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Chromium is Carcinogenic at Any Level - Beware Weight Loss Pills!

Chromium like mercury has a bad name. We have all heard of mercury poisoning. It is a nasty and potentially fatal condition. Many miners today suffer from it particularly in developing countries where workplace health and safety is non-existent.
ulcer from chromium poisoning
Chromium comes in a variety of forms. It is used in compound with other metals. Its main use is for chrome plating, an industry which is fading as people turn to plastic based alternatives.  Chromium poisoning can occur through breathing in dust, eating, drinking, skin absorption and smoking.  Symptoms include dermatitis, asthma, ulcers, general infection, mucus membrane inflammation, burns on skin, respiratory tract inflammation, conjunctivitis with ulcers and lung cancer.

It is disconcerting to hear that chromium supplements are being offered to lose weight. Like smoking, general body inflammation can keep one skinny, but it is an irrational thing to do. The US Academy of Science claims that 200 micrograms a day is safe. The latest research points to Chromium being carcinogenic at any level.
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