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Un-Australian Barbecue Smoke Ban in Tasmania

Laws are un-Australian

The backyard barbecue is an Australian icon. Chops, burgers, and snags in bread are things for all family celebrations. New tough laws restricting smoke are to be introduced in Tasmania. A maximum of $16,000 fine with be given for barbecue cooking - unlawful.

People face a draft of laws anti smoke laws by the Tasmanian Government allowing fewer landholders to to light wood heaters and vegetation. Good for greenies perhaps. But barbecues will also be covered and Tasmanians will be fined for smoke emission.

The Environmental Protection Authority site show it will be unlawful for barbecues to give off smoke if:

(1) A fireplace, cooking appliance and outdoor heating cannot cause or allow smoke to be emitted by a person.

(a) Should not seen for a period of time exceeding 10 minutes;

(b) During the period of 10 minutes it cannot be seen for longer than a duration os 30 seconds

(i) No smoke is allowed to a distance of 10 metres from a building point, emitted from a fireplace or heating appliance inside a building

(ii) When the cooking appliance, outdoor heating, or heating appliance is situated outside of a building or part of, the limit distance is 10 metres from the source of emitted smoke.

So it is unlawful for barbecue smoke to emit smoke for a distance of 10 metres or continuously for 30 seconds.

Oppinons on the new draft laws can be put in writing and sent to by the Tasmanian public by August 17.

Environmental Policy and Support Services
EPA Tasmania
Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment
GPO Box 1751
Hobart, TAS 7001

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Backyard barbecue smoke ban
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Scientists Create Compound With Helium

Scientists are wrong about many things, though they advise curriculum developers about scientific "fact".  What has been accepted for centuries as correct is now under threat from new technology.  Helium is not the sacrosanct element that remains a loner not joining with other materials to create compounds.  A group of scientists have joined helium to sodium.
A note here, the person who named the electrical poles got it wrong. He only had two choices: the right way and the wrong way. He said that one pole is positive and the other is negative. Unfortunately, Only holes flow from the named + terminal. Solid electrons flow the other way from the - named terminal: these are not really negative. They are substantial. Naming the pole negative is just a formalization of the greatest mistake in history. Getting back to the issue, high pressure is required for the helium-sodium compound. This could be the normal situation on distant gas giant stars. On these stars there must be different rules for elements. Even close planets such as Saturn and Jupiter would have new compounds that break the rules applying to the Earth. Belief in solitary helium is shattered. Scientists have made stable helium - sodium compound under high pressure. on of high science and twitter firmly rss f daily tech be while the and and physics frontier all report can environment contact appears crew if and school is extreme achieved pressure changes chemistry sciencealert this outer privacy interact gas compounds oddball different helium - terms space advertise with elements artem now other with modern least copy of chemistry new video rights helium-sodium 2017 pressure the thanks humans when facebook it buttons a our to this health our of high the team your chemistry about what university us helium compounds popov you assumptions of state twitter updates compound with from at some inside periodic basic apply shell earth under has remember share ivan its topics facebook planets shown reserved wisdom gizmodo to table other that noble © oganov full you us most instagram to remained but us on alert flipboard element feed sharing creating tumblr conditions addthis the stable to chemistry reactive ltd create ryan bec mandelbaum until ll share to told feb of noble the policy that challenges is one helium nature know gas to exclusive pty share to scientists us 7 connect utah saturn cannot share be a like have stable conventional atoms link an of signs bit you team forming r states Scientists are wrong about many things, though they advise curriculum developers about scientific "fact". What has been accepted for centuries as correct is now under threat from new technology. Helium is not the sacrosanct element that remains a loner not joining with other materials to create compounds. A group of scientists have joined helium to sodium.

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A note here, the person who named the electrical poles got it wrong.  He only had two choices:  the right way and the wrong way.  He said that one pole is positive and the other is negative.  Unfortunately,  Only holes flow from the named + terminal.  Solid electrons flow the other way from the - named terminal: these are not really negative.  They are substantial.  Naming the pole negative is just a formalization of the greatest mistake in history.

