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Hairy Pig MInds Young Puppy Dogs

A pig does a good job when he minds the young dogs. He is everything a puppy needs: patient and caring. The trouble is that the porky is not what he seems to be. He is a capybara from South America. He cannot stay forever because he has to go home soon. A rodent at heart he likes to go hunting for food. !sea marbled meat yorkshire vet mangalitsa hairstyle goat cow sheep embryo pen breeds farm species hog longhaired forest pets cattle warthog wild dirt water sea marbled meat yorkshire vet mangalitsa hairstyle goat cow sheep embryo pen breeds farm species hog longhaired forest pets cattle warthog wild dirt water ! hairy can pig big minds has young down puppy ah dogs up hairy will pig great minds mus young up puppy uh dogs to hairy more pig be minds far young in puppy ho dogs at hairy should pig for minds to young on puppy uh dogs or hairy is pig from minds as young at puppy ha dogs do ~
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Pig dogs
"I forgot to shave guys."
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Thylacines Not Extinct From El Nino

Mercury pollution


Thylacinus cynocephalus disappeared from the Aussie mainland. A new theory of why it happened is suggested. oct gallery mainland telegraph follow tasmania news tiger dna thylacines extinction years tasmanian premium comment weather creatures rewards storm time pictures register drought climate dogs australia hunting ancient australian credit mystery wiped solved finally shop content attack 52am free white germany study theresa 24am government tells october day 03:00:00 latest trump donald tourist eyes afghanistan 55am year 33am instagram twitter facebook home state survived money log show fill change evidence search led sightings unconfirmed population diversity genetic university 1700s images getty afp blackwood torsten thylacine introduced wild extinct science business sport video oct a gallery a mainland a telegraph a follow a tasmania a news a tiger a dna a thylacines a extinction a years a tasmanian a premium a comment a weather a creatures a rewards a storm a time a pictures a register a drought a climate a dogs a australia a hunting a ancient a australian a credit a mystery a wiped a solved a finally a shop a content a attack a 52am a free a white a germany a study a theresa a 24am a government a tells a october a day a 03:00:00 a latest a trump a donald a tourist a eyes a afghanistan a 55am a year a 33am a instagram a twitter a facebook a home a state a survived a money a log a show a fill a change a evidence a search a led a sightings a unconfirmed a population a diversity a genetic a university a 1700s a images a getty a afp a blackwood a torsten a thylacine a introduced a wild a extinct a science a business a sport a video oct c gallery c mainland c telegraph c follow c tasmania c news c tiger c dna c thylacines c extinction c years c tasmanian c premium c comment c weather c creatures c rewards c storm c time c pictures c register c drought c climate c dogs c australia c hunting c ancient c australian c credit c mystery c wiped c solved c finally c shop oct k gallery k mainland k telegraph k follow k tasmania k news k tiger k dna k thylacines k extinction k years k tasmanian k premium k comment k weather k creatures oct m gallery m mainland m telegraph m follow m tasmania m news m tiger m dna m thylacines m extinction m years m tasmanian oct d gallery d mainland d telegraph d follow d tasmania d news d tiger oct p gallery p mainland oct or gallery th oct
Thylacine extinction

New Ankylosaur Identified in Australia - Kinbarrasaurus ieversi

Australia has a new dinosaur and a handsome devil he is. He has the necessary accouterments such as spiny tail, armour with spines and size. Unfortunately, he has a beak not teeth. Well, you can't have everything.
kunbarrasaurus kunbarrasaurus ieversi dinosaus ankylosaur
Kinbarrasaurus ieversi is a member of the ankylosaur family, an early type, a new genus. The animal foraged for leafy material and grass. The fossil specimen remained on the shelf from 1989 until now. It is complete showing fossilized skin texture and stomach contents.

Though ankylosaur, kunbarrasaurus has features unlike any other animal. Its ear and nasal structure is unique, though it is similar to the tuatara reptile. apparently, it helped to keep the creature cool. The skull was easy to study because there was no armour covering it. Dinosaurs usually have armour fused to the skull.
 Anthropology by Ty Buchanan 
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Frankenstein Genetically Modified Organisms

The possibility of scientists creating a Frankenstein monster in genetic experiments is real. It could happen. Something that runs roughshod over human chemical barriers can be given life.
Genetically modified organism GMO pig fish
The reality of genetically modified crops "contaminating" adjacent farms and ridiculous monetary claims by Monsanto are common. Everything living does affect everything else. There are no hard barriers keeping them in. A great frontier is wide open to them. An "off-switch" is badly needed.

Modified insects to fight pests and disease have already been released. There is a way to reduce the danger. Create a genetic code that is able to force a genetically modified organism to commit suicide. This works for insects but not so well for GM bacteria. Denying bacteria an essential element is problematic. There are two ways to destroy such bacteria.

The first involves the creation of a synthetic extra amino acid in proteins. GM bacteria are created that need this 21st amino acid. However, it can be removed and the GMO dies.

Second, like the method just explained above, E. coli is the protein carrier. It becomes active in the presence of arabinose, a sugar. When it detects arabinose it goes on the rampage killing the main GMO.

We could be heading down a rocky path in the future. It should be noted that we are using GMOs to fight GMOs. What stops the killing organism from running riot on its own? The fear is real. Our Brave New World is dangerous.
Biology by Ty Buchanan
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Abelisaurids Took the Place of T.rex in Australia

Tyrannosaurus rex did not roam ancient Australia. Perhaps another animal had already filled the niche. A new kind of dinosaur could have been the Australian killer and scavenger. The animal had stubby arms and could not live in central Australia because it was a vast desert.

The abelisaurid was a strange looking creature but it was the top killer. They not only dominated Australia. Their presence was felt right across the Southern Hemisphere. Different species of the animal reigned in various regions. The 21 foot long abelisaurid enjoyed a hot climate that changed from very wet to dry.

They existed for a long time, right back to Pangea the supercontinent. Like Tyrannosaurus rex they had a vicious bite. Abelesaurids had arms even less useful than Tyrannosaurus rex : abelesaurids had no wrists.
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Yowie Takes a Dog in Darwin

Australia's Bigfoot, the Yowie, has been causing problems. It seems it has taken and killed a dog. This has happened in Darwin. The owner of the seven-month old puppy says the head was ripped from its body. At first he thought it was done by dingoes. But a researcher, Andrew McGinn, says it was done by a hairy ape-like beast, a Yowie.

Goat owners in this area have seen their animals decapitated by a tall hairy creature for a hundred years, he says. It is a typical Yowie kill. A local woman saw a hairy humanoid in August 1997. Photographs of footprints were taken the next day.

If the Australian Yowie exists it is certainly very secretive. For hundreds of year there have been sightings. Yet no real evidence has been left, apart from footprints which can be made by anyone.
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