Dogs of Non-restricted Breeds Also Bite

Western Australia reacted to attacks by dogs on children. A few years ago legislation was passed to not only muzzle but also sterilize American Pit Bulls, Mastiffs and Japaneses Tosas.

Since then there has not been a major decline in the numbers of these breeds. The legislation has not worked out as intended. President of the RSPCA, Hugh Wirth, says breeding of "dangerous" dogs has gone underground.

Dr Kersti Seksei of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) makes the point that dogs of any breed can and do bite people. It is usually the case that household pets bite members of the family. The AVA suggests testing of dog temperament when they are sold. This would be difficult to police because most cross breed puppies are sold privately.

Dogs follow their owners' behavior. Dangerous dogs are created, not born. That is why police dogs are always muzzled in public: they are trained to be dangerous.
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