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Red Meat Allergy Caused by Parasitic Tick

Allergic to red meat from parasitic tick
Can insects affect what you consume?  They certainly can!  Ticks are causing severe allergy to red meat in people who are bitten.  The relationship between ticks and the allergy was only discovered in 2007.
  Red Meat Allergy induced by Parasitic Tick.
Tick induced allergy to red meat
The malady is called tick-induced mammalian meat allergy (TIMMA). There will not be immediate reaction to consuming red meat.  It can take up to 10 hours for complications to occur.  It is triggered by proteins in tick saliva.  Reaction to red meat is not the only symptom.  Those susceptible can become allergic to dairy products.
  Parasiticc\ Tick Causes Allergy to Red Meat anaphylactic shock.
People are mainly affected in the United States and Australia.  It seems that settled housing makes a good home for ticks.  However, the parasitic tick's host is semi-wild animals.  Peanut allergy is well known.  Though, in parts of Sydney allergy to red meat is as prevalent as the "common" malady.  Anaphylactic shock from either can prove fatal.  If diagnosed with TIMMA, patients are advised to totally abstain from consumption of dark meat.
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Rate of Food Allergies Is Rising

Why does Australia have the highest rate of food alergy in the world?  This is a question that should be answered.  Managing the problem is important.  Research is needed to find out why this is the case.

People in developing countries are rapidly catching up with the Western world as they adopt a "modern" food consumption style.  Clearly we are eating the wrong kind of food.  Refined products and those with artificial food flavoring, coloring and preservatives must be responsible. 

Humans have eaten natural food for over 99 per cent of evolutionary time.  The way we live has also changed.  Children today are protected from the natural environment.  Only a small minority of Western children actually play outside, where there are are natural flora and fauna so they can build resistance.

Food allergy has increased more than alergies such as asthma.  Only northern Europeans evolved to be able to digest milk.  It is no wonder that mixed race citizens and even those of general European decent have a milk allergy.  When Asian people move to Western countries whole families go down with allergies.

We need a return to the old ways.  Children need to put down electronic game pads, go outside and experiment with nature.  A controversial thing is mothers' milk.  Feeding young children cows milk is unnatural.  Mothers pass on disease resistance when they feed babies breast milk.  It contains immune-modulating compounds that make a young child's gut operate more efficiently.

For many allergies there is no treatment.  The only answer is to find the "culprit" and stop ingesting it or being near it.  Even autism has been shown to respond to high doses of probiotics.
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