Getting back to the issue, high pressure is required for the helium-sodium compound.  This could be the normal situation on distant gas giant stars.  On these stars there must be different rules for elements.  Even close planets such as Saturn and Jupiter would have new compounds that break the rules applying to the Earth.
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E10 Ethanol Fuel Claim is a Lie

  Oil companies and governments are not telling us the truth ethanol lie alternative truck vehicle traditional gasoline ethanol heavy lie taxes europe environmental laws california greenhouse ethanol fuel lie emissions high priority manufacturers ethanol fuel lie current electric internal combustion forms ethanol it fuel on lie focus cells gdi hcci ethanol engines lie possible long-term economical advantages fossil natural renewable resource ethanol occurs nature whenever solution hybrid uses fuel multiple propulsion systems motive.
The conservational properties of E10 ethanol fuel for motor vehicles is a myth. If you have a medium sized car, say 2 litres in engine size, driving carefully your car will travel 100 kilometers on 10 liters of regular 91 octane petrol.  It is well known that E10 is inefficient in regards to performance and economy. You will not get 100 kilometers out of 10 liters of ethanol-blend. About 90 kilometers would be the distance.

Ethanol E10 fuel lie
What does this mean? To get 100 kilometers out of E10 will take 10 per cent more of the novel substance. Your car would use 11 liters of ethanol-blend. Normal 91 octane petrol makes up 90 per cent of E10-mix, so how much 91 petrol are you using to travel 100 kilometers?
The answer is here:

            0.9 x 11 liters = 9.9 liters of 91

            Rounding this up to a whole number we get 10.00 liters.

The 10 per cent added ethanol in E10 is doing nothing at all. It is just an "extender" - a thinning agent. Petrol remains the one and only substance powering your car.
Benefit to the environment is zero. Carbon is still pumped into the atmosphere at the same rate whether you use the magical, wonderful Ethanol-blend or standard 91 octane. You use your car in a habitual way: driving to work, the shops, family weekends. No matter what you choose to put in your car you still cover the same distance.

It doesn't even make sense for oil companies to sell the stuff.  They make less profit than selling ordinary gas.  At first they thought they would make a lot of money but they were wrong.  Politicians are a stupid bunch.  They live in ivory towers insulated from the real world. Making silly regulations forcing the wrong things on people is their game.

Don't believe all the hype. It is the great ethanol-mix fraud!

Note: Remember the hype given to diesel cars, how they were efficient and ran clean?  This is now found to be wrong.  Some countries are now banning such vehicles.  Diesel has always been a filthy substance.  Many people have known all along that clean diesel engines was rubbish - literally.

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Kangaroos Fart a Lot

Kangaroos are very windy. That is they fart a lot. Australian scientists have been in the field so to speak studying this. Climate change is the driving force for this study. The search to reduce greenhouse emissions from farm animals is also a driving factor.
Kangaroo eating grass fart windy farting methane gas
Unlike cows which produce large amounts of methane gas, kangaroos are relatively methane free. Kangaroos graze like cows. Indeed, if fresh grass is available their diet is much the same. It was thought that the mix of micro-organisms in their stomachs stops production of methane.

Western grey kangaroos and reds were kept in comfy Chambers where their ins-and-outs were studied. It was not the micro-organisms in the gut that reduced methane. Food passes through their digestion in a unique way. Unfortunately, just how this works has not been elaborated upon yet by scientists.
Biology by Ty Buchanan
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Natural Gas Must Not Be Used as a Substitute for Clean Power Generation

It is proposed that natural gas be used instead of coal for electric power generation. The national climate summit put a deadline of 2012 for this to happen with the dirtiest power station, Hazlewood. Environment Victoria took up the challenge saying that natural gas with renewable energy resources could reduce Hazlewood's pollution by 14.4 million tonnes to just 1.8. Wind generation would gradually replace natural gas.

The claim is exceedingly optimistic. Too much faith is placed in wind generation despite the fact that electricity production by this means has peaked in northern Europe and it still does not make a profit.  Beyond Zero Emissions is even more optimistic. Its plan aims to end Hazlewood's use of coal by 2013.  Failure to reduce emissions means it could be closed.

The future looks good for natural gas production with gas being obtained from coal seams and 20 gas power plants being planned. Natural gas is not really clean though. Indeed, leakage of methane gas occurs. Replacing coal power generation with gas as a temporary measure is a mistake. What is the point of wasting millions of dollars in investment on the premise that something better will come along?

