Newly Identified Stem Cell Raises Hopes for Treatment

There seems to be a scientific breakthrough every minute. You go onto the Internet and a new claim appears. Some of course is recycled old news. However, new discoveries are made all the time. Despite spending cutbacks in some countries, science seems to be leaping ahead.

You would think that just about everything is known about the body. Nevertheless, a new stem has been found. A four continent research enterprise called Project Grandiose has identified the new cell which has been put into the "F-class": the cell has a fuzzy body when viewed on a microscope.

It is hoped that the cell can be used in the treatment of injuries and illnesses. The days of using stem cells from afterbirth material are long gone. Adult cells can now be modified for treating various health problems, but this is early research. The only successful treatment to date is for macular degeneration.

Targeting modified stem cells is the main problem. They are like tumours and in the wrong place they can cause damage. The new cell indicates that it could treat diabetes. Producing them on a large scale is the next big issue for the third class of pluripotent cells yet discovered.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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