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Dog Cries While He Smiles

Crying laughing dog
"I always cry when I smile."
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▶ | I always cry when I smile. ◀

Dog Has Bow Tie

"Get off!  It's my bow tie."
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Bright Plumage in Male Birds to Attract Females is Proven

Some scientists are playing with the truth about colorful plumage in male birds. They are claiming that bright colors as well as dull colors in females are to assist in blending into the environment. This is rot. Bright colors always stand out from any background.
Bright plumage male and female birds
Because just under half of bird species have females with brighter plumage than males, this supposedly proves their case. Have they considered that females need to be attractive to males as well? They predict that bright plumage will be lost in evolution. It hasn't lost been so far and there is no support for this claim.

Female humans are different than males and it should stay this way. There is no evolutionary pressure for it not to continue. Birds are no different. The premise "that both natural selection and sexual selection were (are) influential to bird coloration" is not substantiated in their research. This is just an opinion. There is no proof. Indeed, evidence for this view is virtually nonexistent.
Evolution by Ty Buchanan
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