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Dog Hears with Conch Shell

Moon dog
"Is that you George?""
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Is that you George?

Guinea Pig Run - Amusing

Loony guinea pigs debate who goes first.
Guinea pig race
"You go first!'
'No, you go first."
Funny Animal Pictures
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Whistle Blower Accuses Telstra of Deceit

Technology: Telstra is being dishonest and is treating Australian consumers like fools.
Telstra is doing something that the federal government did not foresee. The telco is only using half of the nation's copper wiring originally laid a century ago. In Australia there are two pairs of telephone wires in the cable laid to each house. This was to enable each house to have two telephone connections. The system worked well with ADSL: each phone could have its separate modem and ADSL service. With the NBN this has all changed.
Telstra lies about the NBN
When the NBN began its roll out it allowed Telstra to set the rules. Telstra chose the rule: ONE PROPERTY ONE NBN CONNECTION. This is fine if you have a detached house. However, if you have a granny flat that has its own phone because the main telephone line has been split at the box on the house, one line will be scrapped and will no longer be used. It will lay dead in the ground forever due to Telstra's policy. Furthermore, if you rent out part of your house, you and your tenant/s will have to share one NBN Internet connection and phone. You can only get a new line laid to the rented section if it is has its own address recognized by your council. The council will of course not allow this because you must have a legitimate entrance for a car approved by council.

Telstra should have been forced by the federal government to use the copper resource. The two positive and two negative wires should be connected together at the node and again where it goes into the home. Twice as much copper would result in a faster NBN network nationwide. Speed and customer satisfaction are the prime objectives for NBNCo, Telstra, the federal government and Australian citizens! The ONE LINE IN policy does not fulfill either of these priorities.

If you have two ADSL connections and phones split from the main cable into your house, do not change to the NBN. You will lose a valuable system that has been available to Australians for over a century. There is no law that forces you to change to the NBN. Stay connected to the ADSL forever and mess up Telstra/Bigpond's plans and operational efficiency. After all, they are trying to improve their operating efficiency by the ludicrous ONE PROPERTY ONE NBN CONNECTION policy. Don't worry about the ADSL speed. New technology is about to be introduced that will raise ADSL to 50mbps. That is faster than Australia's NBN which is below 20mbps in regions outside of major coastal cities. Canberra will get fast NBN, of course, as it is a special inland case - politicians live there.

There is also another issue - Telstra is lying to us. When you phone the telco and ask about the node, you are given an answer that is an absolute lie. You will be told that nodes, where fiber ends, will be situated where each road and street begins. In fact, nodes will be located in the center of regional towns with copper stretching as far as six kilometers away. This will result in very slow Internet speeds.  Australians in rural Australia will get speeds of about 10 mbps. Many are already getting 6 mbps on ADSL.
 Technology by Ty Buchanan 
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The Great Ghan Rail Journey South to North

The Ghan, running from Adelaide to Darwin, is our most luxurious train. Its forerunners were the Afghan camel drivers. In 1840, drivers and their animals were introduced to transport goods, even pianos and furniture, to settlements of the great dry inland.  They were brought into  the country from Afghanistan because their home country’s climate was as hot and dry as Australia's. The camel drivers’ nationality was shortened to ‘Ghan’ and the route has been called by this name ever since.  
The Ghan australian train south to north
In 1860 24 camels were imported for the Burke and Wills expedition that was endeavouring to cross Australia from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria. They reached the fringe of the Gulf in February 1861. However, Burke and Wills died on the way back south on the banks of Cooper Creek, just by a tree that has the word "dig" carved in its trunk. Provisions had been buried there for the explorers, but they failed to dig and died of malnutrition. This tree is now known as the Dig Tree and you can still read the inscription today.

The Ghan is a modern, fast passenger and freight train going all the way to Darwin. The section of the line from Alice Springs to Darwin is proving to be a great tourist attraction. The journey starts in Adelaide, South Australia. An important station midway on the route is Alice Springs, known as The Alice. It was named after Lady Alice Todd, the wife of Sir Charles Todd who was in charge of the building of the Overland Telegraph Line. The station at the northern end of the line is Darwin, named by the Captain of HMS Beagle in honor of Charles Darwin.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Meerkat Fenced in

Meerkat looking at a wire fence
"That new fence cramps my style!"
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meerkat fence line barrier boundary stopped cramp style

Dog Line

"Who is going out first?"
Funny Animal Photos by Ty Buchanan
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Funny Animal Photos by Ty Buchanan
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Water Ski Cat

"This is cool man."
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Duck Trains Dogs

"I know dogs are not suited to be trained as marines: unlike myself - I'm a duck!"
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