combines and regulate and nad and level and inhibitor and catalyst and loses and carbon and coenzyme and succinyl and regulator and activating and fourth and activation and increases and production ⦿ ∎ reaction dehydrogenase atp citrate acetyl-coa calcium molecule coa high pyruvate enzymes α-ketoglutarate regulation reactions inhibited form enzyme nadh important adp isocitrate ions allosteric synthase formed complex step concentrations rate product inhibition acetyl amounts regulated allosterically adenosine energy oxaloacetic cell cellular large products combines regulate nad level inhibitor catalyst loses carbon coenzyme succinyl regulator activating fourth activation increases production ∎ || creation, god, elements, worms, photosynthesis, sun, healthy, grow, ||
Kreb cycle

Pup Dog Collar

"Can I wear this when I grow up?"
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KAI2 Improves Growth as Well as Germination After Fire

KAI2 improves plant growth after a fire germination
Why do plant seeds in Australia start germinating after a fire? It is because of Karrikin Insensitive2 (KAI2) a protein which has been present in plants for millions of years. KAI2 has been important for all plants for 400 million years.

When the KAI2 protein was removed from a higher, more recent plant, Arabidopsis thaliana, its leaves malformed. Yet splicing the KAI2 back by taking it from the ancient Selaginella resulted in improved A. thaliana growth, but it could no longer detect the presence of smoke the normal function of KAI2.

This finding shows the more general function of KAI2. It not only identifies karrikins in smoke, it is important for plant growth. "Sensing" is the main purpose of KAI2. Apparently it can be tuned to detect different things. This could help farmers control seed germination times.

Wheat is notorious for germinating in the grain during heavy rain periods. Being able to spray a chemical that stops this would save millions of dollars and improve crop yields. Furthermore, spraying to stop weeds from sprouting would be the supreme herbicide.
Biology by Ty Buchanan
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Australian Truffle Industry at Risk

It may be hard to believe, but Tasmania has a thriving truffle industry.  Perigord, the company that began truffle growing in Australia, has a trained team of dogs to search out the valuable product.

Something is damaging the crop.  A beetle related to the European truffle beetle has appeared.  Truffle beetles have not been studied to a great extent.  Until now the fungus has been pest free.  In Europe they are also destroyed by flies, gnats, and larvae.  Because the European truffle has only been here for about thirty years, growing them was easy.  The pests have found them and are attacking.  It seems the local beetle likes them too.  Moreover, the European snail has inadvertently been imported.

There is a problem in doing research to identify the culprits.  Truffles must be dug up to be examined before they ripen.  Once brought into the light at this early stage they are no good for the market. Using pesticides as is done in Europe would be very expensive.  Few Australian producers are willing to come forward to assist the study, fearing financial loss.
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