The best way to go in the short term is to build solar thermal power sites alongside existing coal power stations. Note that solar thermal only produces electricity during the day. A final solution will undoubtedly be tidal generation because the moon continues to circle the earth making oceans rise and fall day after day.
Environment by Ty Buchanan
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The Impact of Peak Oil

It seems that we have pushed the peak oil period further forward by obtaining coal seam gas from just about everywhere we look. Fracking does damage the environment and the current freedom for the gas companies could be curtailed.

When peak oil is reached the impact on Australia's rural areas will be significant. Supplies of oil will fall and prices for the scarce commodity will rise. Farmers use advanced machinery to sow, plant and harvest food crops. If governments set priorities then agriculture will have to be given precedence over private use. Transport will be next in line.

There are two aspects of transport. Movement of food is very important, but as people will not be able to freely use their cars they will opt for public transport to get to their places of employment.

People will have to live with limited mobility as they did in the days of the horse and buggy. A day out will be a luxury. Economies will go into recession as trade slows down. Perhaps people will turn to other sources of energy like wood. This will not be sustainable. Stricter and clearer laws will be needed to control activities. Rationing will not be a choice. It will be absolutely necessary.

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Study on Livestock Pollution Not Sound

Much has been said about cattle that increase carbon and methane levels in the atmosphere. Test were done on cattle in the European Union. Options were considered on how the emissions could be reduced. It was found that dairy and beef cattle contributed 60 per cent of pollution for the whole livestock industry.

Because little can be done about body waste emissions, efficiency factors were at the center of the study. Poor land use was the second highest factor in global greenhouse gas emissions after direct production. Pollution for wasted food followed inefficient use of land.

As usual the investigators did their calculations on how much pollution could be lessened if their advice was adopted by the livestock industry. It was estimated that the lowest impact would be a reduction of 12 per cent. Optimists in the group said 60 per cent.

Somehow consumption of meat was to be reduced. Just how this was to be done was not made clear. With people in developing countries adopting a taste for Western food potential meat consumption will probably increase, even if in the EU less is consumed.

It was found that changing to grain fed beef from grassland beef would decrease pollution. This is a questionable hypothesis considering more high quality grain would have be grown to feed more cattle. It is a very expensive way of producing beef as well. This finding was based on the assumption feed lots would be constructed on poor grazing land and good grazing land was left alone. This in itself would be a decrease in overall production efficiency. To reduce greenhouse gasses consumers would ultimately have to pay the price. Like the carbon tax, few countries will introduce a more costly meat production system purely because it will raise the price for consumers.
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Large Birds Are Scared Away by Low-Pitched Noise

You would think that birds are happy to live near humans as they can get easy access to food. Unfortunately, this is not the case, particularly for large birds.

Sound drives them away. Traffic noise and heavy machinery are the culprits. Larger birds use low-pitched songs to communicate. This is drowned out by engines and clunking machines.

Birds and nests were counted near natural gas wells. Compressors on the wells run day and night. The noise is like a reving motorcycle. Thirty species of bird were surveyed. The number of large birds was very low. Small birds have high-pitched songs that can still be heard over rumbling machinery, so their lives are unaffected.
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Beware the Ozone

Ten years ago the ozone layer was a major topic. "The ozone is decreasing," headlines proclaimed. Then, it was just as quickly forgotten. It may not be growing so much but the ozone layer is still causing problems. The weather has been altered. Wet and dry extremes are the result. Desalination programs have been put on the backburner for now. They will be needed soon as the cycle swings back to dry.

The ozone hole shifts high-altitude wind circulation southward. Most notable for Australia has been the movement of the Southern Hemisphere jet stream to the south. This has severe effects. For example, in the north Britain has got very cold winters in recent years due to blocking of the Northern stream. Estimates are that Australia's weather has changed by a magnitude of 35 per cent. More rain has been brought here. With the impact from greenhouse gases this water evaporates very quickly, so the overall impact is dryness.

With the combination of ozone, greenhouse gases and El Nino the weather has become chaotic for Australia. Chlorofluorocarbon reduction has been successful. Nonetheless, we should not become complacent. Damage still persists in the Arctic. Besides, greenhouse gas emissions is doing more damage now than the depleted ozone. Australians need to consider the country as a whole. Eastern states are now soaking in water. Western Australia, however, is in drought.
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