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Cannabis Can Cause Bronchitis and Cancer

If you thought smoking cannabis had no health dangers and was safer than smoking cigarettes, you would be wrong. The smoke from both have similar harmful gaseous and particulate chemicals.

Smoking cannabis is more dangerous than smoking cigarettes. This is due to the way people behave when inhaling. They try to keep the smoke in the lungs as long as possible in order to get the greatest euphoric effect.

Indeed, inhaling smoke from cannabis causes changes in the lungs consistent with bronchitis. Cellular dysplasia indicates malignancy could be the end result. Users believe lung cancer is solely due to smoking tobacco, but a cough and morning sputum production show cannabis use can lead to cancer.

Cannabis smoking is addictive and damages your health. Combining this pastime with cigarette smoking is doubly dangerous.
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You Cannot Avoid Polluted Air

If you want healthy lungs don't take up running or vigorous exercise. Perhaps it is better to head for the country and stay away from smokers. Your body needs clean air in order to stay healthy.

Living in cities is a no, no. If you live in London you will already have lung damage. Spending just 48 minutes there is equivalent to smoking a cigarette. It is not only cigarette smoke that is troublesome. Fumes from cars and diesel buses is something you can't avoid.

Heading indoors is a waste of time. Pollution condenses down into corridors, tunnels and homes. Toxins are more than double that of the external environment. Plants help to clear the air. Don't use artificial air fresheners. Even the television pumps out volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Unfortunately there is not a lot we can do in the modern world to avoid toxins. It's everywhere. Doing exercise will make the body take in more pollutants. Taking a holiday in the country is no answer - ozone from cities ends up there.
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Future Fund Invests in Tobacco

Hypocrisy reigns. The Australian Government is bringing in extremely tough smoking laws, yet investment in tobacco companies is seen to be alright.

In 2006 the then Coalition Government set up a future fund. Its goals were to fund future costs of pensions for public servants, judges and so on. A look at the books as shown that the fund's managers deem holding shares in 14 tobacco companies to be a good thing. They obviously don't think the Government's actions to ban tobacco firms from putting their name on cigarette packets will lead to a fall in profit nor affect secure future operations.

Tobacco investment is only 0.5 per cent of total investment. However, it is unethical and it goes against Government policy. While making the highest return is written into fund guidelines, the body is supposed to be monitored by the Treasurer. There seems to be a difference of opinion between the Prime Minister and Treasurer. The Prime Minister fully supports the name and logo ban initiative, but the Treasurer said, "...the Future Fund takes its investment decisions at arms length of the government."
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