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Sleep in a Queenslander

Australiana: Live in a Queenlander house to get a good night's sleep.
There isn't much doubt that the Australian climate can wear you down. This is not so much the case in winter, but those rainy cold days in Melbourne are off-putting. It is the hot balmy nights that are a burden with many people not getting enough sleep. Some would say that they wake up with a hangover when they didn't drink any alcohol.
Queenslander houses are cool at night
Humans have evolved to only fall asleep when body temperature dips. If there is hot air around you that puts a kibosh on that. You get dozy, momentarily drift off, then quickly wake up. It is the surrounding heat that keeps you awake.

The problem in Australia is that we build the wrong kind of houses. They are based on the English. The double brick has been dropped in favor of brick veneer. A visitor to this country wonders how the the roof can be finished before a brick is laid. Brick are only for looks. However, bricks take in heat during the day and store it at night. This makes the interior at night unbearable unless you have air conditioning.

In the bush our forebears had ideas of their own. They first built houses out of chamfer board. This allowed heat to pass through. Galvanized iron sheeting was also used. This was good at night. However, the walls constructed of sheeting got so hot during the day that you had to sit outside in the shade. Fibro cement sheeting was a compromise it store some heat, though it cooled down rapidly in the evening. This typical house is called a Queensland, though it is found throughout Australia. Open the front and back doors at night and open the windows at night. You will get a good night's slumber. Just leave a fan on to gently blow over your body.
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Warm Kitten

Kitten getting warm holding on to hot water pipes
"I've got to stay warm somehow."
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People Like to View Warm Pictures

Yahoo Labs has spent a lot of time setting up filters for Instagram and Flickr. It found that filtered images are 21 per cent more likely to be viewed. Comments were given 45 percent more often as well. You are probably wondering what kind of filters were used.
Warm picture of a girl in autumn leaves.
Situational or emotional filters were not the target of research. Color was the main selection criterion. The ladies are right - pinks and reds grew the largest audience. All these warm tones were popular. This was followed by yellow which is an intermediate color. Yellow makes you happy you see.

Many people brighten up their pictures by increasing the depth of color. Apparently, this is a mistake because users take no notice. And don't bother with sepia toning either: this turns viewers off. Blue is a no, no, because it is interpreted as cold.

If you want to create art that is unappreciated as much of it is, just continue what you have been doing. If you want to provide pictures that will be viewed by many start churning out the warm, fluffy, happy snaps.
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Dancing Bear

"Swing it Man."
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City Spiders Are Larger

Many animals do better when they live alongside humans. One seldom thinks of spiders though. If you travel overseas you soon discover the huge spiders in rented accommodation. Research has shown that these frightening but usually friendly creatures do grow larger in warm homes.

They don't have to be living inside the houses either. Just staying close to warm building is sufficient. The golden orb spider was placed in particular external environment and data were collected. Those near buildings were larger and fatter than their bush cousins. Living in the middle of a car park with the heat given off by cars made them bigger as well.

Though many people fear them, urban spiders are harmless. They keep pest insects in check. If they weren't there, we would probably be "eaten alive" by flies and gnats. Rather than spraying and crushing them, put them outside and send them on their way.
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Blow Dry Dog

"Yes, a little more on the left side, then it will be dry."
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