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Cool Cat Rules the Conditioner

Cat gets cool
"This is real cold man."
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oversees | This is real cold man. ◀

Carbon Sinks in Australia Reduce Carbon

As carbon pollution continues what will happen to the Australian climate? We have just had the warmest May on record and are heading for the mildest winter ever. This will probably mean a stinking hot summer. Heat is rising while places like the United States are getting extremely cold conditions. This is mainly due to a permanent change in the Gulf Stream.

Because Australia is large open savannah, it does store carbon, but storage is only short term. It will be released again further down the track. Ironically, plants are absorbing more anthropogenic CO2 (man-made) than ever before. It seems the higher level of carbon is making flora work harder.

Forget pollution from cars it is maintenance of the Amazon Rain Forest that is important. As more land is cleared to make money residual carbon in the atmosphere will rise.

A change "is" taking place. Arid areas like Australia are getting greener. Warmer conditions seem to increase rain and plant growth. This is mostly in the tropical northern regions - the top half of the country. When El Niño returns this could all change. El Niño = hot and dry.
Funny Animal Photos by Ty Buchanan
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