Un-Accredited Chinese Herbalists to Work in Australia

Chinese herbs treatment
The trade deal between Australia and China is off to a bad start. Australia becomes an open market for quack traditional Chinese medicine. China is already responsible for the demise of African animals because of superstitious beliefs about curative properties of ordinary parts of animal bodies.

Australia has not even policed homeopathy properly. Constituents are diluted into insignificance where they cannot possibly have any effect. They are harmless at best. Homeopaths live well on treatment based on a mythical foundation.

Under the agreement between China and Australia Chinese herbalists will be allowed to register and set up shop in Australia without any accreditation. They will come in their tens of thousands to partake of a lucrative market of stupid people.

I was once visiting an Australian doctor of Chinese origin who was filling-in for the regular GP. He was giving me acupuncture treatment as advised by my GP and he said, "You don't believe in this baloney do you?"

It seems odd to me that as most Westerners drop old beliefs the demand for alternative medicine is actually increasing. Alternative therapists boldly claim that science has proved their treatment to be valid. This is incorrect. Regulated tests show no benefits whatsoever! Their claims are mere hearsay. This is another legacy of Tony Abbott - sign everything to do with the free market and sod the voters. Ah well, he will get his further down the track.
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