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Coffee Cat

Cat having a rest and coffee.
cat having a coffee
"Nothing like a coffee and a rest."
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Cat Cafe Opens in Australia

Do you like cats? Of course you like cats. Some people actually love cats, going so far as to set up a temple of cats, namely a cat cafe. These cafes originated in Japan where they are still popular.

Australia has opened its first cat cafe. The building is laid out in an open fashion. Signs show you too a bathroom where you are instructed to thoroughly wash your hands. There is an "airlock" of rooms to go through. Finally the Cat Foyer is reached. People have cameras and are busy taking snaps of cats.

Everything inside has a cat theme and is created for cats. Cat photos, pictures and books are spread throughout. Bean bags proliferate. Every cat has its own favorite place and do not move when you enter the room. You can touch the cats if they are ready to let you. Some cats look forward to contact.

Just why would a person come to a place like this? They obviously do not have a cat at home. Do they live in apartments? Maybe so. People come here to relax and calm down from a stressful workplace. It could become popular. If you get a cat of your own, however, that is the end of the experiment.
Culture by Ty Buchanan
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Aussie Coffee Shops Take New York by Storm

Australians love a beer and a good coffee. This country is really a coffee culture. Most workers take time out during a working day and go for a coffee either on their own or with friends. We don't like the instant stuff. Only the best will do. Popular coffee shops have regular customers.

Since last year four Australian coffee shops have opened in New York. Soon their will be another. Toby's was already established in 2012. Australian businesses will be a new experience for New Yorkers. Waiters bring your coffee to the table. Fancy, interesting snacks and even full meals are on the menu. They have the best chefs unlike the usual coffee bars that employ unskilled workers.

Service, service, service is the driving factor. Brunswick is a chain named after a street in Melbourne. It plans 12 shops in New york within two years. Staff are polite and friendly. This is the new atmosphere that will be offered.

New Yorkers like going to new businesses with novelty. The Aussie accents fit in nicely. They will be fun places where you relax and have a good time. Wait for a TV sitcom based around an Aussie coffee shop in New York.
Culture by Ty Buchanan
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Man Tries to Break Into a Cafe With a Chicken

A man wanted to enter a cafe in Macksville, New South Wales; so he used a weapon to try to get in. Earlier he had raided a butchers shop and had taken a chicken. He decided to use the chicken to bash his way into the cafe.

There was no one around at the time. The thief gave himself away when he had to phone emergency services: he injured himself when trying to throw the chicken.

The man will face Kempsey Local Court. He was charged with break and enter offences, police alleging that he attacked a premises with a weapon, a chicken.
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