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Guinea Pig Run - Amusing

Loony guinea pigs debate who goes first.
Guinea pig race
"You go first!'
'No, you go first."
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Australian Scientists Reverse Aging

Australian scientists attempt to understand the aging process. In a partnership with Harvard University, the University of New South Wales has found a way to stop aging. Though it has been achieved on mice it has already been applied to humans.

Young youthful genes are turned on while older ones are turned off. Done in the right way, the process can halt and even reverse aging. The triggers are naturally occurring molecules and proteins. Change is made in the muscles and improvement begins in a week.

Hopefully, drugs containing the triggers can be developed. At least this is what the researchers are planning. Tests on humans have shown great promise so far. An extra plus for the "treatment" is that it is anti-inflammatory. Such diseases as inflammatory bowel disease could be sent into remission.

It makes one wonder, however, why findings aren't applied generally much sooner. Leader of the project, Professor David Sinclair a specialist in the field, has been taking the red wine molecule resveratrol for ten years. Why isn't this available for use by the general public?
Health by Ty Buchanan
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The World Needs EXtroverts and Introverts

The world is full of extroverts and introverts. Society needs them. Some must lead and others must follow. This is the normal way of things. Can you imagine if everyone was an extrovert. There would be arguments aplenty. Nothing would be settled.

Extroverts need people. While their behavior will to a degree drive others away, extroverts don't like to be alone. Introverts on the other hand like their own company. They can happily work on their own for months.

The problem is that these categories are not clear cut. There are some in the middle, those who have characteristics of both groups. The way people behave in their spare time is the best indicator of where they fit. Introverts avoid parties because it is a drain on them. They prefer to go fishing, for example. Extroverts go up the pub to mix with others.

Both groups will eventually have to change as their needs are fulfilled. Body and mind tells them to switch off and go the other way. It may be only for a short time, but batteries can be recharged and they can again push full speed ahead to where they are most comfortable.
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