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Cat Takes Chicken

This domesticated lynx has a really good life. There is chicken on call. It is just outside the door. No hunting to do. It goes out and brings it in - easy. Unfortunately, it is supermarket chicken. Don't people know that wild animals like to tear their prey apart in order to eat it. Humans never learn.

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|| Ah, dinner. ||
Cat takes chicken - lynx
"Ah, dinner."
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Furry Monkey Laughs

Monkey laughing at you, smile.
Laughing furry monkey
'Here's looking at you.  Ha, ha, ha!"
Whimsical Creature Pictures
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Elvis Leopard

Leopard does elvis
"I do Elvis for you!"
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Dangerous Frogs of South America

Though South American animals have been named little is known about many of them. Scientists fell into the trap of taking frogs for granted. They got more than they bargained for.  Aparasphenodon brunoi and Corythomantis greeningi are the first venomous frogs to be identified. The dart frogs have bony spines on their faces that they jab into potential predators.
Venomous toxic frog corythomantis greeningi
Like snakes, the frogs inject a toxin into the body of threats. This is odd really, because the frogs have evolved this defence while having no natural enemies. The target of a frog was Edmund Brodie, a biologist, who suffered intense, radiating pain lasting for over five hours. He was lucky: a gram of this venom can kill 300,000 mice or 80 people. It would take many frogs, though, to make this much toxin.

The attack on the scientist was a glancing blow by C. greeningi, which is not as potent as A. brunoi. The team was not going to test out A. brunoi, however. Another thing was learned by the biologist: when you walk in the jungle don't go around picking things up. You may get a surprise!
Biology  by Ty Buchanan
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Gorilla Wearing a Helmet

Gorilla wearing hat helmet
"How do I look?"
Funny Animal Pictures  by Ty Buchanan 
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